28 February 2008

Pens Down and Out in Boston and Hossa Injured

Hey Pens Fans,
This was a bad night for our Pens. We lost 5-1 to the Bruins. Our only goal was by Dupuis. Hossa left the game with a sprained knee and is now expected to miss a week or two. This game was a disaster and the Pens could not seem to get it together. Conklin started in nent and Fleury was brought in to relieve him. The whold game was bad. We showed a glimmer of hope in near the end, but it is best we just put it behind us and move on.

27 February 2008

More Injuries

Hey Pens Fans,
The injury bug has bitten again. Scuderi's finger "exploded" and he had to have surgery to repair it. It is listed as a fracture. He will miss a few weeks with this injury. Adam Hall underwent surgery for a sports hernia and will also miss a few weeks with his injury.

26 February 2008

Pens Defeat Islanders

Hey Pens Fans,
Tonight, the Pens defeated the Isles 4-2. Malkin, Tafe, Staal, and James had the Pens goals. Conklin was in net and played a wonderful game. James and Smith made it to the game from W-B/S after the game began, but contirbuted big, when they made it to the ice. Conklin was the #1 star on Long Island tonight and Malkin was #2 and James #3.

Deadline Recap

Hey Pens Fans,
Well, it has been a long and interesting day. The Pens made some good moves that will better our team. Hal Gill for the 2 picks is a great addition. Hossa and Dupuis will fit in well. We gave up some good players in return. Personally, I think that Armstrong will be missed the most. Though, Christensen is a good player and Esposito will likely turn into a decent player down the road. I do think that the first round pick was a bit much to give up, but I am not Ray Shero and it made sense to him. The Pens play tonight and it is unlikely that our newest acquisitions will be there. I am certain they will not be.

Shero Press Conferance at 4:30

Hey Pens Fans,
Shero will hold a Press Conferance at 4:30


Hey Pens Fans,
Hossa and Dupuis to the Pens ... for esposito, christensen and armstrong, and 1st round pick in 2009

Deadline Day Rumors Continue

Hey Pens Fans,
Hal Gill to Pit.... for 2nd and 5th round picks done deal

Deadline Day Rumors Continue

Hey Pens Fans,
If Hossa falls through, which I have not heard anything to that effect, Havlatt to the Pens is likely...


Hey Pens Fans,
Hossa is happening...but assistant gm Fletcher denies it, but everyone else is saying it is happening...

Rumor - Hossa

Hey Pens Fans,
Pens are a finalist for Hossa.....

Pens Silent

Hey Pens Fans,
The Pens are silent amid a ton of deals going down in the last few minutes...
Rumors still remain the same as I last reported...
More later...

25 February 2008

Rumor Time

Hey Pens Fans,
All has been fairly quiet in the world of the Pens, but in the last hour the rumors shave begun swirling. Hal Gill is a name that hs been recently linked to the Pens. The Pens are also rumored to be interested in Havlat and Satan. Also, the Pens are rumored to be entering the Hossa sweepstakes. Also, I am hearing that Jordan Staal may be involved in a deal, as well as Ruutu. More as it continues to unfold. I will be awake for the duration...


Hey Pens Fans,
With the trade deadline tomorrow, there are many rumors out there. Some border on sheer insanity and others are likely. I would look for the Pens to do something. They will not stay silent and not make a move. Two names that seem to be likely are Jay Mckee and Robert Lang. Jay McKee makes tons of sense and would fit into our team. As for Robert Lang, I do not see this happening, but I could be wrong. I don't see why we would want him back. Ollie Jokinen seems like a very unlikely possibility. I don't see the Pens going after him, unless a great deal falls into their lap and he is drawing so much interest that I do not see that happening. Hossa will not become a Penguin and from what I am hearing the Pens were never involved in those talks. A name that we have been shopping is Ruutu. He is "likely" to be part of a "pending deal" that is "likely" to occur. So, Pens fans don't rush out and buy your Rutuu jerseys until after the deadline tomorrow to make sure that he is still a Penguin. More later...

