31 December 2007


Hey pens fans,
This is a response to a comment that I received on my forcast for the Ice Bowl. The previous forcast was based on the national weather service website (NOAA). As we know, weather is ever changing and predictions can change over a few hours, not to mention the few days since that post. At the time, it was the latest weather information available. The current forcast from the national weather service (NOAA) is High 36 degrees F. With 3-5 inches of snow. the snow continues to accumulate throughout the next few days totaling at ten inches to a foot by Thursday morning (the forecast this weekend totaled 3 feet by thursday). Game time winds are expected to be from the east then shifting to west from 8-14 mph. This is a current weather update.

30 December 2007

Pens Defeat Sabres and Winter Classic

Hey pens fans,
Last night, the Pens took on the Sabres in an Ice Bowl preview and emerged with the win. The Pens were up one to nothing with the goal by Armstrong. At the end of the game Crosby worked for the puc and brought it into the zone to setup Malin for the empty-netter. Ty Conklin played a solid game to earn the shutout.

Winter Classic
I will be there to witness the outdoor contest. The weather seems to be holding out to make a day in the low 30s with flurries. However, later in the week, Buffalo is set for its normal massive snowfall. Hopefully, that holds off until after the game. Ty Conklin will start, as long as nothing un forseen happens. With Gary Roberts out with a borken leg, Sykora will most likely be back in the lineup assuming he is over his flu-like symptoms. If he is not, look for the Pens to recall Connor James. That would be my guess.

Let's Go Pens! I will see you in Buffalo!

28 December 2007

Pens Down Caps

Hey pens fans,
Tonight, the Pens took on Ovechkin and the Capitals and came out victorious in the ot. The final score was 4-3. Taffe, Armstrong, Sydor and Gonchar had the goals. Conklin played in net and seemed to be fairly solid. Crosby had a great night. Malkin was struggling thorughout the game and could not get it together. Alexander Ovechkin left the game with what is believed to be an injury (possibly a skate cut) in his upper right thigh/groin area.

Winter Classic
This is one blogger, who will be at the game, and will be reporting on it upon my return.

Also, don't look for the Pens to make a goalie move unless something happens, where we falter, but if we do, I would expect Cujo to be the choice. I cannot believe that I am saying it either, but Curtis Joseph makes sense, if we where to make a move.

24 December 2007

Weekend Update

Hey pens fans,
Sorry for the lateness of my post, but the holidays are messing with my life.

Friday, the Pens looked like a lackluster team and deserved that lose. the bright spot was Gary Roberts 900th point. Otherwise, it is a game we want to forget.

Sunday, we had enough moments of brillance to conteract some problems. Gary Roberts had 2 goals and Laraque and MAlkin each had one. It was a great game to watch, though less physical than the last Bruins game. Conklin needs to start on Thursday. It was a good game.

Rumors: The Pens are shopping Gonchar in a pack that could bring Cheechoo after the trade freeze.

20 December 2007

Pens Down Bruins in Shoot Out/Crosby Fight

Hey pens fans,
Tonight, the Pens defeated the Bruins 5-4 in a shootout. The Pens blew a big league to force the ot and shoot out, where Christensen and Letang scored for the win. Malkin had 2 goals. Laraque took on Chara twice in the game. Sidney Crosby had the Gordie Howe Hat Trick. This was also his first NHL fight vs Andrew Ference. The Pens are back in the Burgh tomorrow night.

19 December 2007

Pens Fall to Rangers and some moves

Hey pens fans,
Well, last night the Pens fell to the Rangers 4-0. It was not pretty, so I will not dwell on that. The Pens have made some moves. Connor James was re-assigned to WBS and the Pens called up Jeff Taffe.
On the injury front, Ryan Malone went in for a medical evaluation on a leg infection.
Also, the holiday trade freeze will go into effect at midnight tonight. The Pens do not seem to be involved in anything that will occur before then.

16 December 2007

Pens Down Isles

Hey pens fans,
Sorry for the late post, but here it goes.

Saturday night, the Pens downed the Isles 3-2. Crosby, Whitney, and Kennedy had the Pens goals. It was a good game all around and the Pens seemed to some back into form, after that little stumble post western Canada. The Pens are back in action at Madison Square Garden on Tuesday against the Rangers. Also, the Pens recalled Connor James from WBS earlier.

14 December 2007

Pens Fell to Sens

Hey pens fans,
Last night, the Pens fell to the Sens 4-1. This game was basically decided by one main factor and his name is Gerber. He was brilliant in net for the Sens and kept the Pens from evening the score. The Pens did not play their best game, but the score does not reflect the effort they put out. Crosby was obviously frustrated with the lack of scoring, but the Pens tried. Hopefully, they can move on from the last two games annd go back to their winning ways tomorrow on Long Island.

On another note, with Fleury's injury side-lining for 6-8 weeks, I would not be surprised if the Pens made a move to strengthen their goaltending. I like Sabourin and he is great to have to fill in for a few games here and their, but I do not think he can carry the team this long.

12 December 2007

Injury Update: Fleury and Talbot

Hey pens fans,
Well, this is not the type of news I want to be sharing, after last night's disaster of a game, but it looks as though Fleury and Talbot will be out for a while. Talbot is expected to miss another 2-4 weeks with a high ankle sprain. Fleury will miss 6-8 weeks with his high ankle sprain. This is not good news for the team. It will be interesting to see how this plays out.


Hey pens fans,
Tuesday night, the Pens took on the Flyers in Philly. The Pens went down 2-0 early in the first period. The Pens answered back with two Power Play goals by Whitney and Sykora to end the period. The Flyers scored 3 goals in each of the final two periods to make the final score 8-2 Philly. Sabourin started in goal and stopped 20 of 25 shots before being relieved by Conklin, who stopped 12 of 15. The Pens had had 22 shots on the night. With the exception of a few good fights by Georges Laraque and Gary Roberts, there is not much we can take away from this game. The Pens need to forget about that game and move on. Yes, it was there first game back east after their western stint, but I do not think it was a huge factor. The players seemed to be okay through the first and then everything started going wrong.

09 December 2007

Pens Defeat Canucks in Shootout

Hey pens fans,
The Pens have now won 4 in a row. It was a great game to watch, if those of you in the Burgh managed to stay up that late. The final score was 2-1 Pens. It was a good game and it is wonderful for this team to win these games out west. Peter Sykora had the pens regulation goal in the first period. Sabourin was in net tonight, because of the Fleury injury and he played a great game. Sabourin stopped 35 of 36 shots in the three periods and OT. He stopped 5 of 6 in the shootout, including one on a killer poke check. Crosby had a penalty shot in the OT, but was stopped by Luongo. Christensen scored on Luongo in the shoot out and Letang scored to win it, yet again. This trip has put the Pens back in the playoff picture. It was a great game tonight and a true goaltenders battle.

08 December 2007


Hey pens fans,
Recchi is a Thrasher. The Recchin' Ball's days in the Burgh are over, again.

07 December 2007

Conklin Recalled on Emergency Basis

Hey pens fans,

Conklin has been recalled from WBS to serve as a backup while Fleury nurses the ankle injury that he sustained last night.

Recchi on Re-entry Waivers

Hey pens fans,
Recchi is on re-entry waivers.

06 December 2007

Pens Defeat Flames in Shoot Out

Hey pens fans,
Tonight, the Pens defeated the Flames 3-2 in a shootout. Marc-Andre Fleury injured his ankle in the first and Sabourin finished out the game. Malkin and Malone had the two goals in regulation. Malone's goal was a great short handed effort. It was a highlight reel goal, if I ever saw one. Sykora and Letang both scored in the shoot out for the win. Sabourin stopped 24 of 26 shots and before the his injury, Fleury stopped 2 of 2. The Pens had 35 shots tonight.


Hey pens fans,
I am sorry that I forgot to post this earlier. Recchi has been assigned to the AHL.

Pens Down Oilers

Hey pens fans,
Tonight, the Pens mount a comeback to get the win. They were down 2-0 and cameback to win it 4-2. Fleury played a good game in goal. It was a good game all around. The Pens' next game is in Calgary.

05 December 2007


Hey pens fans,
Mark Recchi was placed on waivers and has now cleared waivers. I have heard that the Pens have been informed that there is someone, who will grab him if he comes up for reentry.

03 December 2007

Pens down the Great One's Coyotes

Hey pens fans,
Tonight, the Pens took on Gretzky's Coyotes at the Mellon Arena and were victorious. Yes, we won 3-1. Talbot had the first goal and was assisted by the former coyote Laraque. The Pens' second goal was a power play goal by Letang. He was assisted by Crosby and Malkin. The Pens thrid goal was by Kennedy and he was assisted by Staal and Roberts. Fleury was in goal tonight and stopped 17 of 18 shots. The Pens had 33 shots on the night. The Pens won 34 of 63 faceoffs. They played a good all around game. Hopefully, the Pens can arry this momentum into the next few games.

01 December 2007

Pens Fall to Leafs

Hey pens fans,
Tonight, the Pittsburgh Penguins are on the road in Toronto trying to continue their three game winning streak. Before I get to the game, I would like to wish Ryan Malone a Happy Birthday. The Pens have been playing well, as of late. They easily defeated the Stars Friday night and dazzled in the offensive zone. Their defensive play has improved greatly with everyone chipping in and Fleury has seemed to get back into his form from last season. He has also changed back to his old helmet and chest protector and in a recent interview he said it was because he was more comfortable in them. However, Sabourin was announced as tonight’s starter.

Just under four minutes into the first period, Bell scored to make it 1-0 Leafs. Just under a minute later Petr Sykora took a penalty for tripping to put the Leafs on the power play.

In the second period, the Leafs made it 2-0 with a goal by Jason Blake. Not quite half way through the period Crosby took a nasty spill after being tripped. It is not often one sees number 87 wince, he is obviously in a bit of pain. Then, Antropov scored tot make it 3-0.

In the third period, the birthday boy, himself, Ryan Malone, got the Pens’ their first goal on this night. Then few minuets later, Christensen made it 3-2, with 2:05 left in the third. With just under a minute left Ponikarovsky scored to make it 4-2 leafs.

Final Score Leafs 4 Pens 2

This ends the Pens 3 game winning streak. The Pens are back in action Monday night at the Igloo.

Pens Defeat Stars

Hey pens fans,
Last night, the Pens defeated the Stars 4-1. They played a strong game and managed to e consistant through three periods. Crosby had two goals on the night and Kennedy and Malkin each had one. Fleury was in goal and he played well. The Pens set the tone early with Crosby's first goal under a minute in and also with Laraque domination of the early fight. The Pens are in Toronto tonight against the Leafs.

30 November 2007


Hey pens fans,
Well, rumors are flying around involving the Pens. So, here is the rundown of what I have heard.

Recchi may be on his way out of Pittsburgh again. Both Columbus and Vancouver are reported to be interested. I know that Recchi has been slumping, as of late, but he can play better and will again. I hope he sticks around for a while, but Shero needs to do what he has to do to turn this team around.

Sydor is also being shopped by the Pens. His aquisition this off season was one that myself and many others thought was a good fit for the team. However, the season has proved us all wrong. I think trading him makes the most sense.

The Pens are also rumored to be looking at bringing in a veteran goalie, who still has a few games left in him, to mentor Fleury and to share the load. Sabourin has played well, but he cannot fill this role and we need to take care of Fleury, who with the right grooming will likely be our frannchise goalie for the long haul. Rumor is we have been looking at Turco.

