25 October 2007

Pens End Streak and Some Thoughts

Hey pens fans,
Well, the Pens played the Leafs tonight and lost 5-2 to end their streak. Crosby scored in the first period, assisted by Malkin and Recchi to make it 1-0. In the third period, Gonchar scored and was assisted by Crosby and Malkin to make it 5-2 Leafs. Fleury stopped 22 of 27 shots.

This season the Pens have been very hot and cold. Sometimes, it seems to be individual players struggling and at times it seems that the enitre team is off a bit. I am not sure that I can identify any one problem that is key. I know that Fleury has had some issues with his consistency and that Crosby is not putting up the number that some anticicpated, but the fault does not lie solely on their shoulders. Crosby has been making plays, getting assists, and throwing the puck at the net. Unfortunetly, the puck has not been bouncing his way. As for Fleury, I am not sure what the root of the problem of his being hot and cold is. I just know that something has to snap him out of it and get him back in the game. This team, as talented as they are, are not performing to the level that this much talent can. Perhaps, Shero needs to shake things up a bit with a roster move and I don't mean a little insignifcant swap. I think something big may just give the team the kick in the pants that they need. Yet, againn perhaps they need time, but how much time can the team wait before we slip too far?

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