27 February 2005

Owner Rumor

Hey pens fans,
Latest Rumor is that a group of owners from some big teams had a private conference call to get ready for the board of governors meeting. It is thought that they were to get ready so they can remind Bettman who he is reprensenting and what they actually want. The owners are a whole are not pleased. I'll try to keep you posted.

23 February 2005

No Hockey do now what do we do?

Hey pens fans,
There is still no news on the lockout and I am not sure when there will be. So what do we do to fill the void left by there being no hockey to watch? If you need a hockey fix, why not check out an AHL, ECHL, or college team? Maybe find another sport to watch, but its just not the same and nothing can replace hockey to the truely loyal fans. Perhaps take up reading books on hockey or any book, though it is still not the same. I have yet to find anything to replace hockey in my life. Imiss it, but I am filling the time. I am filling some of it with this blog and more with other things like books and music, but how long will it be until the fans replace NHL hockey entirely? The longer it takes to reach an agreement the harder it will be to keep the fans. Great hockey towns like Toronto, Montreal, and Boston will be fine, but the smaller markets where hockey is not the premire sport will suffer. Will Pittsburgh retain its fans? I know they will have at least one and that is me. At times I am even losing faith in the league. Who else thinks the league and the players' association need to pay more attention to the fans? I know they are the professionals, but we love the game too. Maybe some of our ideas aren't so bad? They obviously haven't come up with anything stellar. They need to try something new or just hammer it out, but I feel they are almost at the point of no return. Please send me your comments.

22 February 2005

What have they done?

Hey pens fans,
I haven't heard anything new, but I wanted share some of my thoughts on what has already happened and what may happen in the future. Hockey has been an important part of my life for a long time. I remember going to games when I was a kid and nothing made me happier than to see my Penguins win. I remeber watching Lemieux and Francis on a line together it was almost magical. I cannot believe the league and the players cannot come to an agreement. They have forgotten the most the two most important parts of the game, the game itself and the fans. Do they think what they are doing is for the good of the game? If they do, do they realize that without the game, which because of their lockout they are not playing, they wouldn't have a job or make the kind of money they do? They also seem to have forgotten about the fans, the fans who buy the tickets and go to the games, the fans who buy their merchandise, the fans who watch the games on tv, which why the league makes money from ESPN carrying the games. (along with the local stations for each hometown) These are the fans they are disappointing. Do the players and the league realize that without the fans they wouldn't have a game that they could play that they love and make enormous amounts of money? I just hope for the sake of the sport that I love the fans will come back to the game once this is all over. However, I can almost not blame the fans if they do not come back after the players and the league have acted like bitter children. I did say almost. I think that most fans will come back and those who don't were not true fans to begin with. Please tell me your opinions on the status of the league by emailing them to me at pensfan17148@msn.com.


Hey pens fans,
Nothing new to report, but check out what the "great one" has to say about he and Mario's involment in the meetings over the weekend. http://tsn.ca/nhl/news_story.asp?id=115751

21 February 2005

Nothing New

Hey pens fans,
No, I am not forgetting to update. There is just nothing new going on that I have heard. I f you have any info email it to me at pensfan17148@msn.com.

20 February 2005

Tons of rumors

Hey pens fans,
There are tons of rumors flying around about the league and what occured this weekend. I have not heard any definate or even very likely stories, but have heard so many different thing i do not know what to believe. One thing that I am fairly sure of is that the season is passed the point of no return.

european rumor

Hey pens fans,
There is a rumor in europe that the NHL lockout is over and that a press conference will take place sometime today or tomorrow. A few clubs in Europe have announced their NHL players will be leaving and that they have played their last game with their current team. Not sure how true this is, but I will try to find out.

19 February 2005

What went wrong?

Hey pens fans,
The players are furious. The league said there was rrom to negoatiate and after they arrived in New York said there is no room to move. A 5 owners were strongly opposed to moving the cap to 45. They don't have to spend all of it, but they are mad. Now the negotiations have ended. What happend to this afternoon when a press conference was rumored as scheduled and abruptly cancelled? I have no idea what is going on or if it is to late to be saved. i will try to find out more, but it isn't looking good. Because of those few owners this could seriously be the day that hockey died.

not today

Hey pens fans,
Nothing new today, no word on when talks will continue not deal has been made as of yet.

