30 June 2005

Not this week

Hey pens fans,
As far as I know this will definetly go into next week. The BOG meeting rumored for today has not happend as of yet. Nothing much more to say because no one is saying anything. AS for the rumored rule changes for when the nhl does come back, I have heard that icing will be no touch and 2 line pass will be eliminated these are not definite just possibilities.

28 June 2005

getting close

Hey pens fans,
It is really getting close. Rumor has it that a board of governors meetings is scheduled for later this week and that if all goes well and announcement will follow it within a few days. Yesterday's talks went late into the night and they started today around 9 am.

27 June 2005

time will tell

Hey pens fans,
All I have heard is that a major issue has been resolved and that if all continues to go well, there will be an announce ment by the end of this week or sometime next week. I can only hope. Let's keep our fingers crossed...

24 June 2005

still going

HEy pens fans,
Sorry, it has been so long since my last update, it has been a hectic week. Anyway, the 2 sides are still meeting and they say there is more left to do and that progress is still being made. They are meeting today and actually right now. That is all I have for now...

21 June 2005

meeting today

Hey pens fans,
There was a cba meeting today in toronto, but it has been pretty quiet. I have no specifics, but hopefully they will get this done and soon....

20 June 2005

a long week ahead

Hey pens fan,
This is going be a long week. A lot still needs to be done, but alot is already done. This needs to be done by July 1 and for that to happen negotiations need to be over this week, so that there is time to work out the legal jargon, press confernces, etc. Nothing much else to say at this point, but hopefully more soon...

19 June 2005

Big Week

Hey pens fans,
Hopefully this week will go better than my fishing trip did. It was a bad weekend for fishing. Well, the rumor is that it will be done this week or at least an announcement as to when it will be done. I guess we just have to wait and see...

17 June 2005


Hey pens fans,
The National Hockey League Players' Association Senior Director Ted Saskin released the following statement: “We resumed small group meetings with the league this week and spent the better part of four full days discussing a wide range of issues. Further small group meetings are scheduled starting Monday in Toronto.”The NHL released this statement:"Representatives of the National Hockey League and NHL Players Association today concluded another series of collective bargaining sessions. The parties met for 28 hours over four days and will resume talks Monday in Toronto." So, at least the 2 sides agree on that. Did they write those together or what? Anyway, I haven't found anything specifics as to what issues they discussed. I am again going away to do some camping and fishing this weekend. I will post again sunday night or monday, unless I find something before I leave in 2 hours...

16 June 2005

Meetings continue

Hey pens fans,
Well, the meetings continued today and not much has been said. However it is rumored that the deal will be done by July with a draft lottery about 10 days to 2 weeks later and the draft about 2 weeks after that...

15 June 2005


Hey pens fans,
The latest is that the NHLPA is rumored to have made an agreement with the NHL and will no longer pursue union certification in British Columbia. Other rumors say that they negotiations are on or ahead of schedule and that it is close, but not yet done.

14 June 2005

and on and on...

Hey pens fans,
Well, that talks are still going on, but no one seems to be getting much info from them. I have not heard anything ezcept that the rumored problems with key figures not being there is not an issue and has not yet effected the timetable, whenever that is. ALso, I have not found much more on the very probable sale of the pens. I cannot seem to find a lot of specifics. However, I will keep trying to find more info on both...

13 June 2005

more meetings later this week

Hey pens fans,
Well there will be more cba meetings later this week. I have nothing new on the sale of the Pens. And on a non hockey note. how in the hell was michael jaskson found not guilty on all charges? Hopefully more hockey stuff later...

12 June 2005

Penguins are all but officially sold

Hey pens fans,
Did I pick a crappy weekend to go away or what? Well, the Penguins are about to be sold. This link is what was being said on the nhl website. http://www.nhl.com/onthefly/news/2005/06/229770.html
The team is being sold to a group led by William (Boots) Del Biaggio, who is a friend of Mario's and Mario will retain some ownership in the team. Del Biaggio has said he will work to keep the Pens in the burgh, but will only stay if they get a new arena. More as I find it...

10 June 2005


Hey pens fans,
This is what Saskin had to say about this weeks meetings. "We spent the last four days in small group meetings continuing to review and negotiate various systemic and economic issues. The two sides will resume small group discussions on Monday in Toronto." This week appears to be quite productive. Hopefullly this will get done and soon. Well, i planned on being here this weekend, but it is time for and impromtu fishing trip, so I will be without internet until sometime Sunday. I'll be back after that. Hopefulyy more good news next week...

