14 March 2007

Thoughts on the Pens

Hey pens fans,
Now, that we have our arena deal, there is a lot to be thankful for. First, I want to thank everyone who signed and help publicize the petition to save the Penguins. I am glad that we did not have to use it, but thankful it was there if we did. I also want to thank all the people who helped me dig up the rumors, throughout this process, which at times were rather tight lipped. Many of you do not know this, but there were a few people "inside" who really stuck their neck out by passing along this information.
Since we have our arena, we can now focus solely on hockey, the game, not the business of it. The Pens have been playing well, as of late. They also have been keeping us on the edge of our seats, with their heart-attack inducing play. Now, that the team's future is secure, we can all dream those Stanley Cup dreams.

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