It's all but officially over

Hey pens fans,
The deal is said to be announced today and that some possible rule changes could include, no red line, and changes in offsides. Hopefully the deal is done, but I am not sure how I feel about the possibility of the not havinf a red line. I will try to keep yo posted.

rumors keep on coming

Hey pens fans,
The rumored deal is said to be done, but some are saying something went wrong. I have not been able to definetly confirm either, but based on the sources I am more inclined to believe that deal is done. When it is saved remember, Lemieux and Gretzky would not let hockey die.

18 February 2005

It may actually be over

Hey pens fans,
That's ight the latest rumor is that it is a done deal and the press conference will be tomorrow. According to the rumor NHL players in Europe are being recalled to their NHL teams now. Also it is rumored that Lemieux is on his way to New York or may have already arrived there.

Is it over?

Hey pens fans,
The latest is that a few high profile players higher ups in the NHLPA are on their way to New York to meet with Bettman as we speak. Rumor is that Bettman will accept the deal. I will try to keep you posted. Maybe it will not be too long before we hear "Let's Go Pens!" again coming from the igloo.

another rumor

Hey pens fans,
Rumor has it that a meeting is taking plave in New York today. I'm not sure who is there for it or when or if it has ended, but i will try to find the result.
*If anyone has any info on this go to my profile for my contact info and let me know.*

rumors are everywhere

Hey pens fans,
The Lemieux and Gretzky rumor do not seem to be true, it has nt been able to be confirmed. However, there are a bunch of rumors floating around about players going around the union and all srts of stuff. I am not sure what is or is not true, but the most credible rumor i have come across is that Trevor Linden is meeting with Gary Bettman at some point today. Also, alot of players are saying that they hope the season can be un cancelled and some owners as well. I will try to keep up with it all and keep you posted.

the great one and le magnifque?

Hey pens fans,
Latest rumor is that Gretzky and Lemieux are teaming up to save the NHL. Gretzky is denying his involvement and Mario is saying he must be careful because he is both an owner and a player, but will neither deny nor confirm any involvement.

17 February 2005

rumored deal on the table

Hey pens fans,
The rumor I mentioned in my last post has been every where. I keep hearing it everywhere. Accoring to it the players are trying to save the already cancelled season.

Perhaps it may be saved after all

Hey pens fans,
The latest rumor is that the players (not those in power in the nhlpa) have presented their own deal to the NHL in hopes of uncencelling the season. Also, the rumored meetings are said to take place in New York.

OR is it?

Hey pens fans,
The latest rumor is that maybe the season could happen after all. Many sources are saying that the players are furious with Goodenow's decisions and Bettman did leave it open with a hint that a $45 million cap may be a solution. I am not sure how true this is or how likely it is to happen or if it does happen if it will save the season, but I will try to keep you posted.

16 February 2005

its over

Hey pens fans,
I am sorry to say but, the NHL season was officially cancelled today by NHL commisioner Gary Bettman. To view the video of the press conference go to www.nhlcba.com.

The clock is ticking

Hey pens fans,
The press conference at one is less than an hour away and no work on the status. Currently the rumor is that the NHL and NHLPA are still discussing a possible deal. Hopefully a decision is made soon or the press conference will be postponed. However last rumor is that both sides are still talking.

getting closer

Hey pens fans,
Its getting closer to Bettman's "deadline" and rumor has it a deal is closer to being reached. Hopefully it can all be worked out. Rumor is that the NHLPA countered the leagues latest offer and are waiting for a response.

15 February 2005

Glimmer of hope

hey pens fans,
Rumor is that Gary Bettman has sent a letter to Bob Goodenow saying that the current offer of $42.2 million. $40 of that would be salary and $2.2 as benefits. According to the letter posted on http://www.tsn.ca/nhl/news_story.asp?id=115051. In this Bettman also states that he is hopefl that the press conference is not needed at 1pm tomorrow and he gaave gooenow a deadline for response of 11am.

possible time of death

Hey pens fan,
Gary Bettman will hold a press conference tomorrow 2/16 at 1 pm est to announce the status of the season.


Hey pens fans,
Rumor has it the both sides are meeting and a deal is being discussed. This is just a small glimmer of hope to us hockey fans. Hopefully the NHL is saved in the 11th hour because we are running out of time.
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