Pens Drop 2 this Weekend and Trade Deadline Update

Hey Pens Fans,

On Saturday, the Pens fell to the Senators 4-3 in OT. It was a bit of a heartbreaker with the loss coming in the last seconds. Overall, the team played a good game and should be pleased with their play.

Sunday was not quite as good. The Zamboni blwoing a transmission and leaking red fluid all over center ice after the pregame skate should have been an omen of the game to come. It looked like a ritual sacrifice of cattle at center ice. The first period looked, as though the blood bath would continue. The Pens played a horrible first period and had 18 miutes in penelties. They came back and played a solid couple of periods to end in a 1-1 tie on Christensen's goal. They held tough in the OT for the shootout. The shootout was not our most stellar and Conklin really drorpped the ball on this one. He was obviously mad at himself, as he stormed off the ice at the end. Final 2-1 Sharks.

Trade Deadline
Well, it is fast approaching and I will be posting all the time as my trade deadline watch has begun. This means that tonight is the last that I will sleep until after the deadline on Tuesday to provide you with round the clock coverage. Don't look for the Pens to land a big name. We are not going to give up a ton for a name and jeoporadize the future. More later.....

21 February 2008

Pens Defeat Habs

Hey Pens Fans,
The Pens downed the Canadiens 5-4. Whitney, Ruutu, Malone, Malkin, and Gonchar each had goals. It was back and forth for awhile, but the Pens pulled it out in the end. Not much else to report on the game. Working on some rumors. More, if something breaks.... it is getting interesting....

20 February 2008


Hey Pens Fans,

Jay McKee is a name that is heavily linked to the Penguins, right now. More as I hear it...

Pens Down Panthers

Hey Pens Fans,
The Pens defeated the Panthers 3-2. Malone had 2 goals. Malkin now leads the NHL in scoring. Conklin was in net and played a strong game. The Pens player horridly through the first 2 periods and came back to win it with 3 third period goals. Sorry, for the short post, but I really have to go. Trade rumor update coming soon....

17 February 2008

Pens Down Sabres 4-1

Hey Pens Fans,
The Pens defeated the Sabres in Buffalo 4-1. Ty Conklin was in goal stopping 36 of 37 shots on the net. The games was scoreless after the first period. In the second, Rutuu got one from Malone and Scuderi to put the Pens on the board. Then, Sykora added another from Malkin and Gonchar to make it 2-0. Ther period ended 2-1 Pens. In the third, Malkin got a goal from Talbot and Sykora to make it 3-1. Colby Armstrong added an empty-netter from Malone to make it 4-1 for the final. The Pens played a good game tonight. It was a solid effort and they deserved the win. The Pens return home to face the Panthers on Tuesday.

16 February 2008

Outlook as the Deadline Approaches

Hey pens fans,

The last two games are a bit of a black cloud over the team going into tomorrow's game in Buffalo. Their play previvous to that had been very good, especially when considering all the injuries we have sustained. With the trade deadline approaching, the question is what Ray Shero will do, if anything, to fill these roles?

When it comes to Fleury's injury, it looked like it wowld be the death of our promising season. Sabourin was faltering and we were basically done for. Then, we put Ty Conklin in the net and his play was great. The team pulled together and we kept going on. I do not see the Pens makinig any sort of a move involving goaltending, but the question on everyone's mind is concerning Fleury's return. What will they do? Fleury is the number one goaltender for this club that is not in question. Conklin has proved himself and, in my mind, deserves to stay here. That leaves us Sabourin, who was Fleury's backup. Do we send him to Wilkes-Barre/Scranton or do we carry three goalies? Those options seem to be what would likely occur. We could trade him for someone we could use in Wilkes-Barre/Scranton, but that seems unlikely. It will be intersting to see how this plays out with Fleury's return coming quite soon.

Mark Eaton has missed more games than he has played, since becoming a Penguin. His torn ACL will likely keep him out the remainder of the season. He is good player, when he is healthy. I do not expect the Penguins to make a move to fill his role, since they are so used to having to fill it. I also don't see us trading him, because no one will take an injured player. It will not help a team win now to take him.

Adam Hall's rececnt groin injury will keep him out for a bit. The team seems to be able to step up and fill the role. I can see the Pens trading for a winger, but likely not one, who is like Hall. We have other roles to fill that are more pressing.