25 November 2007

Pens Shutout Thrashers

Hey pens fans,
Tonight, the Pens shutout the Thrashers 5-0. Fleury had the shutout tonight and this is a much needed confidence boost for him. Staal, Malone, Crosby, Armstrong, and Whitney had the Pens' goals. Gonchar had 2 assists and he also left the game early with a groind injury. Malkin's point streak has ended, as he had no points tonight. It was a good game all around. Malone played one of his stronger games and Staal finally got a goal. Crosby played a good game, as well. The Pens' next game is not until Friday against Dallas.

23 November 2007

Pens Get a Much-Needed Win Against Sens

Hey pens fans,

Last night's game could be a big moment for the Pens. In the shoot out, we have some serious shooters, including Ruutu. Many people are suprised by his use there, but, when he is given the opportunity, he does quite well at it.

Fleury still has not quite found his game, but at the same time maybe he needs a little more room to breathe, before he is pulled from a game.

The team played well, as a whole. This is the type of performance we need to see night in and night out.

Ryan Malone played a agreat game. We all knew he was capable of that type of performance. We just wish that we saw it more often.

That is about it for the game. Sorry for the late post, but holiday shopping and a trip to the emergency room ensued. Evereyone is okay.

Quick rumor

look for Shero to shake it up a bit and soon...

21 November 2007

Pens Lose to Devils

Hey pens fans,
The Pens lost 2-1. Malkin had the only Pens' goal and he was unassisted. This was a tough night for the Pens. Unfortunetly for the Pens, Brodeur played a great game. There were a lot of shots that could have beaten a lesser goalie. The officiating tonight was something that was questionable, at times. I am not one for official bashing, but there were a few calls that really needed a better night. There were also somme questionable non-calls. One thing that did anger me was the fact that there was no whistle when Eaton when down behind the night, when we were on the PK. That should have been a whistle and I see no reason why it wasn't. He was obviously hurt. The Pens need to put this game behind them and hope that if they keep working hard a win will come.

Talbot Out

Hey pens fans,
Talbot sprained his ankle in practice. He will miss tonight's game and likely a week or so of action. More after the game...

18 November 2007

Pens Lot in OT on Saturday to the Rangers

Hey pens fans,
Sorry, for the late post, but life happened. You know how that goes, I am sure. On to the game.

The Pens lost in the ot, but overall played a good game. Fleury seemed to be himself, though I am giving him the benefit of the doubt on that one goal. Crosby played a strong game. Gonchar was sketchy, at best in that game. Hopefully, we get a win soon.

15 November 2007

Pens get a Win Against the Isles

Hey pens fans,
Tonight, the Pens defeated the Islanders 3-2 at the Mellon Arena. Gonchar and Sykora had the first two goals and Georges Laraque got the game winner. Marc-Andre Fleury was in goal and was playing like the Fleury we remembered, that had recently seemed like a distant memory. He needed a good game and he got it. This should do wonders for his confidence. It was a good game all around and the Pens need to keep this up.

13 November 2007

Pens Fall to Devils 3-2

Hey pens fans,
Sorry, this post is so late, but my internet was down for almost 24 hours. It is hard to beleive that these are the same devils we beat 5-0 recently. Granted we did not play like those same Penguins either. The Pens need to put these last few games behind them and move on.

11 November 2007

Rough Weekend for the Pens

Hey pens fans,
Well, the Pens had a bit of a tough night on Saturday in Philly. They lost 5-2. The Pens were so close to being able to make the big plays and when they looked like they just might make it, they crumbled. This is a talented team and they have so much potential. They just fall short, too often. They can be so much better than they played. Hopefully, they ca gt back in their rhythm and play well against New Jersey. We need the win.

08 November 2007

Pens Fall to Rangers 4-2

Hey pens fans,
Tonight, the Pens took on the New York Rangers and lost. Gonchar and Recchi had the Pens two goals. Fleury was in goal. The Pens had a good effort for most of the night and just couldn't pull it out. It was unfofrtunate, but I could not seem to figure out one major weakness in the game. The Pens need to get on a run and win a few in a row. It would do wonders for their confidence.

07 November 2007

Pens Lose to Flyers

Hey pens fans,
Tonight, the Pens lost 3-1 to the Flyers, at the Mellon Arena. Malone had the Pens lone goal and was assisted by Crosby and Malkin. Sabourin was in goal stopping 17 of 20 shots. This was not the best night for our Pens. It was definetly not like the New Jersey game. The Pens seemed okay early on and then then went into a slump mid-game. they came back to life in the third, but it just wasn't enough to comeback.

All-Star Weekend

Hey pens fans,
It is official this is one blogger, who will be in Atlanta for all the All-Star festivities this January. Just thought that I would share my news.

05 November 2007

Pens Defeat Devils 5-0 Sabourin Gets his first NHL Shutout

Hey pens fans,
Tonight, the Pens defeated the Devils 5-0. Dany Sabourin recorded his first NHL shutout. The Pens goals were, as follows: Crosby (PP) assisted by Sykora, Gonchar; Hall assisted by Orpik and Talbot; Sykora assisted by Malkin; Christensen assisted by Talbot and Laraque; Crosby assisted by Orpik. Tonight, the Pens came out flying and they definetley played well. It was a great effort by the team and this is what we need to see more of.

03 November 2007

Pens let a 2-0 Lead Slip Away Against the Isles

Hey pens fans,
Tonight, the Pens played the Isles on the Island. Malone had the Pens' first goal on the night. Tyler Kennedy's first goal that almost was not definetly stands out as a moment to remember. It also put the Pens up 2-0. The Islanders came back to make it 2-1. In the third Satan tied thae game at 2 for the Isles. Satan scores again to make it 3-2 Isles with 2:41 remaining in the third. The Islanders go on to win 3-2.

Fleury looked better in the game tonight and he seems to be more confident. They blew a 2-0 lead by letting the Isles get 3 unanswered goals. The Pens played better than the way they let the game slip reflects, but they need to learn to protect a lead.

01 November 2007

Pens Fall to Avalanche 3-2 and Some Thoughts

Hey pens fans,
Well, tonight the Pens lost to the Avalanche 3-2. Crosby had both goals and the Pens were up 2-0. The second period was a bit of a disaster for the Pens and the third period was scoreless. Crosby played a great game and I am not just saying that because he scored 2 goals. Sidney played like a man possessed on both ends of the ice. It was a strong game for our young captain on his first trip to Colorado. Crosby was going to win this game. Unfortunetly, the team, as a whole, could not pull it off. This wasa one of those nights, where Sid's play was astounding. The game slipped from the Pens and let the Avs get control. This was a hard loss for a game that we should have one. Another hit to the team was Whitney's injury, which I am hearing is a groin injury. This was a hard loss...

Penguins to Induct Cofey and Locker Room Assistant Sciulli into Team's Hall of Fame

Hey pens fans,
The Pensuins have announced that they will induct Paul Coffey into their Hall of Fame, as well as, locker room assistant Frank Sciulli. Coffey spent 5 years with the Pens during the cup era. He was a key part to the teams success. Sciulli was a locker room assistant from 1967 until he passed away this past summer. Coffey will be inducted as a player and Sciulli will be inducted as a builder.

30 October 2007

Pens Defeat Wild - Crosby's 4 Point Night

Hey pens fans,
Tonight, the Pens defeated the Wild in Minnesota 4-2. Sidney Crosby had 4 points on the night. The Goals were: Malkin from Crosby and Malone, Malkin from Crosby and Malone (No, that is not a typo. It happened twice.), Sykora from Crosby and Gonchar (PP), Crosby from Gonchar and Malkin. Sabourin was in goal stopping 28 of 30 shots.

The Pens played a good game tonight. Crosby was wonderful and Malkin played a good game. This was a strong way for the Pens to start their road trip. It was a asolid game and I have very little to say. Everyone played well and Gonchar's shot off the pipe was a heart-wrencher.

28 October 2007

Pens Fell to Montreal and Some Thoughts on Fleury

Hey pens fans,
The Pens fell to Montreal on Saturday, in a shootout. It went to 8 shooter a side, which is a bit insane. Sabourin played well in the shootout. Fleury started the game aand was pulled after allowing the third goal, during the second period. Sykora, Crosby and dWhitney had the Pens 3 goals. After the shootout out the final score was 4-3 Canadiens. The Pens shootout shooters were Christensen, Sykora, Crosby, Ruutu, Malkin, Gonchar, Whitney and Recchi.

The Pens played horridly in the first period. Nothing seemed to be working. Fleury continued with the inconsistancey that has plagued him this season. He played rather poorly. Those 3 goals coculd have been and should have been prevented. As much as I love Marc-Andre Fleury and want him to succeed, it may be time to kidding ourselves. He has to prove himself and soon, if not his time here, at least as a starter, may come to an end.

25 October 2007

Pens End Streak and Some Thoughts

Hey pens fans,
Well, the Pens played the Leafs tonight and lost 5-2 to end their streak. Crosby scored in the first period, assisted by Malkin and Recchi to make it 1-0. In the third period, Gonchar scored and was assisted by Crosby and Malkin to make it 5-2 Leafs. Fleury stopped 22 of 27 shots.

This season the Pens have been very hot and cold. Sometimes, it seems to be individual players struggling and at times it seems that the enitre team is off a bit. I am not sure that I can identify any one problem that is key. I know that Fleury has had some issues with his consistency and that Crosby is not putting up the number that some anticicpated, but the fault does not lie solely on their shoulders. Crosby has been making plays, getting assists, and throwing the puck at the net. Unfortunetly, the puck has not been bouncing his way. As for Fleury, I am not sure what the root of the problem of his being hot and cold is. I just know that something has to snap him out of it and get him back in the game. This team, as talented as they are, are not performing to the level that this much talent can. Perhaps, Shero needs to shake things up a bit with a roster move and I don't mean a little insignifcant swap. I think something big may just give the team the kick in the pants that they need. Yet, againn perhaps they need time, but how much time can the team wait before we slip too far?

23 October 2007

Pens Defeat Rangers

Hey pens fans,
Tonight, the Penguins defeated the New York Rangers at the Mellon Arena. The fifnal score wass 1-0. The Pens lone goal was scored by Malkin on the power play, in the second period. He was assisted by Whitney and Crosby. Marc-Andre Fleury was in stopping all 36 shots for the shutout. This was a good game for the Pens and it was a good win. The Pens recorded 22 shots on the night and won over half of the faceoffs. This is the Pens 3rd win in a row. I hope they keep it up.

20 October 2007

Pens Defeat Capitals

Hey pens fans,
Tonight, the Pens took on the Caps on the road. They came out victorious 2-1. Both of the Pens' goals came in the second period. Staal scored assisted by Recchi and Orpik and then Whitney (PP) assisted by Crosby and Malone. Comgratulations to Ryan Whitney on his 100th point tonight. Marc-Andre Fleury was in goal stopping 30 of 31 shots. The Pens had 22 shots on the night and faceoffs were even at 26 each.

Pens Defeat Hurricanes in a Shootout

Hey pens fans,
Tonight, the Pens took ono the Hurricanes at the Mellon Arena. The final score, after the shootout was 4-3 Pens. In the first, Sykora scored (Crosby, Recchi) to tie it at one. Then in the second, Hall scored (Ruutu, Talbot) and next Sykora scored (Gonchar, Crosby) too tie it at 3. In the shootout Christensen, Sykora, and Crosby all scored to make the shootout 3-2. Final score was 4-3. Sabourin was in goal stopping 29 of 32 shots and stopping 1 of 3 in the shootout. It was a great game and an electirc night. The Pens played some of their better defensive hockey tonight. They also played tough and hit hard. They need to keep it up.

