29 August 2005

Resign Tarnstrom

Hey pens fans,
The pens have resigned Tarnstrom after arbitration for 1 year for 1.6 million dollars.


Hey pens fans,
Former Penguin defenseman Michal Roszival is a Ranger.

28 August 2005


Hey pens fans,
Rumor has it that the pens will let Tarnstrom go or deal him.

25 August 2005

Trading Block

Hey pens fans,
I just heard the pens are trying to deal Aleksey Morozov and possibly Milan Kraft as well. I have no specifics.

2 to go

Hey pens fans,
Just to let all you pens fans know, individual game tickets for the pens go on sale September 17. It's going to be a good year. The pens current roster only has 21 players,which means we need 2 more. We could possibly deal for them or sign who is left, but I think thatatleast one of these slots will be filled by someone from the WBS pens. As of right now, Iknow of no rumors involving the pens specifically. More as I get it...

22 August 2005

All is Quiet

Hey pens fans,
All is quiet when it comes to the pens and anyone else for that matter. Nothing much is going on, but expect some good moves later this week by many teams there are still alot of RFA's out their to be sigend and dealt so stay tuned. Just an FYI for everyone tomorrow I am moving back to school so, my posts will be few if any. If something big breaks I will do my best to get it to you.

21 August 2005


Hey pens fans,
Rumor is that the pens are one of the teams talking to Vincent Damphousse. No word on if he is close to signing with us or anyone else. Also, no word on who else he is talking to or what the offers are. Hopefully, I can find more later.

20 August 2005

Current Roster

Hey pens fans,
Well, not much new to say the the season draws near. The pens have made some good aquisitions sonce the lockout ended. Here's a look at the pens current official roster. In the order number, name, position, shoots, height, weight.
  • #87 Sidney Crosby, C, L, 5-11, 193
  • #14 Milan Kraft, C, R, 6-3, 214
  • #66 Mario Lemieux, C, R, 6-4, 230
  • #71 Konstantin Koltsov, RW, L, 6-0, 206
  • #12 Ryan Malone, RW, L, 6-4, 216
  • #33 Zigmund Palffy, RW, L, 5-10, 183
  • #8 Mark Recchi, RW, L, 5-10, 190
  • #36 Andre Roy, RW, L, 6-3, 221
  • #37 Ryan VandenBussche, RW, R, 6-0, 205
  • #9 Rico Fata, LW, L, 6-1, 200
  • #10 John Leclair, LW, L, 6-3, 225
  • #11 Lasse Pirjeta, LW, L 6-4, 225
  • #55 Sergei Gonchar, D, L, 6-2, 215
  • #22 Ric Jackman, D, R, 6-2, 197
  • #2 Josef Melichar, D, L, 6-2, 222
  • #44 Brooks Orpik, D, L, 6-2, 228
  • #? Steve Poapst, D, L, 6-0, 195
  • #32 Dick Tarnstrom, D, L, 6-1, 209
  • #31 Sebastien Caron, G, L, 6-1, 170
  • #29 Marc-Andre Fleury, G, L, 6-2, 176
  • #41 Jocelyn Thibault, G, L, 5-11, 169

This looks like a pretty good group of players, that based on what I know, should gel well together. The only thing I think we need is another solid defenseman. Its not a bad group I just think we need another solid D-man, but these guys can proably get the job done. Offensivly I am pleased with our lineup. It's should be good guys.

19 August 2005

Comcast Not ESPN

Hey pens fans,
Sorry this post is so late, I have been working a lot of extra hours this week. Anyway, Comcast's OLN will carry the NHL in the US. ESPN did not match the bid. OLN has it for 2 years.

18 August 2005


Hey pens fans,
ESPN, as of yet, has not matched Comcast OLN's offer. It is expected that it will be announced that OLN will carry the NHL for the next 2-3 seasons within the next day or so.

17 August 2005


Hey pens fans,
The pens have resigne Konstantin Koltsov.

15 August 2005

John Leclair

Hey pens fans,
The pens have signed John Leclair. i don't think anyone saw that coming. With the additions of Leclair, Gonchar, Roy, and Thibault, and Mario, Recchi, and Crosby, it is starting to seem that the pens could be a force to be reckoned with this coming season.

12 August 2005

Colby Armstrong

Hey pens fans,
The pens have resigned Colby Armstrong. That's all for now it has been pretty quiet in the world of the pens today.

10 August 2005

Jocelyn Thibault

Hey pens fans,
The Pens have acquired goaltender Jocelyn Thibault from Chicago in exchange for a fourth round choice in 2006 NHL Entry Draft. The pens have a #1 goalie. The penguins have definetly made some good moves to better themselves since the lockout ended. This season could be great.

09 August 2005

Comcast OLN

Hey pens fans,
Comcast has made a bid to nationally televise 2 NHL games per week on OLN. If the NHL does not except their offer ESPN has previously offered 30million (40 less then their old contract).

