29 April 2005

No News

Hey pens fans,
Well, there is not alot of info out there right now. Both sides are keeping pretty quiet abou the upcoming mmetings. Just an FYI, I will out of town this weekend with no internet access camping. I will update when I get that. If any one hears something post it as a comment and for info on anything that may happen, check out one of the links in my link field to the left.

28 April 2005


Hey pens fans,
The 2 sides are to meet next week in Austria. Yes, I said Austria. These meetings need to be the turning point towards a deal. The league wants a deal by June 1, to avoid an legal issues over the Crosby situation.

26 April 2005

Draging out to the bitter end

Hey pens fans,
The PA is stalling. The players want this over before worlds so there is no distraction. The league is working on some type of tournament for after the deal is done to try to bring fans back before next season. i for the sake of the game it works when the time comes. Nothing new on the negotiations, hopefully I will hear something soon.

25 April 2005

A new Week

Hey pens fans,
Well, meetings are to resume this week between the league and the PA. Hopefully this weeks talks will be productive in nature. That's all I have for now.

23 April 2005

This i what i have, though its not much

Hey pens fans,
Well, thhe league and the PA are supossed to meet next week. People close to both sides are saying that the deal is close. I have heard conflicting reports on what parts of the deal still need to be worked on. Not much is supposed to happen this weekend. As far as i know there are no meetings until next week.

21 April 2005

Is it closer than both sides are letting on?

Hey pens fans,
I am hear all over the place that the deal is a lot closer to being done than anyone is letting on. However, I have not been able to find consistencies in the aspects which are said to be agreed upon. If I find anything else I will post it.

20 April 2005

Good News from the BOG Meeting

Hey pens fans,
The meeting today was very positive. There have been said to be good progress by the BOG, that the league can take to the meetings with the PA next week. Sources are saying the deal will be done in the next few weeks.

Board of Governors

Hey pens fans,
The Board of Governors are meeting today. One of the key things being discussed is revenue sharing. If the more profitable teams agree to this than the talks next week with the PA should go swiftly. Otherwise who knows. One thing I have heard is that May 15th is the new equivilent of D-Day. Everything has to happen by then, but that is not in stone, because that is what was said about today about multiple preceding deadlines.

19 April 2005

Meeting is Over

Hey pens fans,
Well, today's meetings concluded around 2 hours ago. There was no major point agreed upon as far as I know. The Board of Governors meeting will continue as scheduled. Meetings will continue over the next week or so. No word on the possibility of the draft. Some say that Goodenow was unwilling to talk about some of the more pressing issues, ie. the cap etc. Some say he was working on an agenda different from that of the players. I have no solid eveidence to this fact, but have heard it enough to mention it. More as I get it....

18 April 2005

Goodenow is at it again

Hey pens fans,
Well, the saga continues. People are saying that the PA is trying to use leverage that they believe they have, because they think the league is afraid of replacements, to get a deal more in their favor. Goodenow is going to be the reason this fails if it does not get done. The league is not going to fall for this. Hopefully if this does not get done the lockout continues and no bridges are burnt permanently or any worse than they already are.

15 April 2005

Stanley Cup Lawsuit

Hey pens fans,
I found this intersting, because it was Lord Stanley's intent to award the Stanley Cup every year, but this may be takeing it a bit far.
Here's the story http://msn.foxsports.com/other/story/3538052 and let me know what you think. Should the Stanley Cup be awarded or not?

Mixed Messages

Hey pens fans,
John Leclair said on the radio that this process is going well. Bobby Orr says there are problems. Some think the PA is thinking that the owners concerns with who gets the first pick in the draft puts them in control and gives the PA leverage. The PA needs to realize that they are playing a dangerous game. The need to continue with the current deal process, if they want this to end. If Goodenow does not, his job may very well be in jeapardy.

14 April 2005

range for a cap

Hey pens fans,
Instead of a fixed cap the latest i have heard is that the league and PA have discussed having a range for the salary. I have heard it to be somewhere in the neighborhood of 30-50 million.

Next Week

Hey pens fans,
The PA and league will meet early next week, before the BOG meeting. It seems like nothing else is going on this week.

13 April 2005

I want to pull my hair out

Hey pens fans,
The PA has decided to pull back and not discuss the deal further until the meetings next week. They are not sure if this is the best deal. Aaagghh!! Enough already, if the PA does not work out this deal the league will never and i mean never recover. They need to work this one out. All I have t say about them basically stalling is a giant sigh followed by get this deal done. The lockout needs to end with an agreement not with replacements. Get it done.

Talks Continue

Hey pens fans,
Talks continue this week via conference calls and emails. Next week the talks should go back to being face to face. Reportedly the progress is good.

11 April 2005

Check this out

Hey pens fans,
Check out this article http://www.nypost.com/sports/44247.htm about the current cba negotiations and so on. I can't say it any better than this does.

10 April 2005


Hey pens fans,
Nothing new to report specifically, but I heard that progress has been made and this is going quicker than expected. the 2 sides are expected to sontinure to meet this coming week.

08 April 2005


Hey pens fans,
The meetings continue today and into nest week. Rumor is next week they may move them from Detroit to New York again. Nothing on whats happening in the meetings, but they are at least still talking.

07 April 2005

GM meeting outcome

Hey pens fans,
This is what happened at the GM meeting
Rule changes: Goalie equipment size will be reduced, touch up offsides returns, and the nets will be moved back
Nothing on the CBA meeting
Does anyone have any info?


Hey pens fans,
In addition to the meetings i mentioned in my last post the GMs are meeting in Detroit today as well. I will see what i can find on any or all of today's meetings.

06 April 2005


Hey pens fans,
The league and the PA are said to be planning to meet later this week in Detroit. The PA did not present a new proposal in their last meeting, but they did present something they could work from. More as soon as i find out....

05 April 2005

Something New

Hey pens fans,
At today's meeting the PA was to have grought something new to the table that the NHL did not reject outright and the 2 sides will look into it further. I am not sue what it is though. Also, it is said that significant progress has been made.

04 April 2005

Dare i say progress

Hey pens fans,
The meeting today was said to be productive. The PA's deal is actually an attempt at eding this. Or at least that's what I've been hearing.

Meeting Now

Hey pens fans,
The 2 sides are meeting now and there has been a rumor that progress had been made. I hope this is true.

03 April 2005


Hey pens fans,
Rumor is the 2 sides may have faxed or byy some other method exchanged cmmunications yesterday. No idea what it said, but there are still supposed to be meetings this week.
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