29 May 2008

Stanley Cup Finals Game 3

Well, mae three was the turning point the Pens needed. Yesterday's win brought the Pens back into the series. For us to have a chance in Detroit is to win the game on Saturday. The Pens really came out with a fire light under them and really played their game. The Red Wings played a tough game, but they seemed to lose a little steam later in the game. Brooks Orpik played a good game and those few moments where he went crazy and made around 6 hits in under a minute was amazing. Crosby played a fantastic game. I was skeptical of the return of Sydor, but he played a good game and I think he and Whitney played better as a Defensive pair than Whitney and Letang made. I do think Letang is a good defenseman, who was struggling a abit recently. Well, on to game four...

27 May 2008

Games One and Two Recap

Sorry for the delay in my post, but Memorial Day weekend is like
that. The Pens have not been doing well in the last two games. They
did improve for the second game. The first game began with a bad omen
with Fleury falling onto the ice to start the game. The return of
Roberts was another bright spot. I do not want to dwell on the bad in
those games and there was very little good. One thing that is certain
is that the Pens news to dictate the play and start playing their game
instead of Detroit's.
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19 May 2008

Pens Win Eastern Conference

Well, game five went quite well for the Pens with them winning 6-0.
Malone had two goals and Hossa, Malkin, Staal, and Dupuis each had
one. It was a fun game to watch. After the game, the Pens were awarded
the Prince of Wales Trophy. Now, we wait for the results of the series
in the west.
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15 May 2008

Conference Finals Game 4: Flyers 4 Pens 2

Well, I guess that means I will see you all at game five on Sunday. The Pens were getting beat in the first period. It was not pretty to watch. It was ugly. Jordan Staal had 2 third period goals to bring the Pens within one and then the Flyers added the empty-netter to make it 4-2. The game took a very nasty turn at the end. Sunday's game is going to be nasty. At least, the Pens will be at home with the crowd behind them.

Game 4: Preveiw

Tonight is game 4 of the series against the Flyers. The Pens enter the game up 3-0 and tonigiht could be the possible sweep. It will not be an easy game by any means. The Flyers will not go down without a fight, especially at home. Tonight will be a battle with these two teams and such animosity between them, it could get ugly. The Flyers are fightinig to stay alive and everyone looked at them as a bit of a Cinderella team this year. The Pens just want to win and finish the series ASAP without injury. Fleury has been playing a very solid game in this series keeping the Flyers to one or two goals per game. The defense has a lot to do with that, as well. They have really stepped it up. Marian Hossa has realy come alive in this series as the star he is. He and Crosby are fifnally working together getting the puck to the net and that glorious vision of an unbeattable line, that we all had at the deadline, is now becomning reality. This is going to be a tough game. Let's Go Pens!

14 May 2008

Conference Finals Game 3: Pens 4 Flyers 1

Well, game three was another victory for the Pens, who seem unstopabble at this point. Ryan Whitney and Ryan Malone each had goals and Marian Hossa had a pair of goals. Fleury played a great gae in net. Crosby played a fantastic game, as did Malkin. It was an all around good effort by the team. Get ready for game 4 tomorrow.

12 May 2008

Conference Finals Game Two: Pens 4 Flyers 2

Well, this game was more physical than the last, but the Pens still came out with the win. Crosby, Hossa, Talbot and Staal had the Pens' goals. The disallowed goal looked to be over the line after I saw the replay, when I got home, but the word from Toronto was that it was unclear if the entire puck crossed the line. You canot tell for sure, but it had to have been. It turns out that the goal was not needed to beat the Flyers. Tyler Kennedy suprised everyone in Mellon Arena by dropping the gloves and going a few rounds with Upshall. The next game will be a tough one. It will be hard to cocme out with a win in Philly. We saw what the crowd does for us in this rivalry and not it is the Flyers turn...

10 May 2008

Conference Finals Game One: Pens 4 Flyers 2

We won! Yes Pens Fans, we won the game. It was a very physical game and the Penguins outplayed the Flyers hands down. Fleury was on tonight and played a wonderful game. Malkin had two goals and played a very physical game. At the end, when he was looking at his hand, it was his broken chain and cross not an injury. Crosby's goal was a great redirect off the heel of his stick. The Pens were flying. The Flyers seemed to run out of gas in the third and fell short of anything close to a comeback. I also want to coment that the officiating seemed to be lacking tonight. There were many calls missed throughout the game on both sides. I am specifically referencing a few high sticks and nummerous others. Game 2 is Sunday. Let's Go Pens!

05 May 2008

Bring on the Flyers

This is going to be one interesting series. The Flyers are a pretty hot team, right now. Then, you factor in the rivalry between the Pens and Flyers, which will likely elevate both teams, and it is going to get interesting. Biron has been solid in goal and he is not at revered as Lundqvist, but he is someone to pay attention to. Biron has a lot to prove and Fleury has been constantly been proving himself. This is going to be a tough series. Max Talbot is expected to be able to play in the series, though it is uncertain when. My guess would be game one, but that is only a guess on a hunch. Having home ice is going to be a key factor in this series. The Pens need to have the four at home. I hope it doesn't go that long, but this is one series where being at home is key. Let's Go Pens!!!!!

04 May 2008

Game 5: How Sweet It Is

Well, the Pens won it in the OT on a goal by Hossa, his second of the game to advance to the conference finals. Malkin had the Pens other goal in the 3-2 win. The Pens had 40 shots on net and held Jagr to no shots. It was a great game and with the exception of a about a 3 or 4 minute stretch the Pens definetly outplayed the Rangers. Bring on the Flyers!!!!!!!!

03 May 2008

Game 4

Sorry for such a delay on the post. Game 4 was just an odd night. Crosby was not himself. The whole team was out of it. Sid tried to carry the team, but he can't do it alone and he wasn't even playing like himself. Malkin was disasterous throughout the game. this was most obvious with that bad penelty shot attempt. I mean what was he thinking? Hossa still can't get the puck in the net. Eventually, it will bounce his way, but it was easy to tell that it is getting to him. The whole team was out of sorts. It was bad. I don't know what happened to the Pens, but if this is what would happen, we needed to get the loss over with. We were out played. It is as simple at that. Hopefully, the Pens will get back to their winning ways on sunday and end this series. Let's Go Pens!

01 May 2008

Game 4 Tonight

Hey Pens Fans,

Well, tonight the Pens will attempt to finish off the Rangers. If we sweep, that would just be insane, but the Rangers have enough fight in them that I am not ruling them out yet. I do not think they have a chance in hell of coming back, but they could win one game just to prolong the series. The Pens need to play a tough game and Fleury needs to continue to play solid in net. Max Talbot's broken foot is a bit of a blow to the Pens. I know that he had been wearing an aircast. I am not sure if this is the type of break that you can play on or not. Hopefully, he is only out for a short time. This may be what puts Gary Roberts back into the lineup and with the Rangers fighting for the lives tonight, Scary Gary is exactly what we need. More later...Let's Go Pens!
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