23 November 2007

Pens Get a Much-Needed Win Against Sens

Hey pens fans,

Last night's game could be a big moment for the Pens. In the shoot out, we have some serious shooters, including Ruutu. Many people are suprised by his use there, but, when he is given the opportunity, he does quite well at it.

Fleury still has not quite found his game, but at the same time maybe he needs a little more room to breathe, before he is pulled from a game.

The team played well, as a whole. This is the type of performance we need to see night in and night out.

Ryan Malone played a agreat game. We all knew he was capable of that type of performance. We just wish that we saw it more often.

That is about it for the game. Sorry for the late post, but holiday shopping and a trip to the emergency room ensued. Evereyone is okay.

Quick rumor

look for Shero to shake it up a bit and soon...

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