30 November 2007


Hey pens fans,
Well, rumors are flying around involving the Pens. So, here is the rundown of what I have heard.

Recchi may be on his way out of Pittsburgh again. Both Columbus and Vancouver are reported to be interested. I know that Recchi has been slumping, as of late, but he can play better and will again. I hope he sticks around for a while, but Shero needs to do what he has to do to turn this team around.

Sydor is also being shopped by the Pens. His aquisition this off season was one that myself and many others thought was a good fit for the team. However, the season has proved us all wrong. I think trading him makes the most sense.

The Pens are also rumored to be looking at bringing in a veteran goalie, who still has a few games left in him, to mentor Fleury and to share the load. Sabourin has played well, but he cannot fill this role and we need to take care of Fleury, who with the right grooming will likely be our frannchise goalie for the long haul. Rumor is we have been looking at Turco.

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