31 March 2005

Rumored Deal

Hey pens fans,
Here is the rumored deal from the PA
1.$ 39.8 million per team salary cap plus $ 2.2 million per team for player benefits.
2.$ 34.0 million per team salary
3.All the teams may each designate a franchise player each season, their salary would not be included in the cap but it would be taxed
4. A 0% rollback of existing salaries
5. unrestricted free agency at age 27, or six pro seasons, whichevercomes first
6.entry level contracts capped at $ 1.2 million including performance bonuses
7.qualifying offers at 75%
8. A 5 year contract limit
9. A 60% for the home team 40% for the away team revenue sharing for all regular season gate revenue.
10.100% league wide revenue sharing from playoff revenue.
That's the rumor I found. Not sure if this is 100% accurate, but its seems reliable, at least in part.

Replcement Players

Hey pens fans,
The eaguue has been looking into using replacenment players next year. this means the PA's offer has better be a good one, because it looks as though the league is not going to come up with anything new. Some of the owners do not want replacement players and it may be a larger number than thought. Hopefully, it does not come to that. Let's hope the PA has a good, no great deal to present to the league. Let's keep our fingers crossed.

30 March 2005

Meeting Monday

Hey pens fans,
The players and the league are rumored to be scheduled to meet on monday. Nothing like waiting till the 11th hour again.

29 March 2005

Players want a meeting

Hey pens fans,
Sorry the updates have been so few. I have been having some internet connnection issues. Anyway, the latest is that the players want a meeting this week with the league. Rumor is they have a deal to present.

25 March 2005

Correction on meeting location

Hey pens fans,
Sorry about the misinformation the meeting was near Pebble Beach not in Palm Springs.

24 March 2005

Meeting Palm Springs

Hey pens fans,
The league and PA have been meeting in Palm Springs not sure of the outcome or if there has been one even nothing else to report at this time.

20 March 2005

New Deal?

Hey pens fans,
Rumor is that the league is putting together a new proposal. Not sure on the details, but i will keep you posted.

18 March 2005

The Players want this over

Hey pens fans,
Latest Rumor is that the players are really pushing for a deal. They do not want a 2nd season of no NHL. They also don't want it to come to replacement players. The players feel that if something isn't done in the near future that the league will have them in a tough position.

Here We Go Again

Hey pens fans,
Well, rumor has it that the players like the 37.5 deal and may try to pressure Goodenow into negotiations. The league and the PA are susposed to meet a few times in the coming week. I hope they can get it done and maybe this time Goodenow will actually try to negotiate as oppose to just saying no.

17 March 2005

League Releases Statment on Most Recent Meeting

Hey pens fans,
This is the link to what the league had to say about the most recent meeting. http://www.nhlcbanews.com/generated/b78JvcRh1x.html

Goodenow Needs to step up to the plate

Hey pens fans,
I wish I could tell that the most recent talks went well, but that would be a lie. Bettman made 2 new proposals on behalf of the league, a de-linked deal at 37.5 million per team cap or a linked deal at 54 %. Goodenow said that he is not there to talk with the league and that he is waiting for the league to accept the PA's February offer. Goodenow needs to get over himself and put his ego aside and realize he is representing the players, who want to play. The fans want their teams back. We don't want a new WHA or any other league. We want our NHL back. Does Goodenow think that the fans will support a new PA league? I think he is seriously mistaken if he does. I thinks its time for something to happen. Will the players do something about Goodenow? Hey, if Gary Bettman is willing to put his ego aside and try to resolve this why can't Goodenow? Am I right?

National Day of Hockey

Hey pens fans,
Tomorrow is the National Day of Hockey, a celebration of hockey and an attempt to create some hockey solidarity among fans. Wear the colors of your favorite NHL team. Its time to stand up and let the league know that the fans want hockey.

12 March 2005

The 90 minute meeting

Hey pens fans,
The meeting today lasted about 90 minutes. The NHL basically told the PA that its there move and they need to come up with something. another rumor is that th league met with ESPN or NBC or both about carrying the games in the future and the possibility of changing the white ice to blue and the blue lines to orange because a black puck is hard to photograph on a white background.

11 March 2005

Meeting in Toronto

Hey pens fans,
There is a meeting taking place today between the league and the players association. The location is undisclosed. However, it is said to be in Toronto. Also, the players are pushing for an agreement the want the PA to try to work this out with the league asap. I'll keep you posted as best i can.

10 March 2005

Any News?

Hey pens fans,
No, I am not neglecting my duties of keeping you informed, but I have not heard any rumors from any sources. There has been nothing new. If you have any information please email it to me @ pensfan17148@msn.com

09 March 2005

Will the NHL be saved?

Hey pens fans,
I do not agree with or believe that what the following rumor says is true, but I have heard it in enough places to feel the need to pass it on. Some agents and players and saying that the NHL will never be save and that the players or at least most of them have no problem starting their own league. I do not think it will come to that at this point, but the possibility is out there.

07 March 2005

Both sides to meet tuesday

Hey pens fans,
The league and players association are scheduled to meet tomorrow. Hopefully, they make some progress. I will try to keep you all posted on what happens when i hear it.

05 March 2005

Price goes Up and league to meet with PA

Hey pens fans,
Apparently the offer to buy the league is still out there and the price has increased but i am not sure how much. There a enough owners that will never sell, so this will not happen. I think they are just trying to make a point that maybe they are not worth as much as they thought. The league is expected to ask the players association to meet early this coming week. I will try to let you know what happens.

03 March 2005

Soemone wants to buy All the NHL Teams

Hey pens fans,
I do not theink the owners will all agree to sell their teams, but a proposal was made that offered over $3 billion. Checkout this link for the full story where I found it. http://famulus.msnbc.com/famulusspt/ap03-02-232124.asp?spt=nhl&vts=3320050748
What do you think about it? Give me some feedback. I will try to let you know whan anything new happens.

02 March 2005

Unrest in the ranks

Hey pens fans,
Nothing much new, but ther is one thing. At the NHLPA meeting many of the players openly expressed their discontent. It is rumored that is may have led to shouting. They want to know why they are not playing. That's what we all want to know right? If they don't know then who does?

01 March 2005

Good for a Laugh

Hey pens fans,
Nothing new to report, but here's something i found to be quite amusing. We can only wish this could happen. http://www.cbc.ca/sports/columns/analysis/tavares/tavares_050213.html
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