29 September 2006

Pens Fall to Sabres in OT

Hey pens fans,
The game at the Mellon Arena ended in yet another ot loss. The final score was 4-3 Buffalo. Goals were: Colby Armstrong, from Nils Ekman and Sidney Crosby. John LeClair, from Karl Stewart and Kristopher Letang. Colby Armstrong, from Ryan Whitney and Sidney Crosby.

27 September 2006

Karl Stewart

Hey pens fans,
The Pens claimed Karl Stewart off waivers from the Ducks.

The Pens go marching one by one...

Hey pens fans,
Ok, so maybe the titles a little corny, but it got your attention, right? The Pens are at West Point undergoing some training that is not like anything they have probably ever done before. They did some not so suprising things like calisthenics, push ups and the like. They ran stairs and other tasks. From what I have heard they did some drills involving assault rifles, replicas of course. They also did some team building drills that involved carrying theier teammates, like they were rescuing them. They also had to "dodge enemy fire" and rescue "wounded" teammates. All in all it seems rather intersting. Hopefully, this will make them stronger as a team. If nothing else this should build teamwork and it seems to be a physical experience, that should help get them into shape. If I hear anything else, I will let you know...

26 September 2006

and down they go...

Hey pens fans,
Well, the Pens made a few roster moves before going to West Point yesterday. They assigned Tyler Kennedy, Erik Christensen, Jonathan Filewich, Conner James, Stephen Dixon, Micki Dupont, Matt Carkner and Alain Nasreddine to Wilkes-barre/Scranton.

25 September 2006

West Point

Hey pens fans,
This week is when the Pens go to West Point for some training. This could be an interesting time for the team and I will do my best to finid out what I can. According to a source, the exercises they will participate in will build teamwork and hlp then to work together. No word on exactly what these are or how physical. This is definetly going to be intersting. Penguins "Bootcamp" started today...


Hey pens fans,
Wll, it looks like he will be out for a while, but no word on exactly how long. I am thinking at least 2 more weeks to as many as 6, but that is not official, that is just a guess based on his injury type.

24 September 2006

Pre-seaon Loss and A win

Hey pens fans,
Sorry for the lack of updates, but y internet has been down, but its back now. On Saturday, the Pens lost in a shootout to Buffalo 3-2. Then today the Pens beat the Flyers 2-1. It seems to hae been a busy weekend for the pens playing, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. I have never recalled a 3 in a row before. Sorry for the abrubtness, but I g2g, more later..

22 September 2006

Pens Fall to Capitals in Pre-season OT

Hey pens fans,
Well, tonight's game had a bit of excitment, as the pens lost to the caps 5-4 in ot. The penguin goals were: Sergei Gonchar from Whitney and Ouellet; Connor James from Talbot; Dominic Moore from Eaton; Gonchar from Ekman
Gonchar had two goals in the game, that was a bit suprising, to say the least. Marc-Andre Fleury was in goal tonight. This was the first game I have been to this year. It looked pretty good, for preseason. Out defenseman actually seemed to be playing defense, which was a nice change. I think we are much stronger on the blueline, but time will tell.

21 September 2006

Malkin and Recchi Injury Update

Hey pens fans,
Well, Malkin did dislocate his shoulder. They were able to pop it back into place and he was wearing a sling on the team's way back. No word on how many games he will miss. I would assume he would miss at least Friday's, but he could suprise us. Now, Mark Recchi was not as lucky. He fractured a bone in his face and will probably miss a few weeks. So, the season has not even started and it looks like thigs are not oinig in favor of the Pens...

20 September 2006

Pens defeat Flyers in Preseason/ Malkin & Recchi Injured

Hey pens fans,
Well, first the good news the Pens won tonight by a score of 5-4.
Now, the bad... Malkin and LeClair collided and Malkin hit the ice hard. He laid there for about 3 minutes. He skated off, but it appeared that he was not moving his left arm. He was taken to the hospital. Mark Rechi was hit in the head with a stick and was also taken to the hospital, there has been no word on their injuries, but as find it I will post it.

19 September 2006

Pens fall to Senators in Pre-season action

Hey pens fans,
The Pens were defeated by the Senators 5-2 tonight in Halifax at the Metro Centre, which is close to Crosby's hometown. The Pens first goal game in the 3rd period and was scored by Stephen Dixon assisted by Sidney Crosby. The Pens second and final goal came later on in the 3rd. It was scored by Sidney Crosby and assisted by Kristopher Letang. Marc-Andre Fleury was in goal and stopped 28 shots. The Pens play again tomorrow.

18 September 2006


Hey pens fans,
Well, Therrian has announced that the Penguins will not have a captaian this season, or at least to start. He said that the Pens will ave just alternate captains, as they did for the remainder of last season after Lemieux's retirement. They Penhockey poll on this was tied with Mark Recchi and John Lelair each getting 36% of the vote. So, no captain for this season, or at least not yet. I guess it is time for a new poll.

A few roster moves

Hey pens fans,
The Pens reassigned 4 players to Wilkes Barre-Scranton. They sent forwards Jordan Morrison, Mathieu Roy, and Tim Wallace. The also sent defenseman Paul Bissonnette. Goaltender Patrick Ehelechner was assigned to Duisburg (Germany) and Ronald Petrovicky looks to be out for 8-10 weeks following his hip surgery on Friday.

17 September 2006

Training Camp

Hey pens fans,
Well, so far ini the camp things seem to be going well. Colby Armstrong had a hat-trick in a scrimmage and Malkin had 2 goals in one. Nothing much going on in the way of rumors involving the Pens. It looks like it could be a good year at the Pen's camp. That's about it for now.

10 September 2006

Rookie Camp

Hey pens fans,
The Pens had opened rookie camp and from what I have learned it seems to be going well. Malkin seems excited to be in Pittsburgh and did well at the drills in camp. Jordan Staal seemed to be doing well, also. Noah Welch is there too and perhaps he will breakk into the NHL this year. Rookie camp continues next week.
In the rumor world, it seems that the Pens do not seem to be in the race for Carter any more. Otherwise, I haven't heard much of anything. More as I find it...

06 September 2006

Malkin's contract

Hey pens fans,
Malkin's base salary in the 3 year deal will be $984,2000, plus incentives that could be worth $2.85 million per season. It is thought that the incetives are structured much like Ovechkin's contract..

05 September 2006


Hey pens fans,
Word is it's a 3 year deal...

Malkin Signed!

Hey pens fans,
It appears as though the Malkin saga is coming to a close. Malkin has been signed, but I have not found specifics on the deal, but will post them when and if they become available.

04 September 2006

Hockey Boot Camp?

Hey pens fans,
This season the Penguins will do something a little different at training camp. The Pens are spending 4 days at West Point. They will go through classroom sessions, as well as physical ones. The hope is they will learn to work as a team.
Also, the Pens have reached a player transfer agreemet with Edmonton, who will now have players playing in Wilkes-Barre Scranton. Most of the team will still be made up of Penguin prospects.
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