01 November 2007

Pens Fall to Avalanche 3-2 and Some Thoughts

Hey pens fans,
Well, tonight the Pens lost to the Avalanche 3-2. Crosby had both goals and the Pens were up 2-0. The second period was a bit of a disaster for the Pens and the third period was scoreless. Crosby played a great game and I am not just saying that because he scored 2 goals. Sidney played like a man possessed on both ends of the ice. It was a strong game for our young captain on his first trip to Colorado. Crosby was going to win this game. Unfortunetly, the team, as a whole, could not pull it off. This wasa one of those nights, where Sid's play was astounding. The game slipped from the Pens and let the Avs get control. This was a hard loss for a game that we should have one. Another hit to the team was Whitney's injury, which I am hearing is a groin injury. This was a hard loss...

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