28 February 2006

Mario Lemieux

Hey pens fans,
Mario Lemieux underwent heart surgery yesterday to try to correct his irregular heartbeat. He is said to be doing fine and should be back to normal activity in the near future. Best Wishes Mario for a speedy recovery.

26 February 2006

Olympics End/NHL Returns

Hey pens fans,
With Olympics drawing to a close the NHL is returning. The trade freeze is about end and I expect a lot of moves thorughout the league in the ffirst day. This is the stretch before the trade deadline and it seems as though it may be a big year for end of season moves. I expect the pens to be in this until the wire, even though we have no playoff hopes. Some name I have heard being thrown around in possible pens trades are Gonchar, LeClair, Recchi and Malone. Now, we just have to wait and see what will happen.

20 February 2006

Women's Olympic Hockey

Hey pens fans,
Just to let you all now here are the results of Olympic Women's Hockey Medals.
Gold Medal- Team Canada
Silver Medal- Team Sweden
Bronze Medal- Team USA

16 February 2006


Hey pens fans,
All has been fairly silent in te world of our Pens with the trade freeze ono for the Olympics. There have been many rumors about deals in the works for after the Olympic break. So far, none of these have involved any Penguin players. This is not to say noting is going on. I am fairly sure something may be in the works or at least that is what I have been hearing, but as off now I have nothing concrete with any specific players mentioned. If anything breaks I will post it, otherwise enjoy watching the Olympics. Good Luck to the Pens in the Olympics Gonchar (Russia) and Surovy (Slovakia).

11 February 2006

Pens Win!/Olympic Note

Hey pens fans,
The pens won 6-3 tonight, in their last game before the Olympic Break, against the Washington Capitals in Washington. Bogunieki, Gonchar, LeClair, Recchi, Armstrong, and Crosby all had goals for the Pens tonight. This was the pens second game in as many nights. The NHL Trade Freeze for the Olympics is on. And in Olympic news both the USA and Canadian Women's hockey teams won today.

10 February 2006

Pens Win!!!

Hey pens fans,
The pens won a game! No, I am not lieing. They beat the Hurricanes 4-3 with goals by Bogunieki, LeClair, Recchi, and Crosby. they play their last game before the Olympic Break tomorrow night in Washington, even though the Olypics started today with the opening ceremonies.

08 February 2006

Pens fall to Bruins

Hey pens fans,
The pens lost to the Bruins 3-1 tonight at the Mellon Arena. Surovy had the pens goal tonight. Leclair got hit in the face and was bleeding. Next game is Friday in Carolina.

The Saga Continues...

Hey pens fans,
Well, by now I am sure everyone hasheard about the gambling scandal involving Rick Tocchet. There is so much speculation floating around out there, that it is hard tell tell fact from fiction. All that I can definitely say is hard fact is that two other people have been named in the official police documents. One is a state trooper in New Jersey and the other a New Jersey Resident. That is also where the charges are being filed. There are many rumors about what players and others in the hokey world our involved. I am not going to speculate on names, but these rumors have everything from former Flyers, to players wives, to coaches, to GMs, to a few Penguins even being speculated about. Until there is hard evidence, such as criminal charges brought against these people, I will not say names. I am sure most of you have found those names in other articles online by now. This is a black eye for the entire world of hockey.

07 February 2006


Hey pens fans,
Former Penguins' Player and current Phoenix Coyotes' Assistant Coach Rick Tocchet may be in a bit of hot water. According to many sources, he is accused of running a Nationwide Gambling Ring that NHL players and others within the league may have been betting in. More as I hear it...

06 February 2006

Pens Fall to Senators Again/rumors

Hey pens fans,
The pens played the Ottawa Senators tonight in Ottawa. The final score was 5-2 Senators. Bogunieki and Malone had the Pens goals tonight. The Pens play their next game at the Mellon Arena on Wednesday against the Boston Bruins.
On to the rumors...
I have said this before, but I am hearing from a lot of places that there is a lot of interest in Ric Jackman and he may be moved soon. I am also hearing that there is also interest in Gonchar, I can hope, but thought i am hearing it all over the place, I fear it may be more wishful thinking. The Jackman rumors are from good sources however.

04 February 2006

Pen Fall to Islanders

Hey pens fans,
The pens lost 5-4 in a shoot out to the New York Islanders, this afternoon at the Mellon Arena. Jackman, Recchi, Surovy, and Crosby had the pens goals. they play again on Monday in Ottawa.

02 February 2006

Pens Fall to Senators

Hey pens fans,
Tonight the Penguins faced the Senators at the Mellon Arena without Sidney Crosby, who is out with flu like symptoms. Sebastien Caron was in goal for the Pens tonight. The pens took an early lead going up 2-0 against Hasek with goals by Ouellet and Malone. The pens theen gave up 2 shorthanded goals on th same power play. It was all down hill from there and the pens lost 7-2.

01 February 2006

Pens Fall to Rangers

Hey pens fans,
Tonight, the Pens lost to the New York Rangers at Madison Square Garden, by a score of 3-1. Mark Recchi had the Pens only goal tonight. This is the Pens' 13th lose in 14 games. The pens have 6 more games until the Olympic break. Their next game is tomorrow at the Mellon Arena against Ottawa.
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