26 August 2007


Hey pens fans,
Pens @ Sabres outside on January 1, 2008 is looking very realistic...

25 August 2007

Hockey is coming...

Hey pens fans,
Well, there has been little going on with the Pens, as of late. I haven't had much to post about. Pens Prospects/Rookie camp begins on Sept 5. Hopefully, reports out of there will give us all something to discuss. The off-seasson is too long for me, but it is coming to an end. More when i have something.

12 August 2007

Thoughts on the Pens

Hey pens fans,
Well, Happy belated Birthday to Sidney Crosby, who is no longer a teenager. As for rumors, there is nothing much out there of any substance or that maks logical sense. The Pens seem to be holding for now. I do not think that Shero is done, though. I agree with a comment received on my last post that Marleau does not make a ton of sense, but again this is just a rumor and who knows how it will all play out. It has been very quiet, when it comes to the Pens. This season should be good, as all our young players grow into their roles and with the roster moves made thus far. I will have more rumors, when I hear something that sounds realativly sane from a reliable source.

07 August 2007


Hey pens fans,
The latest rumor is that Marleau may be coming to Pittsburgh.

02 August 2007

I'm back, Staal, and scouts

Hey pens fans,
I'm back. Well, Jordan Staal was arrested for underage drinking in Minnesota, while atteding brother Eric's bachelor party. Eric was also arrested. No word on Jordan's current legal issues beyond that. The Pens hired two new scouts, as anounced by Ray Shero, Derek Clancey will serve as a Professional Scout and David McNamara as an Amateur Scout.
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