Gary Roberts is a player, who is greatly missed. His broken leg is a horrible blow. There is no one else like Gary. He is a good player that gave the team much needed grit. It will be great, when he returns, but I don't see us adding another player like him.

Kris Beech's broken wrist again gave us the need for another forward. We just acquired him and he went down. He wasn't here long enough to have a role to fill.

Sidney Crosby's high annkle sprain was one of the toughest blows the Penguins have had to face this season. His return is still a few weeks away and is highly anticipated. Malkin has really stepped up his game in number 87's absence. There is no one else like Sidney.

Injuries aside, the Penguins really need to work on their penelty kill and their power play. We need someone, who can move the puck on the PK. We need a forward, who can bring defensive mind to the PK and still play offense. On the power play we have two great play makers in Crosby, when he returns, and Malkin, but hwat we really need is a sniper for them to feed,a power specialist, if you will. I looke for the Pens to try to fill one of these roles comeing up on the dealine. If I were Shero, these would be my focus. Nagy is someone I could see fitting into the team.

15 February 2008

The Injury Bug Bites Again

Hey pens fans,
Kris Beech broke his wrist in the Carolina game. He has been placed on Injured Reserve and will be out indefinetly. The Pens have called up forwards Chris Minard and Connor James from Wilkes-Barre/Sranton. Also, defenseman Alex Goligoski has been sent back down to Wilkes-Barre Scranton.

14 February 2008

Pens Fall to Hurricanes

Hey pens fans,
Tonight, the Pens were in Carolina taking on the Hurricanes. The Pens lost 4-2. Brooks Orpik scored his first goal since 2005 and Malkin had the Pens' other goal. Sabourin was in goal stopping 42 of 46. The Pens' penelty kill struggled tonight and allowed 3 goals. The Pens only had 20 shots on net, as well. It was a mediocre effort for the Pens and they need to put it behind them and move on. The Pens will be in Buffalo on Sunday.

Kennedy Called Up and Rumor Update

Hey pens fans,

The Pens have once again recalled Tyler Kennedy from the Baby Pens. He will be here for his third stint this season. He missed a few weeks with mono and then returned to the ice in the AHL last week. He has 2 goals in his last 3 games for the Baby Pens.

Count the Pens out, when it comes to Boyle. It is not likely and I don't think he would fit into the team in a way we need, right now.

Ladislav Nagy is a player that could "likely" be in Pittsburgh by the dealine. Can you imagine him on a line with Malkin or Crosby. That could be amazing. This makes sense. I am just concerned with what we have to give up to get him.

Many names are being tossed around in relation to the Pens, right now. Proabably because we have some cap space to play with. I do not think that most of these rumors have much substance, but Shero is likely listening to a lot of offers. Jokinen, Lang and McKee are a few names that I have heard, but I have no info as to if has been discussed or if Shero has any interest in them. I do not see Jokinen or Lang as a possibility. McKee is just slightly more realistic.

As for Mark Recchi, I repeat. He is not coming back to Pittsburgh. We let him go for nothing on waivers. He wasn't playing well for us. He is fitting in and playing well in Atlanta. I have gotten many messages asking about him. He will not return to the Pens at any point in the forseeable future. Atlanta is not going to give him up easily and, as much as I loved Recchi throughout the years, it makes no sense to bring him back, yet again.

13 February 2008

Pens Fall to Bruins

Hey pens fans,
Tonight, the Pens took on the Bruins at the Mellon Arena. They lost by a score of 2-1. The Bruins were flying tonight and they seemed to have the Pens at bay from the get-go. Conklin was in net and played a good game, overall. The Pens are in Carolina tomorrow night and Crosby will make the trip. The team has said this is for him to have more practice with the team. The time table for his return to the ice has not changed. Fleury is in Wilkes-Barre for a conditioning stint and will likely remain there for a week or so.

11 February 2008


Hey pens fans,
The Pens have sent Fleury to Wilkes-Barre/Scranton for conditioning.

Pens Defeat Kings and Flyers this Weekend

Hey pens fans,
Sorry for the late post, it has been one of those few days.

