31 January 2009

Back to back losses

Well, the pens lost two games this weekend. In both the devils and the leafs games, the pens did not play a "full" 60 minutes. Tonight's loss to the leafs was a tougher pill to swallow than last night's ot loss in jersey. The pens need to get a good streak going, if they want to make the playoffs. On the injury front, gonchar could be back by the end of february.

Rumor season is heating up. The pens are linked to a lot of potential deals, but nothing too solid to go on yet. Tkachuck is one name I have heard in a few places. And sykora is drawing interest, but from what I have heard the pens are not looking to move him.
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27 January 2009

All-Star Weekend

Well, pens fans what a weekend? The All-Star festivities seemed to go quite well in Montreal, though I was not there to witness it in person this year, as I was in Atlanta. It was a great event from my stand point. Maybe Crosby will eventually not be injured on All-Star weekend. Malkin seems to have a good time from all accounts. Now, that the break is over, I hope that out players have had a bit of time heal and are ready for wednesday's game.
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18 January 2009

Pens shutout Rangers

Hey pens fans
What a game. The pens were flying out there today. Fleury played a great game today and earned a well-deserved shutout. Minard, sykora, and kennedy had the goals for the game. It was a great win.
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17 January 2009


Pens trade dany sabourin, Ryan stone and a 4th round pick to Edmonton
for mathieu garon.
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Pens win

The walking or should I say skating wounded managed to pull out a
win. In addition to our recent list of injuries 4 more players missed
from injuries sustained in the caps game. They are: crosby,
Scuderi , talbot, and letang. A lot of players really stepped up
tonight. Cooke had two goals and gill added one, as well. With the
losses that we had sustained, I thought tonight might have been really
bad, but I am glad to say that I was wrong. On a side note, there
were, at least, six teams, with scouts in the building tonight. They
were mostly from the western conference from what I heard. I am also
hearing that Satan is very tradeable, right now. More, as I hear
it.... Orpik is now injured,

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15 January 2009


Hey pens fans, I know that I have been a bit MIA, as of late. I have
had some things to deal with that cut drastically into my hockey time,
but I am back and on top of the latest pens news. Last night's game
was a hard blow, when it came to injuries. Crosby took a nasty spill
along the boards and appears to have injured his left leg. It looks
like he was favoring from what I could tell. Scuderi blocked a shot
with his face, which is never a good thing. I would expect he would
miss a game or two. He was bleeding quite significantly and post game
those, who saw him, said he had significant swelling near his eye.
Letang left the game with an injury, but returned to finish the game.
Talbot left the game with an injury, but I am not sure exactly what
was injured. On the rumor front, the Pens are looking, but I do not
have any solid leads. More, as I hear it....
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