08 August 2005

Goalie Hunt Continues

Hey pens fans,
Well, we are still hunting for a goalie. Some sources are saying that Cujo is seriously considering taking the Pens offer by then end of this week. Also, we are not yet out of it for trying to sign Burke. No word on whcih way he is leaning as of yet.

07 August 2005


Hey pens fans,
Sorry, I didn't say this right earlier. I was a bit rushed. Palffy signed with the Penguins.

Mario keeps majority

Hey pens fans,
The pens still have an offer on the table with Burke. We are also in the running for Palffy. Mario and the Lemieux roup have decided to retain a majority in the franchise and not only sell the minority stake in the team. Sorry this is so hurried, more later..

05 August 2005

All is quiet in the world of the Pens.

Hey pens fans,
Well, nothing much has been going on. It seems as though the pens have dropped out of the Kariya hunt and that is all I have. I am going away fishing for what i sproabably the last time until spring. I will post again Sunday night or Monday, unless something happens before I leave tonight.

04 August 2005


Hey pens fans,
Just a reminder Crosby is on Leno tonight.

and the FA saga continues

Hey pens fans,
Nothing more on the rumors about Cujo and Burke, thouogh as far as I know neither have signed with any team as of yet, so they still may be a possibility. I have heard that the pens are in the hunt for Domi. I am not sure who else is interested in him. Otherwise in the world of rumors it has been fairly quiet, ecspecially for the pens.

03 August 2005


Hey pens fans,
According to the NHLPA website the pens have signed LW Andre Roy.

FA Rumor

Hey pens fans,
Rumor that pens have signed Burke and Cujo. Still trying to confirm...

FA Rumor 2

Hey pens fans,
Still nothing on Burke and Cujo, but gonchar is on epsn radio 1250 in pitt right now.

Kovalev is a Canadien

Hey pens fans,
Kovy is not coming back to the burgh. He has just been signed by Montreal. The Habs got him.


Hey pens fans,
Sidney Crosby will be on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno on Thursday night. Sorry for got to mention that in my last post.

Sergei Gonchar

Hey pens fans,
The Pens have signed defenseman Sergei Gonchar to a multi year deal, according to a source. Sergei Gonchar is a 2 time all star and at 31 years old his 148 goals, 277 assists and 529 penalty minutes in in 669 career games with the Capitals and Bruins are impressive numbers. Still no news on Kovalev.

Scott Niedermayer

Hey pens fans,
It is said that the Pens are still very much in it in the Scott Niedermayer hunt. Former PEnguin Martin Straka is said to have been signed by the Rangers.

02 August 2005

What a day?

Hey pens fans,
Well, there have been many offers tendered to many players by many teams and a few signs, but nothing that involves our penguins. All has been quiet in the world of the pens. I have not heard of any rumors about offers made to players. My guess is that silence is good. In the past, when it getss quiet Craig Patrick has something up his sleeve and it is normally good. SO, stay tuned as soon as I hear anything I will post it.

01 August 2005

Crosby,the draft, Goodenow, and trade rumors could Kovy come back the the burgh?

Hey pens fans,
Well, many of you may be cursing my very existince for the fact I abandoned my loyal readers for the draft and some other interesting occurences. Well, I apologize, but last summer when I made these plans, who would have thought the lockout would have lasted that long. If is any consulation I ahd a horrible time not being able to chat during the draft and in turn did not much enjoy that day at the beach. Well, to start off let's talk about the draft. The Pens obviously did well in the draft with the acquisition of fSidney Crosby, but here is a look at all of their picks as posted on NHL.com.

Dartmouth, NS
5' 11"

Hastings, MN
5' 10"

Montreal, PQ
5' 11"

Kajaani, Finland
6' 2"

Victoria, BC
6' 2"
Right Wing

St-George, PQ
6' 2"

St. Louis, MO
5' 11"

I hope to have more info on all the pens picks in the comeing week. As of right now, just know that I am quite pleased with what happened in the draft.
Also, Bob Goodenow resigns. Who saw that coming? Hopefully, that will be a good step forward for the NHLPA.
Also now on to the trade rumors and they are plenty. Rumor is that the pens are very interested in quite a few people. First my favorite rumor. It has been heard that throught back channels Alexei Kovavlev has sadi he wants to come back to Pittsburgh adn would accept a deal similar to the one the pens offered him prior to the lockout. It is also said that the pens are interested in Alexei Zhamnov, Adrian Aucoin, Mike Rathje, and Tie Domi (to protect Crosby and of course Lemieux) Craig Patrick is reportedly interested in Scott Niedermayer, but it is rumored he is asking about $7 million which is more than the Pens want to spend, but Scott Niedermayer does not want to return to the devils next year.
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