17 October 2007

Pens Fall to Devils

Hey pens fans,
Tonight, the Pens took on the very re-vamped Devils at the Mellon Arena. Unfortunetly, the Devils took the contest 5-4. The game had some very questionable calls and I am sure the oficiating is much debated. I will say that some of the calls were good, some bad, and some were rather close. To be honest, I am trying to avoid official bashing, because some of those calls were close.

Now, here are the Pens' goals: Talbot from Whitney and Roberts; Roberts (PP) from Gonchar and Sykora; Gonchar(PP) from Crosby and Malkin; Malkin (PP) from Crosby and Gonchar.

Fleury was in goal stopping 30 of 35 shots giving him a savev% of .857 on the night.

The Pens are at home Friday against the Hurricanes.

15 October 2007

Pens defeated Leafs on Saturday

Hey pens fans,
Sorry, for the late post, but I have been fishing and camping away from the internet. The Pens won 6-4. The Pens goals were by Christensen, Crosby (2), Talbot (2), and Malone. Orpik suffered a mild concussion. Sabourin was cuct on the side of fhis head and Armstrong got stitches on his chin. The Pens won, though they emerged woounded.

11 October 2007

Pens Fall to Canadiens 3-2

Hey pens fans,
Tonight, the Pens took on the Canadiens at the Mellon Arena. They lost to Montreal 3-2. During the game, there were times where the Pens looked magnificant and there were times when they could not complete a pass if their lives depended on it. It was an up and down night. Unfortunetly, the Pens did not pull this one out on top.

The Pens' goals were: 2nd period, Whitney from Recchi and Crosby (PP); 3rd period, Talbot from Malkin and Recchi.

Fleury was in goal and he played a fairly solid game. He stopped 32 of 35 shots.

The Pens had 28 shots on the night and took the Canadiens in faceoffs 31 to 27. That is something that they have definetly improved on, as of late.

That is it for now...

09 October 2007

Pens Sign Jeffrey

Hey pens fans,
The Pens signed forward Dustin Jeffrey to a three year entry level contract. He was selected in the 6th round of the 2007 draft.

07 October 2007

Pens Win!

Hey pens fans,
Sorry that the post is so late. I got stuck in detours, traffic, and behind a few accidents, and my one hour drive back from the game turned into more like 2 and a half.

The Pens defeated the ducks tonight, by a score of 5-4. The Pens goals were as follows:
1st period - Sykora from Roberts and Christensen (PP)
2nd period - Armstrong from Roberts; Malkin from Sykora
3rd period - Sykora from Laraque and Malkin; Malone from Crosby and Scuderi

Fleury was in goal stopping 19 of 23 shots.

The Pens had 29 shots on goal.

It was an electric game and the crowd was crazy.

I will leave it at that...

05 October 2007

Pens Fall to Hurricanes and Happy Birthday Mario!

Hey pens fans,

On a positive not, I would like to wish a Happy Birthday to MArio Lemieux.

Now, onto the game...

Tonight, the Pens lost their season opener 4-1. The Pens' lone goal came in the third period. It was scored by Mark Recchi and assisted by Gonchar and Malkin. Fleury was in goal to start the game, but after letting in 4 goals on 26 shots in the first 2 periods, he was pulled. Sabourin finished out the game stopping 7 of 7 shots faced. The team seemed to take some time to get their legs going. The were a bit sluggish and it was easy to see it was their first game. The Canes had previously played Wednesday. In the third period, the Pens really began to come to life. Hopefully, that continues tomorrow night, when the Pens take on the Stanley Cup Champion Ducks, at the Mellon Arena.

01 October 2007

Roster Moves

Hey pens fans,
The Pens sent Kris Letang, Mike Weaver, Jonathan Filewich, Jeff Taffe, and Ryan have been assigned to Wilkes-Barre/Scranton. The Pens also signed Adam Hall to a one year two-way contract.

Also, USA Today picks the Pens to win the cup. Is this good or the kiss of death?

29 September 2007

Pens Fall to Sabre in Preseason

Hey pens fans,
The Pens fell to the Sabres 4-3. The Pens goals were:
Talbot (Armstrong)
Armstrong 1 (Staal, Talbot)
Gonchar 1 (Whitney, Christensen)
Fleury was in goal.
The game was a lot like last night's. That's about it for now.

Pens Fall to Sabres 6-5

Hey pens fans,
Tonight, the Pens took on the Buffalo Sabres at the Mellon Arena, in a preseason matchup.

The Pens goals were:
Crosby (Malkin, Armstrong)
Staal (Recchi, Crosby)
Crosby (Malkin, Whitney)
Malone (Christensen)
Christensen (Malone, Whitney)

Sabourin was in goal.

The Pens had a goal just as the buzzer went off at the end of the third, but is was ruled no goal. It was a crazy game with tons of goals and penelties. Malkin missed a penalty shot early on.

The Pens looked pretty good, but there are still some kinks to work out in our defense.

27 September 2007

Taffe called up Brent sent down

Hey pens fans,
The Pens recalled forward Jeff Taffe and assigned Tim Brent to Wilkes Barre-Scranton.

25 September 2007

New Penshockey Poll

Hey pens fans,
Check out the new poll and vote away.

22 September 2007

Pens Lose to Detroit

Hey pens fans,
Tonight, the Pens fell to the Red Wings 5-2. The Pens goals were: Eaton from Crosby and Orpik; Malkin from Gonchar and Crosby. Fleury was in goal.

19 September 2007

Pens Win!

Hey pens fans,
The Pens defeated Montreal by a score of 5-2. The Pens goals were by Stone, Taffe, Sykora, Malkin and Kennedy. Sykora left the game in the third with what is believed to be a facial injury, after colliding with Orpik.

18 September 2007

Pens Fall 3-2

Hey pens fans,
In the first pre-season game the Pens fell to Montreal 3-2. Crosby and Malone (PP) had the Pens' two goals. Fleury made 19 saves.

17 September 2007

Outdoor Game

Hey pens fans,
The outdoor game is offical and will be called the Winter Classic 2008. The event will take place on January 1st at Ralph Wilson Stadium in Orchard Park, New York. Tickets will go on sale tomorrow morning at 10:00am. Sadly, I will not be able to go, as I am leaving for a trip to Europe then. I wish I could go to Buffalo, though.

16 September 2007

Roster Cuts

Hey pens fans,
The Penguins have sent 10 players to Wilkes-Barre/Scranton They are Aaron Boogaard, Joe Jensen, Mark Letestu, Kurtis McLean, Kyle Rank, Mark Ardelan, Paul Bissonnette, Jonathan D’Aversa, Deryk Engelland, and David Brown. WB/S camp starts Thursday.

The Penguins have 41 players remaining in their camp: 13 defensemen, 24 forwards, and four goaltenders.

12 September 2007

Training Camp Roster

Hey pens fans,
Here is a look at the Pens' training camp roster. Defensemen: Mark Ardelan, Paul Bissonnette, Jonathan D'Aversa, Mark Eaton, Deryk Engelland, Alex Goligoski, Sergei Gonchar, Ryan Lannon, Kris Letang, Ben Lovejoy, Brooks Orpik, Alain Nasreddine, Rob Scuderi, Darryl Sydor, Mike Weaver, Ryan Whitney. Forwards: Colby Armstrong, Aaron Boogaard, Tim Brent, Erik Christensen, Sidney Crosby, Angelo Esposito, Jonathan Filewich, Adam Hall, Connor James, Dustin Jeffrey, Joe Jensen, Tyler Kennedy, Georges Laraque, Mark Letestu, Evgeni Malkin, Ryan Malone, Kurtis McLean, Chris Minard, Kyle Ran, Mark Recchi, Gary Roberts, Jarkko Ruutu, Nathan Smith, Jordan Staal, Ryan Stone, Petr Sykora, Jeff Taffe, Maxime Talbot, Tim Wallace. Goaltenders: David Brown, Ty Conklin, John Curry, Marc-Andre Fleury, Dany Sabourin.

11 September 2007


Hey pens fans,
As many of you may have noticed, there have been some changes to the site. The Penshockey Poll has returned and everyone needs to vote for their choice. I have also added Penguins video clips to the site. The rest of the changes have been mainly cosmetic to enhance the site by moving some things and changing the colors. Please, let me know what you think. Hey, the Pens got new jerseys, so I had to "redd-up" the site a bit.

Rookie Camp Ends - Who Stays and Who Goes and a Rumor

Hey pens fans,

The Pens have invited the following players from rookie camp to training camp: Aaron Boogaard, Jonathan Filewich, Joe Jensen, Tyler Kennedy, Mark Letestu, Kyle Rank, Ryan Stone, Tim Wallace, Jonathan D’Aversa, Kris Letang, Ben Lovejoy, David Brown John Curry and Dustin Jeffrey. From their 2007 draft picks the Pens reassigned Luca Caputi, Robert Bortuzzo, Alex Grant, and Jake Muzzin to their junior teams. The Pens released Matt Caria, Kevin Henderson, Brian Ihnacak, Tyler Cuthbert and Jean-Phillippe Paquet.

Training Camp begins Thursday. The Pens will be on the Southside for physicals at the UPMC Sports Facility.

In rumor news, the Pens may be looking for a goalie...

10 September 2007

New Addition

Hey pens fans,
I just wanted to let you know that I added a section of Pens Video Clips in the right column. So, check them and let me know what you think.

05 September 2007

Pens' New Jerseys Unveiled

Hey pens fans,

Here a pic of the Pens new jerseys, as found on Pittsburghpenguins.com.

I don't think the changes in the striping is that drastic, but the promises of the new material seems like it could be a welcome change for the players, as far as comfort. that is yet to been seen after they play a few games in them.

03 September 2007

Staal Brothers Offered Plea Bargain

Hey pens fans,
Jordan Staal and his brother Eric of the Hurricanes have been offered a plea deal stemmin from their arrest at Eric's Bachelor Party last month. If they plead guilty to a petty misdemeanour for disorderly conduct, they will be fined $587 US dollars and the obstructing the legal process charges will be dropped. Jordan will have an additional $150 fine for underae drinking.

01 September 2007


Hey pens fans,
I am moving this weekend, so my posts may be late if anything breaks. I will post anything I hear, as best as I can around this. Sorry guys.

26 August 2007


Hey pens fans,
Pens @ Sabres outside on January 1, 2008 is looking very realistic...

25 August 2007

Hockey is coming...

Hey pens fans,
Well, there has been little going on with the Pens, as of late. I haven't had much to post about. Pens Prospects/Rookie camp begins on Sept 5. Hopefully, reports out of there will give us all something to discuss. The off-seasson is too long for me, but it is coming to an end. More when i have something.

12 August 2007

Thoughts on the Pens

Hey pens fans,
Well, Happy belated Birthday to Sidney Crosby, who is no longer a teenager. As for rumors, there is nothing much out there of any substance or that maks logical sense. The Pens seem to be holding for now. I do not think that Shero is done, though. I agree with a comment received on my last post that Marleau does not make a ton of sense, but again this is just a rumor and who knows how it will all play out. It has been very quiet, when it comes to the Pens. This season should be good, as all our young players grow into their roles and with the roster moves made thus far. I will have more rumors, when I hear something that sounds realativly sane from a reliable source.

07 August 2007


Hey pens fans,
The latest rumor is that Marleau may be coming to Pittsburgh.

02 August 2007

I'm back, Staal, and scouts

Hey pens fans,
I'm back. Well, Jordan Staal was arrested for underage drinking in Minnesota, while atteding brother Eric's bachelor party. Eric was also arrested. No word on Jordan's current legal issues beyond that. The Pens hired two new scouts, as anounced by Ray Shero, Derek Clancey will serve as a Professional Scout and David McNamara as an Amateur Scout.

