31 May 2009

Finals Game 1

Last night's game was a bit disappointing. The score was 3-1. Fedotenko had the Pens goal. We played a pretty good game. We did poorly on faceoffs. I believe Detroit won over 70% of them. Fleury did not play his best and Osgood was playing a great game.

As game 2 is about to start, let's hope this goes in our favor tonight. We know we can, but will it work out?

Let's Go Pens!
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26 May 2009

Game 4

Pens win Eastern conference; Sweep Canes

The score was 4-1. Fedotenko, Talbot, Guerin, and Adams each had a goal tonight.

In the first few minutes of the game, the Pens were outplayed. It was not looking good, but the team quickley got it together and never looked back.

Going into the series, I never expected to sweep the Canes. I don't think anyone expects a sweep in the conference finals. This was a bit surreal.

The series in the west goes to game 5 tomorrow with the Wings p 3-1 in the series.

This looks like it could very well be a rematch of last year.

More later...

Let's Go Pens!
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25 May 2009

Game 3

Sorry fir they delay. Memorial day weekend and camping and everything delayed this a bit.

What a game.

Malkin had two goals and Crosby, Fedotenko, Adams and Guerin each added one.

Cam Ward looked like a piece of swiss cheese.

The pens played a hard game and kept the hurricanes from doing just about everything.

They way the Pens have been playing these last few games, they seem unstoppable.

Fleury played a good game, but it was overshadowed by the rest of the teams effort.

Game four should be fun to watch.
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21 May 2009

Game 2

Pens win 7-4.
Malkin had the Hat Trick and Crosby, Kunitz, Talbot, and Kennedy had the other goals.

It was a crazy game.

It seemed like we would never hold a lead, but it worked out in the end.

It got a bit nasty near the end. Carolina was getting very frustrated.

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14 May 2009

Game 7

What a game

I thought we had a good chance at beating the Caps, but I had not idea that we would blow them out of the water like that.

6-2 was the final score.
Crosby had 2 goals. Adams, Letang, Guerin, and Staal each had one, as well.

Fleury made the big saves, but also let in a very weak goal.

How glad were we to see Gonchar on the ice? The playoffs have a way of making this heal faster or at least players develop a higher pain threshold. Lol.

More after we determine our opponent for the next round.
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13 May 2009

Game 6

Sorry for the delay in finishing my posts for Game 6. I think I have the Flu.

Thank you to Johnny for your comments posted to my first period update. Shooting is something that a been an issue for the team. Though, as for the number of shots, we did improve. The team missed key opportunites by pass, wheb they had an open net and ended up with an easily stopped shot instead. They need to work on their timing. On the powerplay, I have noticed a drastic difference with the loss of Gonchar. The shots from the point and the rebounds from them made up a large portipon of our powerplay scoring and we need to get some part of that going again.

This was not Gill's strongest game, but I don't think he played as poorly as many are making it out to be. He played a safe game and did not go for the big play or anything too fancy. That is Gill's game. It would be nice to see him go for those bug plays though.

As for Orpik, he looked like a man possesed. He did not give tons of thundering hits, like he does, at times. He needed to be more of a thorn in the sides of the Caps. We know that he is capable of it, he just needs to take it there. The rest of his play was pretty good. He defended our end well and seemed to make fairly smart choices with the puck.

Fleury needs consistancy. He let in some really questionable goals and then made some highlight real saves. He seemed to stop the most threatening shots and let in the weaker ones. It was just odd.

I wish Gonchar was able to play, but was I ever impressed with Goligoski. He is making the most of his time up here. He was flying and made some really good plays. If he keeps performing like that, I think he will be up her next season.

That is about it. Game 7 tonight. I will have more after the game.

Win it for Gonchar!
Let's Go Pens!
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11 May 2009

Fw: End of 1st.

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End of 1st.

Pens up 1-0. Shots 18 to 5 in favor of Pens. Pens truly dominating the play. Ovechkin has been limited by Scuderi and Gill. More Later...
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09 May 2009

Game 5

Pens win in OT. Final score 4-3.

