28 February 2009

Pens defeat blackhawks 5-4

Staal, Kunitz, Satan, Talbot, and Malkin each had goals for the pens. It was a good game. It looked like it was slipping away, at times. In the OT, the Pens managed to hang on for the win. Staal played a strong game, as did our newest penguin, Kunitz. The whole team played pretty well. It does concern me any time Fleury let's in that many goals, but at least we won.

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26 February 2009

Trade alert

Pens trade ryan whitney to anaheim for kunitz and aminor league prospect
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25 February 2009

Pens win

The pens defeated the Islanders in a tight game. The score was 1-0. It seemed like no one would ever score, when Sykora put it in. The pens played a good game and worked hard for those 2 points. Crosby sat out the game with a groin injury. Whitney was not dressed either. It was a good game. This was a long hard game. The pens played a solid game and worked the whole game. Good win guys.

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22 February 2009

Pens fall to caps

Well, it looked like it was going to be a good game, but that didn't last after the first period. The pens were not exactly outplayed. We stuck with it, but we had some major problems breaking into our zone. Once we got it we did half way decent. Ir was not pretty and not the game we needed. The team needs to move on and keep looking foward. This was a game we could have won, if we kept it together. We can't afford to lose many more conference games. We are on the outside looking in and we need to get it and put a good run together.
I will have a rumor update for you later tonight or I will post it at my break at work tomorrow.
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Pens defeat flyers

Yesterdays, win was something was key. Philly always puts up a good fight, wheb the pens come to town and, if we keep playing like that, we could beat anyone. I hope that the momentum carries over into todays game and that we are not worn out from yesterday.

More later
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19 February 2009

Les Hab Nots

Well, the Pens got a much needed win against an east team. This went from a tight game to an open season on net. The first period looked like it had the makings of a low scoring disaster. The Pens got the first goal, curtosy of Petr Sykora. The fight between big Georges and Godard was a disappointment. Satan added a goal and at the end of 2, it was tied at 2. In the third, Malkin and Talbot each added a goal. It was a good win for the pens.

Let's go Pens!!!!!
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17 February 2009

Pens fall on Long Island

Well, the game didn't look any different to me, but with under 24 hours since the coaching change, I would not expect it to. I just want to point out to the NHL that, even though it was President's day. Most people still had to work and afternoon games should not be scheduled on that day. The pens had the same lack-luster performance that we have been used to lately. I think the next game will be more telling

Rumor watch: something is happening. There is a lot going on, but very little is being said. Watch for a potential big move to go down soon, if it is going to happen, at all.

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15 February 2009

Pens fire Therrien

Dan Blysma, the WB/S coach, was named interim coach. Mike Yeo, Gilles Meloche, and Tom Fitgerald will be the assistants.
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11 February 2009

Pens Defeat Sharks in Shootout

Tonight, the Pens took on the Sharks and from the get go it seemed to be a battle of the goalies. Fleury played a great game. Thomas had the first goal of the game to make it one to nothing. Jordan Staal's assist on that goal was his 100th point. The Sharks came back to tie it and Crosby had the onlt goal in the shootout to win it for the Pens. This was a great game. It was low scoring, but there were tons of shots on either side.

From what I have heard there at least 4-5 teams with scouts in the building tonight.

Gonchar should be dressed for the next game, if all goes well.

More later...

Let's Go Pens!!!
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Rumor land gonchar cleared to play

First, gonchar has been cleared to play, but probably won't tonight.

In the rumor world, I am hearing we have major interest in martin st louis. Also we are looking into a package deal that would send staal and others to atlanta for kovalchuck and maybe others. Also we are interested in guerin. That's it for now more later.
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08 February 2009

Pens fall to red wings

Well, this was definetly not the desired outcome for the game. Ty Conklin played a great game for the wingsN which was a major factor. The pens were flying in the first period. They tapered off a bit after that. The last ten minutes of the third period were the utter downfall of the game. Letang was having a good game, as were Crosby and Malkin. Talbot, who has been pretty silent lately, made a few good plays today. Orpik played a solid game today, though he seemed to have not been hitting quite as miuch, but I haven't seen the numbers yet. Whitney had few decent attempts today. I wish he would shoot the puck more. He has a wicked shot from the point. There were some good points to the game, but unfortunetly it wasn't enough. There are a lot of teams out there that we could have beaten with todays performance. Detroit just isn't one of them.
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07 February 2009

Pens down jackets

Hey, Pens Fans
Sorry for the delay in the post. The pens played a fairly solid game on friday night. It was a good game to watch and resulted in only our second back to back win since november. Letang had 2 goals, and was largely the driving force behind a large portion of the game. The whole team played well.
Hopefully, the fire from last years playoffs is buring anew for the detriot game tomorrow.

Let's Go Pens!

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03 February 2009

Pens take on the Habs

Tonight, the Pens were in Montreal taking on the Habs, who recently lost former pens robert lang to and achilles tendon injury. Caputi had his first nhl goal tonight. They did not play a horrible game. I would have liked to have seen the pens get the puck to the net more. I am not sure why we waited, as long as we did, to pull Fleury. We. Just didn't have enough to pull it out, even with the late penelty.

The pens really need to work on playing a solid game and they need to play with a bit of desperation. The team needs to turn it around fast. If not, that dream of making the playoffs will be nothing but that.

On the rumor front, there is not much to say in the world of the pens. There is a lot of talk going around the league, right now. It is pretty quite, when it comes to the pens. More as I hear it.

Sometimes, with Ray Shero, I think that the more quiet it is; there is more that is really going on.
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