22 July 2007


Hey pens fans,
Your favorite Pens Blogger (I know it is a stretch) is going to a beach far away from the internet for a few days and will be back the beginning of August. Whatever breaks, dring my absence, I will post upon my return. Please feel free to coment and email, because I will read it all, when I get back.

19 July 2007

Pens Sign Goalie

Hey pens fans,
The Penguins have signed goalie Ty Conklin to a one year deal.

16 July 2007


Hey pens fans,
Therrien signed to a contract extension through 2009.

10 July 2007

Pens Ink Sid to a 5 year extension

Hey pens fans,
The Pens signed Sidney Crosby t0 a 5 year contract extensio worth approximatley 45 million. He also received a 5 million dollar signing bonus.

08 July 2007


Hey pens fans,
Thibault has signed with the Sabres. Don't worry about goalies though. Sabourin will be a solid back-up to Fleury. His states are equal to if not better than Thibault's, but he is younger and cheaper.

05 July 2007

Talbot and Christensen

Hey pens fans,
The Pens re-signed both Talbot and Christensen to 2 year deals.

04 July 2007

Pens sign Brown

Hey pens fans,
The Pens have signed Brown. He has been playing goalie for Notre Dame. He is raned as one of the best in the NCAA. With him, Sabourin, and of course, Fleury, where does that leave Thibault? I wouldn't be surprised if we tried to deal him.

02 July 2007


Hey pens fans,
Here are a list of players that the Pens are currently looking at:

Joey MacDonald - this is a good possibility

Bryan Smolinski - it could happen

Michael Peca - doubtful, but you never know

Sydor and Sykora

Hey pens fans,
The Pens have signed Darryl Sydor and Petr Sykora. This is not what we were expecting, but the 2 of them should make a good fit into the lineup. Sykora is a talented forward, who will definetly contirbute. Sydor is a proven NHL defenseman, who can help to strengthen our rather young defeemen.

01 July 2007

Pens sign Dany Sabourin

Hey pens fans,
Dany Sabourin, who previvously spent some timme in the Pens organization, waws recently signed by the Pens, after spending last year with Vancouver.

Free Agent Frenzy

Hey pens fans,

First, sorry that I have not posted between the crazy storms that knock out power and my weekend out of range of any internet while fishing, I admit it seems I have been slacking, but I had it all ready for my return.

Ouellet has been signed by the lightning

Ryan Whitney has signed a 6 year 24 million dollar deal with the Pens.

Poti, Kariya and Lang all are names that hve been heavily linked with the Pens rercently as definite possibilities.

23 June 2007

Draft List

Hey pens fans,
Here is who the Pens drafted and their positions. If we notice our already centre-heavy team drafted 4 centres.


Hey pens fans,
The Pens traded WBS Center Stephen Dixon to Anaheim for Center Tim Brent. Brent is 23 years olds, 6' and weighs 197. He played in 15 ames for the Ducks last year.

22 June 2007

Draft Day Round 1 Pick

Hey pens fans,
In the first round the Pens select Centre Angelo Esposito from Quebec of the QMJHL. He is 6-1 weighing 180. Last Season with Quebe scored 27-G, 52-A, 79-pts in 60 games.

Recchi and Roberts

Hey pens fans,
Gary Roberts and Mark Recchi have been resigned. I will after draft info througout the weekend.

17 June 2007

Rumors - It's that time

Hey pens fans,

Mark Recchi will most likely return to the Pens this coming season. I cannot see him leaving, though he has drawn outside interest.

Gary Roberts has drawn heavy interest from Toronto and he will either be a Leaf or with the Pens and I am not sure how this will go.

Tom Poti is drawing lots of interest from all around and the Pens threw their name in the hat, but I do not think this will happen.

Robert Lang rejoining the Pens is a good possibility and it would not suprise me if he cocme back, though I am not sure why we need him with our curret roster.

Peter Sykora has also be mentioned as a possibility for the Pens, but I don't buy it. I have also heard it too many places to ignore it.

Craig Rivet is also bein looked at by the Pens, but I have no idea on the chances.

14 June 2007

Crosby and Malkin win at NHL Awards

Hey pens fans,
As we all know, Sidney Crosby won the Art Ross for Leading scorer. Sidney also won the Hart for MVP and the Pearson for the player voted MVP. Sid is the youngest player to ever win the Hart. Evgeni Malkin won the Calder for Rookie of the year.

10 June 2007

Rumors - Roberts, Recchi, Lang?

Hey pens fans,

Here are a few fast rumors.

Gary Roberts may be a Pen next season, but it is more likely he will be in Toronto.

Mark Recchi is going to be a Pen. He is not signed, but I am almost certain he will be.

Robert Lang - yeah, that name is a blast from the Pen's past - He may be coming back to the Pens, but it is not the stronggest rumor I have heard, but it has be talked about.

05 June 2007

General Pens News

Hey pens fans,
The Arena meeting took place but little seems to have resulted. I think it was good to involve the public even though seemed to be more concerned about what will happen to the mellon arena site after the arena comes down, which is not he most pressing concern.

The Gary Roberts situation can now throw Ottawa into the mix with the Pens and Toronto for him.

There are no other majors notes at the moment.

04 June 2007

Arena News

Hey pens fans,
There is a meeting at the Igloo Club in the Mellon Arena to discuss the new arena plans. Recently, the team announcecd that the opening of the new arena may be delayed until 2010. I will have more on the meeting, as I find out more.

01 June 2007

Captain Crosby

Hey pens fans,
Sidney Crosby has been named captain of the Pens. He is the youngest Captain in NHL history if I am not mistaken. This announcemnet solidifies what we alread knew. Crosby is a leader both on the ice and in the lockerroom. It is a quite a statement to his character to be given this honor at his youthful age. For anyone who didn't know, it is now clear who the leader of this team is.

28 May 2007

Pens Sign Jonathan D’Aversa

Hey pens fans,
The Pens have siged Jonathan D’Aversa to a 3 year entry level contract. He is 21 years old and has spent th last 3 years playinig for the Sudbury Wolves of the OHL. He has had 150 pints in 259 games. His defense partner was Jordan Staal's brother Marc.

22 May 2007

Crosby gets another honor/ rumors

Hey pens fans,
Crosby has been named the sportsman of the year, by the Sporting News.

Rumors - Poti is rumored to have a "good possibility" of being a Penguin next year. Gary Roberts is more than likely going to wind up with Toronto and not return with the Pens, but that still holds a small possibility. I don't care what everyone says Recchi is NOT leaving Pittsburgh and that is from a good source. That's all for now.

18 May 2007

Rumor Time

Hey pens fans,
That's right it is back to rumors. So, here's what I have heard. Tom Poti is again being mentioned as a good possibility of coming to Pittsburgh, but we've all heard that one before. Gary Roberts seems to be split between the Pens and the Leafs. I am unsure how this will turn out. Craig Rivet is a longhot, in my opinion, but he is rumored to be a possible Pen next season. As for the rueaccuring Recchi Rumor, I don't care how many people say he is leaving or going back to Carolina. He is not. Shero isn't going to lose him and Recchi would not leave Pittsburgh with this group of guys. He's been around long enough to know, when a shot at the cup is not far off. That's it for now.

12 May 2007

Team Report Card Part 3

Hey pens fans,
Here is the thhird and final segmet of the team report card.

Nils Ekman
Nils only played in 34 games this injury plagued season. He was -14 and besides a few patches, his play was ineffective. I think we should be able to expect more from him, but this year was a disappointment.
Grade: C-

Josef Melichar
How is he still a Penguin? Every season I ask my self how he is still here. His play is streaky and mediocre at his best. He makes bad passes and game decisions. Melichar just continues to disappoint each year. This was no exception.
Grade: F

Robert Scuderi
One thing was his play was consistent. I think his play could improve a bit. At least you knew what to expect night in and night out.
Grade: C+

Joel Kwiatkowski
Since he came to us at the deadline, he did not make much of an impact. In the few games he played, I did not think he was doing much of anything that contributed positively.

Ronald Petrovicky
He played fairly well. His contribution was not stellar, but not bad, as well. I think more time will allow for him to improve.
Grade: C

Brooks Orpik
This season his play improved quite a bit. He did have a few slumps, but they were rare. He became one of our more solid defenseman and I think next year he will be evene better. He needs a little polishing, but his play exceeded my hopes for him.
Grade: B

Chris Thorburn
I was not impressed by him this season. I do not think he is particularly bad, but I do not see him contibuting any more than this. I think that his play was his best, but I do not think it is what the team needs. I ama just not impressed by his play and he needs to work at it to improve. If not, he will not be here long.
Grade: C-

Alain Nasreddine
When he was playing at his best, I was quite impressed. Unfortunetly, that occured less and less often, as time went on. He was streaky and played poorly most of the time. I think if he cacn play at the higher level we caught glimpses of, he could be a solid player. Unortunetly, that did not happen this year.
Grade: C-

Mark Eaton
He started off the season well and then just got progressively worse. I think he can play much better than he did. Perhaps, he will improve next year.
Grade: C

Marc-Andre Fleury
Fleury was turning into the goalie we all knew he could be. With a little more experience and a bit of polishing he can be a true star. He dazzled in many games and held the team together. If he gets a little more help fomr the D, he will be amazing.
Grade: A-

Jocelyn Thibault
This year his play was far better than last year. He was a backup that could be relied upon when needed most of the time. He did have some weak moments, but overall his play was quite good.

That is all the players. Now the GM and coaching staff.

Ray Shero, GM
Shero had big shoes to fill replacing Craig Patrick. He proved he is up to the task. He has a different style, but you can see a clear vision, as to where this team is going. He did well at the trade deadline, for the most part.
Grade: B+

Michel Therrien and the coaching staff
Therrien is truely one of the best coaches in the league this season. He and his staff turned this team around. He is not afraid to change things if somthing is not working, but he knows when he needs to ive things some time.
Grade: A

This gives the team (players and staff) a B average, which is far better than last year.
In case you are wondering there is a grading scale I use eachc year, so these comparisons are based in fact,

10 May 2007

Saskin Fired

Hey pens fans,
The NHLPA has fired Saskin.

07 May 2007

Team Report Card Part 2

Hey pens fans,
Sorry this took so long to post, but life has been hellish, as of late.

Colby Armstrong
He had 34 points this season, which included 12 goals. Colby had a strong season. He played well and is really coming into his own, as a player. I think he will only improve, as time progresses.
Grade: B+

Erik Christensen
This season he had 33 points. He played well and became quite the master at the shootout during the season. I think he has a lot of promise. He has room for improvement, though.
Grade: B

Ryan Malone
Ryan played well this season with 16 goals and 15 assists for 31 points. His play improved and he became more solid. His downfall was his streaky patch around the trade deadline. He plays well each night and is basically solid. He isn't one of the those players, who will dazzle us nightly, but he is solid.
Grade: B+

Max Talbot
He is player that the Pens need. He is in your face each night and plays strongly. He had 24 points this season. He played well, but could also make less small errors.
Grade: B

Georges Laraque
He definelty made an impact when he came to the Pens. The team needed sosmeone to stand up to the other teams, when they took cheap shots at Sid, Geno, and Staal. Georges did just that. He did one thing better, though. He is not just the heavy; he can play too. I think he was just what the team needed going into the deadline. Sometimes, he did let the fighting get the best of him and took a few more penelties than we may have liked, at times.
Grade: B

Jarkko Ruutu
Ruuuuuuutuuuuuu! Yeah, I am sure that was an interesting sound to the opponents. He didn't set the world on fire, but when he was on, he was good. Ruttu needs some improvement, but he is a solid guy who just grinds through the game, night in and night out. I think he can play better more consistently. He needs to make more of an impact.
Grade: B-

Part 3 to come soon....

