09 March 2007

Arena News

Hey pens fans,

First off, I have heard from someone I know that knows someone inside last nights meeting. Ok so it is not most reliable source, but its all I got. According to them, the deal is basically done and Wednesday is to finalize it.

Secondly, A former Democratic Allegheny County Commissioner, Mike Dawida and a local business man, Phil Isaly are planning to pursue a court injunction barring any move of the Penguins to another city. Their goal, according to the Pittsburgh Tribune Review, istat they want to prove that the team should be required to give the people of Pittsburgh the "right of first refusal". They feel that since the public has invested tax dollars in the team, that the public should be allowed too buy shares in a public ownership.

On another note, The Simon hit last night was brutal and he deserves every punishment he gets and more.

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