Saturday, the Pens defeated the Kings 4-2. Ryan Malone had a goal and Malkin had 2. Malkin almost had the HT, when he rung it off the pipe on an empty net. Sabourin was in goal for that game. It was a good effort by the Pens and a good win.

Sunday, the Pens defeated the Flyers 4-3. Sykora, Malkin, Gonchar, and Letang each had a goal. Conklin was in net. It was a good effort, though we faded off a bit for the second period. It was a heated match and Ruutu held his own. We slid a bit at the very end giving up a late goal, but held out for the win.

08 February 2008

Pens Beat Isles

Hey pens fans,
Last night, the Pens beat the Isles 4-3. Whitney had 2 goals and Malone and Letang each had one. Conklin was in net. It was a good, tough win for the Pens, who remain at home for 2 games this weekend.

07 February 2008

Crosby Skates

Hey pens fans,
Sidney Crosby is now skating. It will still be a while before he returns.

06 February 2008

Rumor Time

Hey pens fans,

There are plenty of rumors flying around out there, with the deadline approaching. Here is the run down of the Penguin ones.

Hossa: Atlanta is lookinig to move him before they lose him to free agency. They want to make the playoffs and they have some slots to fill in the roster. I think Hossa will move. I would say the Penguins are one of the more likely teams, but nothing deinite.

Jokinen: Florida wants to trade him. The Penguins are rumored to be involved, but I doubt he will come here based on what I know now.

Boyle: Tampa may very well trade hime, but San Jose, Buffalo and Philly seem to be the likely destinations. Though, he has been linked to the Pens in too many sources to ignore.

Blake: He would be a good fit with the Pens. Sources say he will only go to a team that is a playoff contender with a good shot at a cup. I think that he may likely go elsewhere, but Pittsburgh makes a lot of sense and it is rumored to be a "good" possibility.

Recchi: Seriously? We let him go on waivers. We will not trade for him, though his name keeps coming up. If we wanted him, we would have never let him go in the first place. This is not goinig to happen. He seems to fit in Atlanta and his play has improved since the move.

Malone, Ruutu and Laraque are rumored to be the players the Pens are currently shopping.

Ryan Malone has to be the most frequently rumored Penguin. Every deadline and off season for at least 3 years his namae is involved in multiple trade rumors. I do not think we will move him, unless we are making a deal for something really big.

Ruttu is a very logical name to trade. it seems to be a possibility that he could be involved in possible deals. He is a player that teams would want that we would be willing to give up.

Laraque will most tlikely not be moved. He fits into our team and was a great acquisition. He brings much needed grit to the team.

04 February 2008

Pens Fall to Devils in OT

Hey pens fans,
Tonight, the Pens fell too the Devils in OT on the road. the final score was 4-3 Devils. Malone, Sykora and Staal had the Pens goals. Sykora got his 6ooth point. Malkin had 2 assists. Conklin was in goal stopping 21 of 25 shots. In the second, it loked like there would be no stopping the Pens from this victory, but in the end they were stopped. The Pens need to start winning against divisional opponents. Those are big games that we need.

03 February 2008

Roster Moves

Hey pens fans,
The Penguins have reassigned Jonathan Filewich and Alain Nasreddine to Wilkesbarre/Scranton

Pens Down Canes and Some Info

Hey pens fans,
Last night, the Pens mounted 4 goals in the third to down Carolina 4-1. Christensen, Sykora, Malkin, and Malone got the goals. Conklin was in the net. It was a solid effort by the team. They looked a little off in the beginning, but they picked up, took control, and never looked back.

Beech is with the team and practicing. Look for him sometime in the near future.

Fleury is still at least 2 weeks away from returning

01 February 2008

Roster Moves

Hey pens fans,
The Pens have acquired forward David Gove from the Carolina Hurricanes for forward Joe Jensen. Gove played 45 games this season scoring 23 points for the Albany River Rats, the American AHL affiliate of the Hurricanes. Gove will report to Wilkes-Barre/Scranton. Jensen was originally selected by the Penguins in the eighth round of the 2003 NHL Draft. He recorded four points in 27 games for Wilkes-Barre/Scranton this season.
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