02 May 2007

NHL Award Nominees

Hey pens fans,

Following are the finalists for each trophy, in alphabetical order:CALDER MEMORIAL TROPHY (outstanding rookie): Evgeni Malkin, Penguins; Jordan Staal, Penguins; Paul Stastny, Avalanche.FRANK J. SELKE TROPHY (outstanding defensive forward): Rod Brind'Amour, Hurricanes; Samuel Pahlsson, Ducks; Jay Pandolfo, Devils.HART MEMORIAL TROPHY (most valuable player to his team): Martin Brodeur, Devils; Sidney Crosby, Penguins; Roberto Luongo, Canucks.JACK ADAMS AWARD (outstanding coach): Lindy Ruff, Sabres; Michel Therrien, Penguins; Alain Vigneault, Canucks.JAMES NORRIS MEMORIAL TROPHY (outstanding defenseman): Nicklas Lidstrom, Red Wings; Scott Niedermayer, Ducks; Chris Pronger, Ducks.LADY BYNG MEMORIAL TROPHY (sportsmanship and gentlemanly conduct): Pavel Datsyuk, Red Wings; Joe Sakic, Avalanche; Martin St. Louis, Lightning.LESTER B. PEARSON AWARD (most outstanding player as voted by fellow members of the NHLPA): Sidney Crosby, Penguins; Vincent Lecavalier, Lightning; Roberto Luongo, Canucks.VEZINA TROPHY *** (outstanding goaltender): Martin Brodeur, Devils; Miikka Kiprusoff, Flames; Henrik Lundqvist, Rangers; Roberto Luongo, Canucks.*** tie for third place in balloting; four finalists named

23 April 2007

Team Report Card Part 1

Hey pens fans,
As, promised here is the team report card. I'll start with a player by player break-down.

Sidney Crosby
Regular Season 120 points (36+84) Playoffs 5 points (3+2)
Sid played in 79 regular season games. He was +10. This season was truly a breakout season for number 87. He played marvelously and we couldn't have asked for more. Sid had goals that amazed and he out skated so many defenseman. He played a solid season and won the scoring title. I don't think we could ask for more. In the playoffs, he scored 3 goals and had 2 assists in 6 games. I think that is pretty good. Sid will lead this team to a cup in the future.
Grade: A+

Evgeni Malkin
He had 85 points this season and 4 playoff points. For a rookie, these are great numbers. He is a good player. He was rather streaky and inconsistant. In the playoffs, that really came out. I think the changes with coming to the NHL affected him some. He is good, but I am not yet surer if he is, as good as, the hype. Next year will tell...
Grade: B+

Mark Recchi
He put up 68 points this season and 4 in the playoffs. Recchi played a good solid season. He produced no matter which line you put him on. He played well with Crosby, Malkin and Staal, whenever he was with them. Recchi is still a great player. I just hope we can bring the cup back before he's gone.
Grade: A

Sergei Gonchar
He had 67 points and 4 playoff points. Gonchar was a bit streaky and made some stupid mistakes that led to crucial turnovers. He was horrible in some games and he dazzled in others. Unfortunetly, that is the way he has always played. When he's hot, he is arguably one of the best defenseman in the NHL, but when he is cold he is horrid. He is a good player, but the streakiness and inconsistency brings down his stock.
Grade: B-

Ryan Whitney
He put up 59 points this year and 2 in the playoffs. He did have a few small slumps, but he was fairly consistant. He played solidly and you can't ask for more than that. I think this is one of fhis better if not his best NHL season, thus far.
Grade: A

Michel Ouellet
He had 48 regular season points and 2 in the playoffs. He played fairly well. He obviously was involved in offense based on the numbers. As far as play goes, I don't recall him doing anything particularly stupid or spectacular. He was there, but his offensive numbers are good. I think he can give a little more in the future.
Grade: B-

Jordan Staal
He had 42 regular season points and 3 in the playoffs. Staal was just solid all year. Can anyone believe we almost sent him back for another year? That would have been stupid. He played consistently and was fairly solid in front of the net, just getting in the way. After Robert's arrival, you could see Stall picking up that part of his game. He has also been consistantly good on the penelty kill. This was a very good rookie season for him and I can't wait to see the player he will develop into.
Grade: A+

Gary Roberts
He had 42 points this season and 4 in the playoffs. After coming over at the trade deadline, Roberts made an impact. He played solidly and helped some of our younger players pick up their games. He was a pest to the opponents and played very well. I only hope he is still in Pittsburgh next season.
Grade: A

The next installment of the team report card will be coming soon...

21 April 2007

Sidney, Sidney, Sidney

Hey pens fans,
So, about a month ago Crosby broke his left foot blocking a shot. He has been playing through it, obviously. He just announced he will miss worlds to let it heal properly. And FYI, if you don't remember him breaking his foot, don't feel bad, neither do I and it was not on the injury reports, i already checked.

19 April 2007

Game 5: Sens 3 Pens 0

Hey pens fans,
Tonight, the Pens lost the series to the Senators. The score was 3-0. The game was not bad, overall. It is just hard to find the good, when the season is over. One thing to gain from this playoff experience is Experience. That is something that most of the team did not have and now they have playoff experience. This will do them a world of good in the future, when we make the playoffs again. It was a learning experience, at the very least. It also did one other thing. It gave the fans hope for the future. It made us all remember the days of the cups and made us dream those Stanley Cup Dreams again. In the coming week, I will have the end of season team report card with a break down of each player and an overall team grade, as I have each year. Also, I will have complete coverage of all offseason moves and the draft.

17 April 2007

Game 4: Senators - 2 Pens - 1

Hey pens fans,
Tonight, the Pens fell to the Sens in game 4 at the Mellon Arena. The Sens got their firsst goal on a flukey bounce off Jordan Staal's stick. It was just a bad bounce and neither Staal or Fleury can be faulted for it. In the second period, Staal tied the game and was assisted by Roberts and Ouellet. Ottawa went ahead 2-1 in the third. Fleury was in goal stopping 24 of 26 shots. The Pens seemed to play some of their best hockey in the second period. The first period was pretty good, as well. If they play like that, they may have a chance in game 5. One thing to remember is that this is a young team and they need to gain experience. They will be a force in years to come. If this is not the year, then it is not long off. Hopefully, we can get the win and keep the series going, though.

15 April 2007

Game 3: Sens 4 Pens 2

Hey pens fans,
Well, the game started off good with Pens scoring under a minute into the game. Roberts scored and was assisted by Crosby and Armstrong. The Senators came back and scored 4 goals. Late in the third Crosby scored and was assisted by Malkin and Recchi to make it 4-2. Fleury was in goal stopping 21 of 25 shots. Tonight, the Pens were just not with it. They played haplessly for most of the game. It looked like they couldn't ge things going after those first few minutes. The team, as a whole, was just not with it. Malkin played one of his worst games. He was horrible in every aspect. It was bad. The rest of the team wasn't stellar, by any means, but he was horrible. Fleury was shakey in goal at points, but also made a few big saves. Our defense looked like lost wonderers. No one was having much luck at breaking into the zone. Hopefully, the Pens will get it together and comeback and play hard in game 4. They need to do something or this series will be the end of their run.

14 April 2007

Game 2: Pens 4 Sens 3

Hey pens fans,
The Pens win game 2 and tie the series at one all. The Pens definetly shook their jitters from game one and played a solid game. Fleury was very solid in net. Crosby and Staal bothed played well and did not disappoint. Colby Armstrong was flying today. He was all over the ice and this is one of his strongest performances. Overall, the team played a very strong game. They did live op to their "cardiac kids" status, but still pulled out the win. It was an exciting game to watch. Here is the scoring break down: Period 1 - Whitney (PP) assisted by Gonchar and Crosby; Period 2 - Sens score twice; Period 3 - Roberts (PP) assisted by Gonchar and Malkin; Crosby assisted by Recchi and Malkin. Fleury stopped 34 of 37 shots. The Pens had 21 shots.

11 April 2007

Game 1 - Sens-6 Pens-3

Hey pens fans,
Well, the Pens dropped game one 6-3. The Pens started out the game, as if they were in total awe. By the second period, the Pens seemed to have the "monkey off their backs." Crosby's disallowed goal was a joke. Will someone tell me how that was ruled as an intentional kicking motion? Well, here is the goal breakdown: Staal assisted by Talbot and Whitney; Gonchar (PP) assisted by Malkin and Recchi; Crosby (PP) assisted by Gonchar and Recchi. Fleury started in goal stopping 30 of 36. Thibault relieved him stoppinh 1of 1. The Pens had 26 shots. Whitney and Orpik both took sticks to the face, which resulted in some bleeding. Game 2 is Saturday afternoon.

10 April 2007

Playoff Hockey and predictions

Hey pens fans,
Since, the Pens are finally back in the playoffs there is much reason for celebration. Before I get ahead of myself, here is the playoff schedule for Round 1 against Ottawa.
Game 1 - Wednesday, April 11 7:00 p.m. Pittsburgh at Ottawa FSN Pittsburgh
Game 2 - Saturday, April, 14 3:00 p.m. Pittsburgh at Ottawa NBC
Game 3 - Sunday, April, 15 6:00 p.m. Ottawa at Pittsburgh FSN Pittsburgh Game A
Game 4 - Tuesday, April, 17 7:00 p.m. Ottawa at Pittsburgh FSN Pittsburgh Game B
Game 5 - * Thursday, April 19 7:00 p.m. Pittsburgh at Ottawa FSN Pittsburgh
Game 6 - * Sunday, April 22 1:00 p.m. Ottawa at Pittsburgh NBC
Game 7 - * Tuesday, April 24 7:00 p.m. Pittsburgh at Ottawa FSN Pittsburgh
(*if needed)

It is great to be back in the post season. One thing to mention is that my traditional end of season report card will not be written until the Penguins finish their post season play. So, look forward to that, but hopefully not too soon. This season showed just how fast the evolution of the Penguins can occur.

Now, I am going out on a limb and offering my first round predictions. Here they are and hopefully I do not discredit myself too much, if I am completely wrong.

Eastern Conference
Sabre and Islanders- Sabres in 6
Devils and Lightning- Devils in 6
Thrashers and Rangers- Rangers in 5
Senators and Penguins- Pens in 5
Western Conference
Red Wings and Flames- Flames in 7
Ducks and Wild- Ducks in 6
Canucks and Stars- Canucks in 4
Predators and Sharks- Sharks in 5

There they are. Send me your predictions (pensfan17148@msn.com put "playoff predictions" in the subject line) and I will track them to see who will beat the blogger and who is best at predictions. Send me your round 1 predictions by 5 pm Wednesday the 11th. This is just a bit of fun and the winner gets bragging rights.

08 April 2007

Pens Win! Final Home Game of the Regular Season

Hey pens fans,
The final scopre was 2-1.
Goals: Roberts (PP) from Crosby and Gonchar; Recchi (PP) from Crosby and Christensen.
Fleury was in goal stopping 28 of 29 shots.

Sidney Crosby is the Youngest Player to win the Art Ross. The Aren Broke out in chants of MVP, but only time will tell he if he gets that honor, as well.

