23 October 2008

Pens Down 'Canes

Well, the pens won what was a very close game, the score does not
reflect it. The final score was 4-1. Bissionette definetly held his
own in the fight early on. The goals were by Crosby, Fedatanko,
Talbot, and Malkin. Fleury played an amazing game and almost made the
empty-netter. One Staal brother down and one to go, as the Pens take
on the Rangers on Saturday.
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20 October 2008

Pens Down Bruins in SO 2-1

The Pens played a good game and Sabourin was on fire in net. I am a doubter of his ability and I was impressed. Satan had out regulation goal and Malking had the winner in the SO. Crosby played a fantastic game. The entire team played well. It was an intense game and did not look like and early season game. I am really liking how the lines are starting to gel. It is getting good, really good.

No, I didn't run away.

Hey Pens Fans,

Sorry, for the lack of posts. I am sure many of you recall the rather bad storms that went few SW PA a few weeks ago. Well, ever since, y initernet has been blinking on and off every minute or two. The very abbreviated post that I did get up was nothing much, but all my technical issues seem to be fixed now. It took Comcast long enough.

Saturday's game was amazing. the Peens won the 4-1 decision over the Leafs. Dupuis, Satan, Crosby, and Sykora had the goals. Fleury played yet another spectacular game. Incase you didn't get the memo, it was milestone night at the Igloo. Crosby got his 200th assist. Then, he got his 300th point on his next assist. Then, he got his 100th goal. It was crazy. Malkin got his 200th point. It was crazy. It was hockey. That was one of the strongest games for the team, as a whole.

More on the Pens after tonight's game concludes. Assuming that my internet is still functioning. Let's keep our collective fingers crossed and Let's Go Pens!

17 October 2008

OT split for Pens

Well, the pens defeated Philly in OT on Tuesday night. It was a heated
rivalry match that did not disappoint. Unfortunetly, the Caps game was
not the same. Yes it was a heated game, but the pens had a 3-0 and
lsot 4-3, after letting in four unanswered goals. Even though we won
the flyers game, the pens have failed to play 60 minutes of hockey in
either contest. This cannot continue, if we want to have another
spectacular season.
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12 October 2008

Pens Fall in Home Opener

Well. last night's OT loss was a disappointment. Marc-Andre Fleury played a spectacular game is excused from all further coents about how bad the team played. Malkin had one of the if not the worst game of his career. He couldn't not make or nreceive a pass, if his life depended on it. Satan had a goal, which was great, but then he diappeared for an entire period and i never even noticed him. Our defense played a horrid game. We were just off.

07 October 2008

Pens to hold Fan Fest

The Penguins are making yet another fan friendly move by holdin the Trib Total Media Faceoff Festival 2008. It will take place before the fisr four home games and will feature an outdoor screan for fans without tickets to view the game and food vendors outdoors before and during the game. 105.9 the X will be outside on the 11th and don the 16th FSN will have Savran outside. For the opener the aviary will be outside with penguins. For more info go to the Pens website.

05 October 2008


Sorry for the delay. I lost my internet conneection on Friday and just got it back.

Stockholm Game One:
This was a great way to open the season. It was a tough game and I was basically pleased with the Pens performance. Our power play needs a little more time to gel. With recently losing Gonchar to injury and this season now havin Staal taking Malone's old spot in front of the net, there is a lot to adjust to.
The game was an OT win with the score 4-3. Kennedy had two goals, including the game-winner, and Malkin and Scuderi eachc had one. Fleury seemed to play a fairly good game and I was not disappointed by his performance.

Stockholm Game 2:
This game was tough. It was scoreless for quite some time. It then seemed to go downhill rather quickly. Goligoski got his first NHL goal. The team, as a whole, just had a tough game. I wish it could have been better

Genreal Thoughts:
I don't like having Ruutu on the other team.

Our defense is not as solid as it would be without the injuries and may take a bit of time to get it together.

I am really liking the looks of our new first line.

I love the rule change pertaining to comercials after icing calls. That was a long time coming. Good move NHL.
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