09 June 2005

Today's Meeting

Hey pens fans,
The rumors from today's meeting are inconsistent to say the least. I have heard so many conflicting reports that I am not sure what to believe. Let me just say thatthis is still a work in progress. i heard something about linkage, but no specifics.

08 June 2005

Things Are Looking Up

Hey pens fans,
The lastest from the meetings is very positive, though none of the info I am about to relay is official. Arbitration and free agency have been settled but can be gone back to a discussions progress. I also heard that the 24% is the actual number. Also, I heard that the deal is almost done and that the players could vote as soon as this weekend and the the official announce ment would be around the 15th. None of this has been officially stated by the league or the PA, but it comes from reliable places. I hope they are right...

07 June 2005


Hey pens fans,
Today's meeting is believed to be mainly about legal wording of the cba. Does this mean that it is close or are they just getting a head start? I don't know...

05 June 2005


Hey pens fans,
At the risk of restating the obvious, I just wanted to say that nothing happend this weekend and that the meetings will not resume to at least Tuesday. That is the only thing that I have heard. Hopefully I can find more before the next meeting...

04 June 2005

More metings next week

Hey pens fans,
This week's meetings were sadi to have been productive. More meetings will be scheduled for next week. The meetings will take place in New York.

03 June 2005

and on and on and on it goes

Hey pens fans,
The meeting is still going on and I believed it started around 9 am EST, and it is now 9:40 pm EST, which means this has been going on for over 12 hours. Hopefully, this means that it is close to getting done...

And on it goes

Hey pens fans,
The meeting is still going on. No news as of yet. Hopefully, more later...

Meeting Today

Hey pens fans,
Yesterday's meeting took place in small groups. I am not sure what will happen today, but my guess would be that at some point they would bring the groups together and disscuss what went on. Hopefully, we find out something good and soon. Until then...

02 June 2005

Meetings set to continue and An offer to buy the Pens

Hey pens fans,
The meetings for the on going CBA negotiations have been extended and will continue tomorrow, but there is still no detailed news on what occurred today. On another note, could Mario consider selling the Penguins? Apparently a serious deal has been offered to buy out the team. Check out the article @ http://www.sportsnet.ca/hockey/article.jsp?content=20050602_183608_6180 (Thanks to Stonegauge for the link. I have no idea how I missed that article.) The loyal Penguin Fan in me prays this is not true and cannot even think of Mario selling the team and betraying the love of his loyal fans, but personal feelings aside, as a business deal, sadly I can understand why he would consider it, but i hope not. Hopefully tomorrows talks will bring more news on the CBA.

Still Going

Hey pens fans,
The meetings today have not yet ended and are expected to possibly go late. I haven't really found out much of anything, though it was not from lack of effort. No one is saying much, which makes me think this may be getting close. I am hearing about rollbacks and how that could effect contracts, but nothing is for certain. I don't even know if it is being discussed. i basically have a lot of what ifs? So, I will post again when I have something...


Hey pens fans,
Well, meetings are scheduled to continue today in Toronto. So far everything seems to be going well in the most recent round of discussions. There are a lot of people saying that this is almost over and that an announcement will come soon. Many are saying the deal is close. Well, no matter how close it is neither side is going to announce anything until they are positive that the deal is actually going to happen. We have to just wait and see, but for now everything seems to be going well. Today is a big day. I'll see what I can find out...

01 June 2005

Here We Go Again

Hey pens fans,
Well, meetings did take place in Toronto today and are scheduled to continue tomorrow. Today has been one heck of a ride with alot of ups and downs. Earlier today, people were reporting that the deal was done and that the announcement was tomorrow night. Later, I heard this was as far from the truth as it could be. Then, I heard that progress has been made and that it is down to the final bits and pieces. I also heard that an announcement will be made next week. These all came from fairly reliable places. My best guess based on the info I have is that, today's meetings were indeed productive. i believe both sides are close to a deal, but how close and how long will it take? Hopefully, I can find something to shed some more light on this. For now, I think the deal is going well and that it will get done. The question is, when? It may be soon or in a few weeks no one knows, but I think that this time it will get done. I know I sound a bit optimisitic, but no source has said anything has gone wrong so and am going on the good news i have received.
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