05 April 2007

Pens defeat Senators

Hey pens fans,
The Pens took on the Senators in their final road game of the regular season. The final score was 3-2. The Senators scored first to make it 1-0. The Ouellet scored on the power play from Orpik and Recchi to make it 1-1. Gary Roberts scored on the power play to make it 2-1 and was assisted by Melichar and Crosby. In the second perios the Senators tied it at 2. Then in the third period, Talbot netted the gae winner from Whitney and Armstrong to win. Fleury was in goal stopping 35 of 37 shots. He played a solid game. The Pens had 27 shots on the night.

04 April 2007

New President

Hey pens fans,
David Morehouse has been named President of the Penguins. He was originally hired to hammer out an arena deal.

03 April 2007

Pens Lose to Sabres

Hey pens fans,
The final score was 4-1. Recchi had the PEns lone goal and was assisted by Staal and Malone. Fleury was in goal stopping 22 of 26 shots. Seriouosly, we just got beat. I can't fault any particular thing. 2 games left in the regular season.

01 April 2007

Pens Lose to Leafs in OT

Hey pens fans,
The Pens took on thhe Leafs in Toronto. The final score was 5-4. The Pens goals were as follows: Roberts (PP) assistd by Gonchar and Malkin; Talbot assisted by Ouellet; Crosby assisted by Whitney and Malkin; Whitney assisted by Gonchar and Recchi. Thibault and Fleury both played tonight. Thibault stopped 16 of 20 and Fleury stopped 16 of 17. They each played just over 30 minutes.

31 March 2007

Pens at Toronto

Hey pens fans,
Tonight, the Pens will take on the Leafs for the final time this season. It looks to be a good game. Thibault is expected to start, but Therrien could change his mind. Well, my post for tonight will be late, due to an event I have to attend. So, look for it in the wee hours of the morning, with my usual coverage. Let's Go Pens!

29 March 2007

Pens Take Down the Bruins 4-2

Hey pens fans,
That's right the Pens beat the Bruins 4-2. In the first period, the Bruins scored first to make it 1-0. Then Christensen scored on the powerplay from Ouellet and Staal to make it 1-1. Armstong added another one from Christensen and Crosby, to make it 2-1. The Bruins tied it up at 2-2. Christensen got his second of the night from Crosby to make it 3-2. Then in the third, Malkin scored from Crosby and Ouellet to make it 4-2. Fleury was in goal stopping 31 of 33 shots. The Pens had 26 shots.

27 March 2007


Hey pens fans,
So, I finally took a camera to a game and am using the pics. I meant to get this up sooner, but here are some pics from Sunday's game against boston. I am only putting up a few.

Pens beat Caps!

Hey pens fans,
The Pens beat the Capitals tonight and have officially clinched their playoff spot, if my math is correct. The final score was 4-3. The Caps scored twice to make it 2-0. Then, Ouellet scored on the powerplay from Orpik and Recchi. The first period ended 2-1. In the secocnd period, the Pens scored 3 more times: Whitney (PP) from Crosby and Malkin; Crosby (PP) from Malkin and Gonchar; Whitney from Malone and Laraque. Fleury was in goal tonight stopping 27 of 30 shots. The Pens are currently ahead of the Devils for the division lead. They play again on Thursday in Boston.

26 March 2007

Playoff Tickets

Hey pens fans,
The Playoff tickets went on sale this morning for the Pens and sold out in 13 minutes.

25 March 2007

Pens Shutout Bruins

Hey pens fans,
This afternoon, the Pens Shutout the Bruins 5-0. Fleury was in goal for the shutout.
Here are the goals:
Malkin (PP) from Gonchar and Roberts
Crosby (PP) from Gonchar and Roberts
Roberts (PP) from Crosby and Whitney
Malone(SH) from Staal and Eaton
Crosby from Armstrong and Christensen

To start off the game the Pens had to kill off 6 minutes of penelties, which they did. It was a good game and no one did poorly. If the Pens keep this up, these last few games will be good. I was at the game this afternoon and then had some moving to do, so I apologize for the post being so late. I have to run now to pick up a friend at the airport, so let me know what you thought of today's game in comments.

24 March 2007

Pens Defeat Thrashers and a question

Hey pens fans,
This afternoon the Pens took on the Thrashers here in Pittsburgh. They won the game with the final score as 2-1. Thibault was in goal for the Pens and he played a solid game. His play lately we be benificial should we need him in the playoffs. Ouellet scored first for the Pens from Roberts and Malkin. It remained 1-0 into the third period, when Atlanta tied it. Jordan Staal scored a weird goal, that involved a bit a of luck to make it 2-1. He was assisted by Malone and Melichar.
Now, as most of your are aware fighting has been a hot topic as of late with reasons such as the Simon incident. Do you think that the league needs to do something and if so, what? Let me here your comments and they will be included in apost on fighting. Personally, I think fighting has a place in the game, but it needs to be more regulated and more harshly punished for severe injuries. Let me know what you think and feel free to argue with me. I like a good fight.

22 March 2007

Pens Fall on the Island

Hey pens fans,
The Pens lost 3-1 to the Islanders tonight in Long Island. Armstrong scored te Pens lone goal and was assisted by Roberts and Gonchar. Fleury stopped 21 of 24 shots. The Pens played fairly well tonight, but couldn't get it done. Parts of the game turned into a bit of a free-for all. It was frustrating to watch, because of the way the game turned out. Hopefully, it will go better this weekend.

19 March 2007

Pens Defeated by Rangers

Hey pens fans,
Tonight, the Pens lost to the Rangers 2-1. Tha game was scoreless, through the first two periods. In the third, the Rangers scored first to make it 1-0. The PEns tied it on a goal by Ouellet, who was assisted by Christensen and Malkin. It was tied with just over 30 seconds left when Jagr scored for the Rangers to win it. The Pens fall 2-1. Thibault was in goal stopping 40 of 42 shots. The Pens had 22 shots on the night.

18 March 2007

Pens Win in Shootout Again!

Hey pens fans,
The Pens beat the Senators in a shootout tonight. The final sccore was 4-3. In the first period, Talbot opened up the scoring with a goal and was assisted by Gonchar and Armstrong to make it 1-0. The Senators tied it at 1 to end the period. In the second, Sidney Crosby scored a power play goal and was assisted by Whitney and Malkin to make it 2-1. Then, the Senators tied it up again. Whitney made it 3-2 from Crosby and Gonchar on the powerplay to end the period. In the third, the Senators tied it up to force the ot and then the shootout. Jarkko Ruutu scored in the shootout to give the Pens the win. Fleury was in goal stopping 32 of 35 shots, thhrough 3 period and the ot. He also stopped all shooters ini the shoot out.

17 March 2007

Pens defeat Montreal

Hey pens fans,
The Pens took on Montreal at the Mellon Arena and won 6-3. Sidney Crosby opened up the Pens scoring with a goal where he beat out at least 4 if not all 5 Canadiens to make the play. It will be added to highlight reel. He was assisted by Recchi and Whitney to make it 1-0. Then, Christensen scored on a great effort unassisted to make it 2-0. In the second period, Montreal came back and scored 2 to tie the game. In the third, Christensen got his second of the game, from MAlkin and Ouellet to make it 3-2. Roberts then scored, assisted by Armstrong and Nasreddine to make it 4-2. Montreal scored again to make it 4-3. Then, Ouellet scored and was assisted by MAlkin to make it 5-3. Sidney Crosby got the empty-netter to make it 6-3. Fleury was in goal tonight stopping 25 of 28 shots.

14 March 2007

Pens Shutout Devils

Hey pens fans,
Tonight, the Pens took on the Devils in New Jersey. The final score was 3-0. Both teams started off rather slow and it was scoreless at the end of the first period. In the second, Ruutu scored to make it 1-0 and was assited by Crosby. In the third period, the Pens added two more goals. Christensen scored and was assited by Ruutu and Nasreddine. Then, Jordan Staal scored from Malkin and Ouellet. Thibault was in goal stopping all 24 shots. The Pens had 22 shots on the night.

Thoughts on the Pens

Hey pens fans,
Now, that we have our arena deal, there is a lot to be thankful for. First, I want to thank everyone who signed and help publicize the petition to save the Penguins. I am glad that we did not have to use it, but thankful it was there if we did. I also want to thank all the people who helped me dig up the rumors, throughout this process, which at times were rather tight lipped. Many of you do not know this, but there were a few people "inside" who really stuck their neck out by passing along this information.
Since we have our arena, we can now focus solely on hockey, the game, not the business of it. The Pens have been playing well, as of late. They also have been keeping us on the edge of our seats, with their heart-attack inducing play. Now, that the team's future is secure, we can all dream those Stanley Cup dreams.

Pens Win!

Hey pens fans,
Sorry the post is so late, but the Arena party just broke up. The Penguins win in a shootout again! The Final score 5-4.
The Pens goals are...
Malone from Gonchar and Crosby
Talbot from Nassredine and Whitney
Crosby (PP) from Recchi and Whitney
Gochar (PP) from Whitney and Crosby.
Fleury was in goal stopping 15 of 19 shots
Christensen scores
Crosby Scores
Shootout Pens 2 Sabres 1

Final score 5-4.

We're getting a new arena :) I will be saying this for weeks!

13 March 2007

The Penguins are here to stay...

Hey pens fans,
... or at least for 30 years. The new arena is slated to open in 2009 and the Penguins have signed a 30 year lease. the Mellon Arena will then be torn down and the land developed with parking garages and such. Mario has also said the team is no lonoger for sale. So, Pens fans, relax, put up your feet, break out a cold one and watch the ame and know that they are here for the long term. Let's Go Pens! I will post more latetr, but I have to go set up for my celebration party!!!!

Arena Press Conference Tuesday

Hey pens fans,
The Press Conference was back to Wednesday, as I originally reported, but know it is said to be at 7:30 before the game, tonight. I know it is getting quite frustrating, but remember the days before the lockout ended. Things changed hourly, then and now we know what the Arena outcome will be. We just have to wait for the anouncement. Like the end of the lockout, it doesn't matter if it is today or tomorrow; what matters is the Penguins will be here for years to come.

12 March 2007

Arena Deal is Done!

Hey pens fans,
The Arena deal is done. No details yet. Press conference is tomorrow. Let's Go Pens!!!!

Arena Update - Light at the end of the tunnel

Hey pens fans,
Well, here is some promising news. According to a few sources and one anonymous tip, members of the local government have been told be make themselves available for the Arena announcment, which according to many is Wednesday. I would surmise to think that means the deal is done or awfully close. Also, negotiations and talks with Kansas City have broken off. Many are saying it is because the team is not leaving. I will post more if I get anything else. Until then, let's all keep our collective fingers crossed.

10 March 2007

The Pens Win it in OT!

Hey pens fans,
This afternoons, game against the Rangers final score was 3-2. The Rangers scored oncec in the first period and once in the second to make it 2-0 going into the third. In the third, Malkini got a powerplay goal from Whitney and Gonchar to make it 2-1. Then, Crosby got a powerplay goal and his 100th point of the season. He was assisted by Malkin and Gonchar to make it 2-2. Then the game went into ot ad both Crosby and Malkin went to the locker room with equipment problems. While they were gone, Armstrong scored, assisted by Talbot to win the game. Final score 3-2. Fleury was in goal stopping 26 of 28 shots.

09 March 2007

Arena News

Hey pens fans,

First off, I have heard from someone I know that knows someone inside last nights meeting. Ok so it is not most reliable source, but its all I got. According to them, the deal is basically done and Wednesday is to finalize it.