Staal, Fedotenko, Cooke, and Malkin had the goals.

It was a tough game. I was a bit concerned, when it took so long for the first goal of the game and I was even more concerned, when the Caps tied it and then went on to take the lead. The Pens battled back and were leading, but the Caps tied it again to force the OT.

The Pens now have a series lead of 3-2. Game 6 will be back at Mellon Arena. The Pens need to close out the series at home. They will have an added challenge, Brashear's suspension will be over and I expect him to dress. These two games have proved that the Caps will do desperate things in a dirty way and that sums up Brashear. After what Ovechkin did to Gonchar, I am afraid of what brashear would try in the next game.
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Game 4

The Pens played a good solid game to earn the win. Gonchar, Guerin, Fedotenko, Crosby, and Talbot all scored and that is the type of variety we like to see on the score sheet.

Mad Max Talbot was definetly in playoff form. He was all over the ice.

Orpik look like a man on a mission to takeout someone. He was purely possessed and that brought a huge fire to his play.

Crosby played a great game. I recall one shit where the team faltered he got his own pass, shotn got the rebound back on the cage from in close, and then managed to keep it in at the blue line a few seconds later. He was everywhere.

Ovechkin's hit on Gonchar was something that needs to be reveiewed by the league. I feel it showed an intent to injur, but and fine and or suspension was at the discretion of the league. We must remember one thing. Retribution needs to be earned on the ice. The best thing the team could do right now is shut down Ovechkin. Keep him off the score sheet. Rattle his cage a bit and do everything that we can to him without committing penelties. Perhaps, that will cause him to blatantly do something stupid and take a critical penelty. Also, we just need to win. That would surely piss him off.

Gonchar is listed with a lower body injury, likely his knee, from what I have heard. He will definetly miss today's game and likely the rest if this series. Goligoski has been recalled to fill the void. Though, no one can really take Gonchar's place. Our powerplay. After his injury, proved that. We had no idea how tpo get the puck in zone. It was almost comical, at first.

Game 5 tonight

Let's Go Pens!
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07 May 2009

Game 3

What a game.

Sorry for the delay in my post.

Game three held all the hope for the series. It looked like the Pens had a very good chance and then the Caps scored with Fleury scambling back into position and without his stick. It truly thought that would be the beginning of the end, but thankfully I was wrong.

The Pens battles hard throughout the game. Fedatenko's goal really seemed to put the wind back in their sails.

Malkins goal was much needed for the lead. It was also good to see him put the puck in the net, after a little draught.

The Caps goal to force the OT should had made me feel the major anticipation that comes with sudden death, but it didn't. The Pens were strong in the OT and Letang's goal gave us the win.

It was a hard fought game. Fleury was not having his best performance, but the team, as a whole, held it together.

On to game 4...

Gearing up for the whiteout!!!!
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04 May 2009

Game 2: Caps 4 Crosby 3

Well, the pens took the lead with a goal from Crosby to make it 1-0. Crosby scored again and then late in the thrid it was 4-2 Caps. Ovechkin had a hat trick and then Crosby added his third goal for his hat trick to make it 4-3 Caps.

The pens have a problem. It is consistancy. We cannot play a solid 60 minute game.

Our powerplay did record a goal tonight, but it was still not as it should be. With our talent, we should be the hottest team on the powerplay in the league.

Game 3 will be back here.
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02 May 2009

Game 1 Caps win

Game one was a good game. We did lose, but it was close for the most part. We need to get our powerplay together. For as much talent as we have, it should have done better than that. I thought we had a real hope of winning today, when Sid opened the scoring. Eaton's goal was unexpected and welcomed. Fleury played okay. He was not stellar, but not horrid either. The Pens need to find the grit they used against Philly to comback abd dominate game 2. We need to come back home with one win to show for it, if not I fear that it would be too much to comeback from.
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