29 November 2008

Hat trick for Sid

Tonight, the Pens played a fairly solid game and Sabourin was great in
net. The final score was 4-1. Sid had a hat trick, which was well
deserved. It was a fun game to watch and a good win. Talbot had a
good, but silent game. Sykora and Malkin both played well, too. As I
just found out, this was Sid's first hat trick at home.
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17 November 2008

Sydor Traded

Sydor has been traded and I should have seen that coming wiwth his being a healthy scratch so often, as of late. Sydor had to waive his NTC for the trade to go through. In exchane the Pens get Phillipe Boucher, who like Sydor, is in the last year of a a 2.5 million contract. Boucher is -4 and has 3 points in 16 games this season. Hopefully, this will be just enough of a shake-up to boost the team to a more consistant defensive level. Hopefully....

15 November 2008

Go Home Buffalo!

Tonight, the Pens started off a bit slow, came back for a great
finish. Fleury definetly redeamed himself with his performance
tonight. Gologoski played another strong came and has really come
into his own, as of late. Malkin played a solid game tonight and put
up some good numbers. Staal played a good game, as well. The powerplay
still has some room for improvement, but is coming along. Tonight, was
also the at home debut of third powder blue third jerseys. Goligoski,
Malkin, and Fedotenko each had a goal. Staal had two, including the
empty-netter. Final score 5-2.
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13 November 2008

Oh, What a Night!

Well, it was quite a night. It seemed that the Pens were going to run
away with it, they managed to blow another big lead. It was not our
best game and it was not pretty, but we pulled out a win. Fleury let
in a couple flooky bounces, but it really seemed to knock him off his
game. Sabourin played a solid game for the third period and the OT.
He made some spectacular saves in the shoot out. It was a tough game,
and we finished strong. We can't continue to giveup these big leads.
The final score was 5-4.

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12 November 2008

Revenge is Ever So Sweet

Last night's game against the Red Wings was perfect, just perfect. We didn't play a perfect game, but the result was no less sweet. Going into the third period it was not looking like we would pull it out, but did we ever. Jordan Staal deserves that hat trick and it was great for him to get it in that game. He has seemed a bit haunted early this season and it was great to see him breakout. Crosby, Talbot, and Malkin also had goals in the game and Fedotenko had the game-winner in ot. Staal played one of his best game and Crosby was on top of his game. It was a great night. Rob Scuderi left the game, after blocking a shot. It was a great game and it was just the boost this team needed.

08 November 2008

2 for 1 Special

That's right two posts for the price of one...

On Thursday, the Pens defeated the Oilers 5-4, after almost blowing it in the third. We had what seemed to be an unconquerable lead, but they almost proved me wrong on that. It was a heated game and the Pens played well for the first two periods. The third period needs largely to be erased from our memories. It was horrid.

Tonight, the Pens have been strong on a fairly consistant basis through regulation. Malkin's hand seems to be both an issue and a non-issue. It has to be effecting him, but it is not obvious. Sabourin has been pretty good in net tonight. Jordan Staal is playing a strong game tonight. It was great to see him get that goal. Kennedy has played a fantastic game, as well. He has two goals tonight. Sykora scores a great back-hander in the shootout to win it for the Pens. The puck going down Sabourin's pad was just the comical end to a flukey game. Bad ice and all, it was an interesting night for the Pens.

02 November 2008

Rumors have Begun

Well, I have been a bit under the weather recently, but I am back. It is long way to the trade deadline, but the rumors have begun. I have heard from 2 sources that the Penguins are looking to bring Shanahan to town. I believe that we would be interested in him, if the right deal came along, but I am not sure who is doing the pursuing. There is not much that is credible out there tht invovlves the Pens. More as I hear it...

01 November 2008

Pens win in st louis

This was a great game to bring an end to a lackluster road trip.
Jordan Staal needed that goal even though it was just am empty-netter.
It was a chippy game and the pens held tough. This was the boost the
team needed. Crosby played a good game, but is not at 100%. More on
the pens later...
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