Secondly, A former Democratic Allegheny County Commissioner, Mike Dawida and a local business man, Phil Isaly are planning to pursue a court injunction barring any move of the Penguins to another city. Their goal, according to the Pittsburgh Tribune Review, istat they want to prove that the team should be required to give the people of Pittsburgh the "right of first refusal". They feel that since the public has invested tax dollars in the team, that the public should be allowed too buy shares in a public ownership.

On another note, The Simon hit last night was brutal and he deserves every punishment he gets and more.

08 March 2007

Meetings End

Hey pens fans,
Meeting on Arena Ends. Progress has been made and they will meet again Wednesday.

Pens Lose to New Jersey in Shootout

Hey pens fans,
The final score of tonight's game is 4-3 Devils, after the shootout. In the first period, Malkin opened the scoring with a powerplay goal, assisted by Recchi and Crosby, to make it 1-0. In the second, Jersey scored two goals to make it 2-1. In the third, Gonchar scored a short-hander from Staal to make it 2-2. Jersey scored again to make it 3-2. The Pens came back to tie it on a goal from Ouellet, assisted by Malkin. The Ot was scoreless. In the shootout, Christensen, Malkin and Crosby failed to score. Elias scored for Jersey. Final score 4-3 Devils.

No new word on the Arena talks, will update, when I hear something...

Arena Update

Hey pens fans,
The arena meeting started at 7 instead of the reported 6. The meeting was still in progress a little after 9. No word from the meeting. This is a leak free negotiation, as of now.

Also, the Pens are in ot against New Jersey, as we speak.

Pens Arena Update and Therrien's Lose

Hey pens fans,
The Pens Arena meeting is under way in Philadelphia. No word on how that is going.

On a sad note, Michel Therrien lost his father today. Gerry Therrien died at home today in Montreal after a long illness. He was 77 years old. Assistants Mike Yeo and Andre Savard will coach the team in Therrien's absence, he wiwll leave after the new jersey game. I think collectively the fans thoughts are with him and his family today.

07 March 2007

Pens D-Day

Hey pens fans,
The meeting that will determine the fate of the Penguins will take place tomorrow in Philadelphia at 6pm.

Houston has pulled out of the running for the team. Pen's representatives were in Las Vegas today and spoke with the Mayor. Lemieux did not go on the trip.

I will have info on the meeting, as soon as I find something.

Also, in case this meeting does not go well, please sign the petition asking the NHL to not allow the Penguins to leave the city. The link is http://www.petitiononline.com/pens/petition.html

Emergency Arena Update

Hey pens fans,
There will be an emergency meeting in Philadelphia tomorrow with Rendell, Onorato, Ravenstahl and Penguins owners.

06 March 2007

Pens Win in Shootout Again!

Hey pens fans,
Tonight, the Pens took on the Senators in Ottawa. The Pens won it 5-4, after the shootout. In the first period, Armstrong put the Pens ahead 1-0 assisted by Malone and Scuderi. By the end of the first, Ottawa had made it 3-1. In the second, Ottawa added a fourth to make it 4-1. In the third, Jordan Staal scored short-handed and unassisted to make it 4-2. Roberts scored from Chrsitensen and made it 4-3. Malone scored from Staal and Laraque to tie it at 4. In the shootout, Christensen scored. Then Ottawa tied it and Sidney Crosby scored the winning goal, again. Fleury started in goal and was then pulled after letting in 3 goals on 7 shots. Thibault finished out the game stopping 15 of 16 shots.

05 March 2007

Penguins Declare Impasse in Arena Negotiations

Hey pens fans,
Mario Lemieux and the Penguins have declared an impasse in arena negotiations and are pursuing relocation. No word on what happened. I am again calling to all Penguin Fans to Prevent this by helpin us stop it. Please sign the above petition to the NHL not to allow the team to relocate. We need to save our Pens!

04 March 2007

Pens Sweep Philly for the Season with a Shootout Victory!

Hey pens fans,
This afternoon the Pens took on the Flyers for the final time this season. The final score after the shootout was Pens ovevr Flyers 4-2. The Pens were down 2-0 going into the second period. In the second they made it 2-1, when Roberts scored from Gonchar and Whitney. They made it 2-2 to ffinish the second on a powerplay goal from Erik Christensen, assisted by Roberts and Gonchar. In the third, Philly came back to make it 3-2. Christensen lit the lamp again with his goal from Ouellet and Roberts to tie the game. In the shootout, Christensen got the first goal and Crosby scored as well to win the game. Finals score was 4-3.
The Crosby goal that was disallowed was crap and the refs made a bad call ir at least that is the way i interpret the rules. He batted the puck down and then shot it. the rule is you cannot bat it into the net and it was not above the shoulder to allow for the puck controling bat. Yet, the refs waited until after the goal was scored to blow the whistle. My second gripe is the delay of game they called on Fleury. I know that they are trying to crack down on goalies, who freeze the puck unnessisarily, but he had no choice if he gavev up the puck it would have surely ended in a Flyers goal. I think that was a horrible call.

02 March 2007

Pens fall to Canes

Hey pens fans,
Tonight, the PEns fell to the Carolina Hurricanes 3-2. Sideny Crosby had the Pens first goal for his 200th NHL point making him the youngest player to do so. He was assisted by Staal and Scuderi. the Pens second goal was by Malone from Armstrong and Talbot. Thibault was in goal stopping 23 of 26 shots. The Pens had 24 shots.

Youngest player to reach 200 points is... Sid!

Hey pens fans,
With Sidney Crosby's goal, he has become the youngest player to reach 200 points and has passes Wayne Gretzky.

Eaton out 2-4 weeks

Hey pens fans,
Mark Eaton is expected to miss 2-4 weeks with a sprained right knee, which was sustained in last night's game.

01 March 2007

Pens Win in Shootout

Hey pens fans,
Tonight, the Pens took on the Rangers at Madison Square Garden. The Pens won it in the shootout 4-3. The game remanied scoreless through the first period. In the second period, tha Rangers scored twice to make it 2-0. Then in the third Period, Staal scored short-handed from Malone and Whitney to make it 2-1. Then, Colby Armstrong tied thae game at 2 with an unassisted short-handed goal. The Rangers came backc and make it 3-2. Then, Gonchar scored assisted by Talbot and Armstrong on the powerplay to tie the game at 3. The overtime was scoreless, which forced the shootout. On the final shot, Sidney Crosby was the lone person to score in the shootout to win it for the Penguins. Marc-Andre Fleury was in goal stopping 32 of 35 shots, through 3 periods and the ot. He stopped 3 0f 3 in the shootout. The Pens face the Hurricanes in Carolina tomorrow night.

27 February 2007

Pens Fall to Devils

Hey pens fans,
Tonight, the Pens took on the Devils at the Mellon Arena. The Pens were shutout and the Devils win it 1-0. Fleury was in goal stopping 24 o 25 shots. The Pens recorded 31 shots and won the faceoffs 23-20. It was a tough game and Brodeur was solid in net and the PEns could not get anything past him. He was the deciding factor in that game.

Last Deadline Day Deal

Hey pens fans,
Sorry, that this took so long to post. I found out shortly after my last post and the promptly lost the internet for a while. The Pens also picked up Nolan Schaeffer from San Jose for a 2007 7th round pick. Schaeffer is a minor league goalie.

Deadline Day Deal

Hey pens fans,
Sorry this tookso long to put up. I had word all the trades were done being processed and ran out for some necessities. I got a text inforing me while I was out. The Pens acquired Joel Kwiatkowski from Florida for a 2007 4th round pick.

deadline has passes

Hey pens fans,
The deadline has passed, but we could still get news of trades going in the last few minutes.

Deadline Day Deal

Hey pens fans,
The pick the Pens got for Moore is 3rd round 2007.

Deadline Day Deal

Hey pens fans,
Dominic Moore traded to Wild for a pick.

Deadline Day Deal

Hey pens fans,
Georges Laraque has been acquired by the Pens. Phoenix gets Dan Carcillo and a 2007 8th round pick.


Hey pens fans,
Laraque has waived his ntc. Rumor is that he is coming to Pittsburgh.

Deadline Day Deal

Hey pens fans,
The confusing and much rumored and non-rumored trade has finally taken place. The Pens have acquired Gary Roberts from Florida for Noah Welch. Roberts is 6-2, weighs 215, and is in his 19th season.

Sleepless night in rumorland

Hey pens fans,
Well, I wish I had more to report, but I had been holding out on more Roberts news until I figured out what was actually going on. First, he was waiving his otc and was becoming a Pen, then he wasn't, then he was a leaf, and it goes on and on. Here is what has happened so far. He said he would only waive for Toronto or Ottawa. The deal was worked out with the Pens. He did not waive his NTC. That is what I know for now. Need Coffee...

Rumor - Roberts

Hey pens fans,
Rumor - Roberts will waive no trade clause to go to Pens

No word on what the possible deal is....

26 February 2007


Hey pens fans,
That is what I am hearing. Silence. There is next to no new rumors out there, right now and the Pens have nothing that I have found out. I will tracking everything I can find throughout the night and not sleeping until after the deadline tomorrow. So, keep it here for the latest. Don't look for Shero to make a blockbuster deal, but I believe he will strengthen the team before the deadline. Time to make more coffee...


Hey pens fans,
All is quite with the dealine just over 24 hours away. Laroque and Smolinski may still become Penguins. It looks like Ruutu will stay in Pittsburgh, as of now. Ryan Malone is a big ?. It seems lie his play, as of late, wold warrant his stay, but he is a player that could be pakaged in either of these possible trades. No word on what the Pens are offering definetly.

25 February 2007

Pens Lose and Ouch!

Hey pens fans,
Ouch, we lost 5-1. The only goal was on the powerplay by Gonchar assisted by Malkin and Crosby. Thibault was in goal stopping 12 of 15 and Fleury took over and stopped 7 of 9.

24 February 2007

Rumor Time

Hey pens fans,
Well, the erumor is that the Pens are after Laraque and thhat Malone may be in the package to get him or at least has ben an option on the table. More as I hear it...

23 February 2007

Rumor Time

Hey pens fans,
Well, here are the latest rumors involving the Pens.

Georges Laraque of the Coyotes could very likely become a Penguin. This deal could be done fairly soon, if all continues well.

Anson Carter is still a possibility, though I haven't heard much more on it besides that they are still talking about it.

Okay, here's a blast from the Penguins past. Do you remember Bryan Smolinski? He played for the Penguins in the 1995-1996 season. Rumor has it that he may also become a Penguin again and this is from a very good source.

22 February 2007

Pens win in OT

Hey pens fans,
Tonight, the Pens took on the Florida Panthers on the road. The final score was 2-1, after the OT. In the first period, Jordan Staal scored a power play goal and was assisted by Malkin and Crosby, to make it 1-0. Florida tied it in the second period, to amke it 1-1. Then in the overtime, Colby Armstrong scored to win the game, assisted by Talbot and Whitney. The final score was 2-1. Thibault was in goal stopping 32 of 33 shots. the Pens had 41 shots on goal tonight against Belfour.

21 February 2007

Count Down

Hey pens fans,
Nothing much going on on the rumor front. I did have some news. I don't know if you noticed there is now a feature to this site. At the top of the page, is the new "Count down to the NHL Trade Deadline." I was hoping to get it up sooner, but this week has been a bit crazy. Well, now we will know exactly when the dealine ends.

Thornburn sent down/rumor

Hey pens fans,
Chris Thorbrun has been sent to the WBS Pens of the AHL.

As for rumors, Anson Carter becoming a Penguin is still a good possibility.

Curtis Joseph becoming a Penguin is seeming unlikely.

