04 October 2012

Regular Season Cancelled through 10/24

Hey Pens Fans,

Here is the announcement from the NHL. http://www.nhl.com/ice/news.htm?id=642785

17 September 2012

NHLPA Video to the Fans

Hey Pens Fans,
Here is the link to the Video in case you hadn't seen it yet. http://www.youtube.com/embed/RCW0VsfR9FM

16 September 2012

Bettman's Third Lockout

Hey Pens Fans,
As you are aware, the lockout is on. We heard the word lockout and suddenly have flash backs to theresa of seven years ago and the cancelled season or back even further to the shortened season of 94-95. In 18 years , we have had three lockouts. That is absurd. What other sport would stand for this? Should the first priority of the commissioner be to make sure the sport is played. Come on Bettman. How that man still has his job continues to astound me every day, but I digress... The focus needs to be on the lockout. Right now it is not as bad as it was 7 years agos. The side are not as ridiculously far apart. Last time the players made some huge concessions and anyone will say that the league obviously came out the winners. That's also part of the issue. Yes it's not as bad with the separation between sides, but the NHLPA is not budging much as of yet. Why should they? The league needs to make comprises and are asking for more and more and wanting less and less for the players. Right now only some preseason games are cancelled and we are from having to cancel or shorten the season yet, but that is what we thought last time too. Honestly, I don't think this time will be as bad. Again a major point of contention is the salary cap. I will have more details on what the issues are as the sides resume meeting. For now, keep the faith that the season won't be lost.

15 September 2012

Lockout @ midnight

Hey Pens Fans,
I hate to be he bearer of bad news but it looks like another lockout is eminent. So far, this will only result in he cancellation of the preseason and hen it hinges on th coming weeks. I first came to you all during the last lockout trying to help spread the news of saving the season. It will be the same this time around if it comes down to it. Lockout watch is officially on...

01 April 2012

12 March 2012

Great Hockey Weekend

This was truly a great weekend for the Pens. Malkin's 500th point and the pens 9th in a row.

07 March 2012

Live from Consol Energy Center Pens vs Leafs

Great tribute to Lemieux pregame.

Thiessen has the start in net. Looking good early with six shots in less than 7 minutes. More throughout the game

Update 10:18 2nd

Pens just score to lessen the gap withe Toronto now up only 2-1. Goal by Dupuis.


Final 3-2 pens

06 March 2012

Quick recap

The pens have had a pretty good go the last couple games. The whole league is buzzing with talks of Malkin's play with the returning MVP rumblings. Fleury has been strong in net and looking like he goalie we know and love. Its been a good couple games for him. Kunitz has been very strong the past couple games after being fairly silent for a bit. Nice to see him stepping it up a bit. Tomorrow is the unveiling of the Lemieux statue at noon and the Pens take on he Leafs at 7:30. Hoping to get you more live from the game.


Sid has been cleared for contact. No time table for return. Post on last 2 games to come later this evening.

01 March 2012


Well, incase you hadn't heard, Kris Letang will mis Saturdays game. Letang was hit int the head by Nystrom's right arm in the Dallas game and it is said that he has been experiencing concussion like symptoms. Letang previously missed about two months with a concussion.

27 February 2012

Quiet Day

Well, our Pens made no moves. So, nothing much to discuss. The league was very quiet, as a whole. I guess I will have more for you about the pens as we head into the final push to the playoffs.

26 February 2012

Pens Rumors

Hey Pens' Fans,
Time for my first quit hit of rumors.

To start off, I know that everyone has heard or talked of shopping Brent Johnson. I don't think it is entirely likely. I know that he has been inconsistent and that he will be an unrestricted free agent, but it not as bad, as it seems. I am not saying he is spectacular and we should never let h go. I am saying that the Pens fair far better than most of the league in the goalie department. I am not sure that others that are available would be worth the cap hit. I would not be surprised, if we traded him and got a pick or something. It just does not seem to be a top priority for the Pens nor should it be.

Rumors are swirling that that the Lightning are interested in dealing former Pen and Pittsburgh native Ryan Malone. Malone has a not trade clause and it is said he will waive it to return to Pittsburgh. I have heard that he Pens have some interest, but honestly it would have to be the right deal for it to work with the hit to the cap and all. I would like to see Malone back and think he would fit into our current roster. What I trying to figure out is what deal would be beneficial for boh teams that could make that happen.

I know I have been out of blogging for a bit, but I get tons of emails from friends and acquaintances about rumors this time of year. Many of you keep asking about Jagr coming back for God knows what reason. It is NOT happening and why would we want him back. So, for he record I have heard no rumors about any interest in bringing him back and I doubt that I will.

More as I hear it...

Back to where it all began...

Hey. Pens' Fans,

It was 2 years ago at the trade dealine, when I last posted and updated.  It has been far too long.  My love of hockey has never waivered.  Work and life got in the way, but now I am back to what really matters.  I am restarting my old tradition on 24 hour trade watch leading into the dealine.  So, with a hot mug of coffee and armed with every internet capable device I could find, I stage a return.

My love of hockey and the the interrworksings of deals, trades and drafts, have always been my passion.  So I thought what better time than the eve of the dealine to go back to what I love.

I hope to keep up with all the rumors and transactions for everyone.

It's great to be back and there is not a more exciting time to jump back in.
Thank you for visiting Penshockey, please stop back.