One of the Pens, who is drawing the most trade attention, is Jarkko Ruutu, but as of now I have heard no offer that the Penguins are considering. With the way he fits into this team, I do not think a trade is likely, unless Shero gets one hell of a deal in return.

19 February 2007

Pens Fall to Islanders

Hey pens fans,
In this President's Day matchup, the Islanders came out on top. The final score was 6-5. The game was tied with under 30 seconds left when the Isles scored to win the game. Crosby was fighting hard and the Pens put a good rsh against Dipietro, but the Isles came back and put one past Fleury to win it.
The Pens Goals are as follows...
1st period
Ryan Malone (10), from Mark Recchi and Sidney Crosby at 0:45
Mark Recchi (21), from Sidney Crosby and Evgeni Malkin at 19:11
2nd period
Ryan Malone 2 (11), from Sidney Crosby and Mark Recchi at 0:49
Mark Recchi (21), from Jordan Staal and Sergei Gonchar at 18:01
3rd period
Ryan Malone 3 (12), from Sidney Crosby and Mark Recchi at 0:48

Ryan Malone had a hat-trick. Crosby had 4 assists. Recchi had 2 goals and 3 assists.

18 February 2007

Pens Capitalize and Defeat Washington

Hey pens fans,
Okay, I know that my title is a bad pun, but hey it works. This afternoon, the Pens defeated the Washington Capitals at the Mellon Arena. The final score was 3-2. The Pens opened up the scoring with Recchi's power play goal assisted by Gonchar and Crosby, to make it 1-0. Then, Washington tied it up to make it 1-1 to end the first period. In the second, Malkin made it 2-1 assisted by Gonchar and Ouellet. In the third, Talbot scored to make it 3-1 and he was assisted by Armstong and Christensen. With under a minute to go Washington scored again to make it 3-2. Thibault was in goal stopping 29 of 31 shots and was he ever lucky on some of those. Our defense worked themselves hard to keep the pucks away from him today. They will be tired after this one. No rest for the wweary, however, the Pens head out tonight to face the Islanders tomorrow at 1 pm.

Rumor Time

Hey pens fans,
Well, I am still hearing the Curtis Joseph rumor, but from fewer people. I don't think it is very likely. As for Bertuzzi, I am saying that based on what I know, it is not happening, unless something drastic happens. Add to your rumor lists Anson Carter. Many of you will recall the Pens quest for him in the past. I could be a good possibility, but I canot find out what the Pens offer in return or what Columbus wants for him. That's it for the rumors, unless something breaks before then, I will update after the Washington Game.

16 February 2007

Pens top Devils

Hey pens fans,
Tonight, the Pens were in New Jersey facing the Devils. The Pens won the game, by a score of 5-4. The Pens were up 3-0 and almost lost the lead, but managed to make it out on top. Here is how it all happened. In the first period, Ruutu got the first goal, from Melichar and Recchi, to make it 1-0. Scuderi, scored from Melichar and Crosby, to bring the score to 2-0. Jordan Staal netted the Pens third goal from Ouellet and Malkin to make it 3-0 and ends the first period. In the second period, New Jersey's Rafalski scored to make it 3-1. Then on the power play, Crosby scored from Gonchar to make it 4-1. Then Elias scored the Devils' second goal to make it 4-2. Ruutu got his second of the game from Moore and Petrovicky to make it 5-2. In the third period, New Jersey added 2 more goals and made it 5-4 Pens, which was the final score. Fleury was in goal and stopped 27 of 31 shots. The Pens had 24 shots on the night.

14 February 2007

Pens defeat Blackhawks in the "Battle of the Ruutus'"

Hey pens fans,
Tonight, the Pens defeated Chicago 5-4 at the Mellon Arena. The Pens' Jarkko Ruutu faced off against his brother Tuomo Ruutu of the Blackhawks. In the battle of the brothers, Jarkko wins the braggins rights this year. In the first period, Petrovicky scored the first goal to tie it upup 1-1. Moore and Ruutu had the assists. In the second, Talbot scored short-handed to make it 2-1. Ouellet scored, assisted by Christensen to make the score 3-2. In the third period, Chicago came back to score 2 goals and tie it at 4-3 all. Then the Pens' Evgeni Malkin scored assisted by Crosby and Scuderi to tie it at 4. The ovetime ended scoreless and forced, yet another shootout. In the shootout, Christensen and Malkin bot scored, to win it. The final score was 5-4. Marc-Andre Fleury was in goal stopping 24 of 28 shots and allowing no goals in the shootout.

13 February 2007


Hey pens fans,
Well, with the trade deadline looming, there is a lot of speculation going around. From what I am hearing, the Pens still have an interest in Tom Poti. No word on if a deal is in the works, but there is interest. Also, the Pens are being said to be looking at Curtis Jospeh. This rumor has surfaced every deadline and off season for the past few years. I do not know why people think the Pens want Cujo. I am not sure how much stock to put in this one based on its history, but I am hearing from some good sources. He would make a good back-up to Fleury, but who will want Thibault? There has also been talk of us shopping Rutuu, but as of now it seems to be likely he will stay here, but if the right deal comes along that could change. After a few days off, the Pens are back in action tomorrow, at home, against Chicago.

11 February 2007

Pens win in OT

Hey pens fans,
Last night, thte Pens took on the Maple Leafs in Toronto. The final score was 6-5. In the first period, Jordan Staal opened up the scoring with a goal assisted by Ouellet and Malkin, to make it 1-0. In the second, Staal scored again from Malkin and Nasreddine, to make it 2-0. Then on the power play Malkin got one, from Crosby and Gonchar, to make it 3-0. Toronto came back to score 3 goals to tie it at 3-3 to end the second period. In the third, Toronto scored to make it 4-3. Ryan Malone scored, assisted by Recchi and Gonchar to make it 4-4. Toronto scored again to make it 5-4. Then, Talbot netted one, assisted by Whitney to male it 5-5 and force the OT. In the overtime, Jordan Staal, got the hat trick to win the game, assisted by Malkin. This was Staal's frist NHL Hat trick. The final score was 6-5. Fleury was in goal stopping 23 of 28 shots. The Pens recorded 28 shots on the night, as well.

08 February 2007

Pens defeat Flyers again!

Hey pens fans,
Tonight, the Pens were in Philly taking on the Flyers. After the shootout, the final score was 5-4 Pens. The Flyers havig been a lot tougher, as of late, but the Pens still got the win. In the first period, Jordan Staal scored, assisted by hristense and Ouellet to make it 1-0. The Flyers came back to score 2 power play goals to makeit 2-1 at the end of the first. In the second period, Ouellet scored on the power play, assisted by Whitney and Fleury, to make it 2-2 at the end of the second. In the third, Recchi scored to make it 3-2 from Whitney and Gonchar. Then Christensen scored assisted by Armstrong and Talbot to make it 4-2. Then the Flyers came back and scored 2 more goals, to force the overtime. In the shootout, Crosby scored the only goal to give the Pens the win. Fleury was in goal stopping 30 of 34 shots. Crosby seemed to be struggling at bit, for him, early on, but came through in the clutch yet again to et the win. It was a good game and a great one for the rivalry.

Myron Cope's Message to Lemieux

Hey pens fans,
Here is what Myron Cope has to say about the Penguins and the arena situation. He asks Lemieux to emulate "the Chief," the late Art Rooney. Here is what Cope had to say as it appeared in Wednesday's Post Gazette.

Myron Cope: Mario, do the right thing

Money won't make you happy; emulate The Chief and keep the Pens in Pittsburgh
Wednesday, February 07, 2007

I hope somebody reading this is close enough to Mario Lemieux to call it to his attention.
Myron Cope, the retired Steelers sportscaster, lives in Mt. Lebanon.
Mario, I've known you since your rookie season and have always found you a fine fellow, so I'm going to ask a lot of you. In these cynical times when the bottom line so often rules, it's perhaps silly to ask, but consider emulating The Chief -- the late Art Rooney Sr.
Actually, this is a follow-up to a letter I wrote that the Post-Gazette published a year ago. I wrote that The Chief, saying not a word of it publicly, rejected highly lucrative offers from five cities entreating him to move the Steelers. He loved Pittsburgh and felt the city would be greatly diminished by the loss of a big-league franchise.
I also pointed out that Art Modell suddenly moved his Cleveland Browns to Baltimore after politicians for years did nothing to renovate ancient Cleveland Stadium. I faulted Mr. Modell for not hanging in longer, but I said that the silence coming from then-Mayor Bob O'Connor, County Chief Executive Dan Onorato and Gov. Ed Rendell on the matter of a new arena was shaping up as a repeat of Cleveland. I hope I'm wrong. (Mr. Rendell's Plan B, by the way, has seemed to me all along to simply muddy the waters.)
At any rate, Mario, I assume you have a great affection for Pittsburgh, or else you would not have made it your residence. Perhaps unfairly, I'm asking that you disregard bottom-line offers and keep the Pens here, simply because it's the right thing to do. Disregard our political leaders staying on the sidelines for so long. I doubt you'll ever regret doing the right thing. You'll feel good about yourself.
Some people protest the use of taxpayer money to give huge subsidies to club owners. Or they don't care about hockey. Their arguments are understandable. But, folks, the realities are that this has been the way of America for many years now and losing the Pens would be a severe blow to our region in too many respects to enumerate.
Mario, you've got the politicians over a good-sized barrel. Reason one, they sat as silent as stone pillars while you sought an arena agreement for years. Reason two, the state Gaming Control Board, by rejecting a casino bid that would have led to an arena, rendered a decision so stupefying as to cause me to wonder: Had board member Sandy Rivers behaved similarly when he officiated NFL games, might he have led the league in calls overturned by instant replay?
Anyhow, Mario, get the deal done in Pittsburgh.
America still includes many who do the right thing. Do it, Mario, and I'll even forgive the time you stood on a high tee at a par three and saw a runt on the green below standing over a 2-foot birdie putt. You cried out: "Cope! Choke!" As you know, I made birdie.
It's your turn for a Pittsburgh birdie. It's a hard one; more's the reason you'll be proud of it.
The Chief put it this way: "Money has never been my god -- never."

Arena Talks Continue

Hey pens fans,
The Trib is reporting that the Penguins and government officicals met durinig a conference call earlier this week. The Penguins are not commenting and the city is saying that they are making progress and that a deal can be made.

06 February 2007

Pens defeat Nashville

Hey pens fans,
Tonight, the Pens defeated the Nashville Predators at the Mellon Arena. The final score was 4-1. In the first period, Nashville opened up the scoring to make it 1-0. That was the last time they scored. In the second, Staal scored from Crosby and Recchi to tie it at 1. Then Malkin scored on the power play from Recchi and Crosby to make it 2-1. In the third period, Recchi scored assisted by Malkin to make it 3-1. Then Ruutu got the empty-netter from Armstrong and Gonchar to make it 4-1. Fleury was in goal stopping 25 of 26 shots.


Hey pens fans,
With the trade deadline just around the corner, it is time for one of my favorite things, trade rumors. A lot of fnames have bee thrown around so far and many more will be, as well. I have heard from sources that the Pens are shopping Thibault and Rutuu. As of yet, I have not heard of any particular offer with any team. The Pens are looking to add some grit to the lineup and I am hearing that they are looking at Tom Poti and Todd Bertuzzi. I have also heard Mike Knuble, but not as much. This time of year I can probab;y find a rumor for just about any player in the league. I am telling you the ones that I have actually heard from a reliable source. These rumors are deals that are actually being discussed. I want to just inform everyone, as I do each year near the deadline, these are rumors. If I title it rumors, it is just that a rumor or possibility. If a trade is made, I will announce it, as such.
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