29 April 2009


Well, as you have probably already heard, Dan Bylsma has signed a multi-year deal with the Pens, as their head coach. So the interim tag has been removed from his title.

Also, Pens will face Capitals in 2nd round. The series opens on Saturday in Washington.
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26 April 2009

Game 6

Pens clinch series advance to conference smi-finals.

It looked pretty bad for the Pens.

I honestly thought that the Flyers were going to force a game seven.

The Pens battled back and finally put an end to the Flyers post-season.

Now the Pens get a few days rest to get ready for the next opponent. I will have more for you, once that is determined.
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23 April 2009

Game 5

Well, I guess we are heading back to Philly.

This is a game that we should have won. Finishing off the Flyers at home should have been it.

We played a sloppy game. We gave up after the first goal. We went back to dumping the puck in, but most of the time we forgot the all important chase part of dump and chase.

Biron played a great game for his team and was really standing on his head.

Sid was frustrated by the end of the game. Those two penelties were not like him, at all.

I do think that Boucher deserved his spot in the lineup tonight. He did play a fairly solid game, but was by no means a star either. If I were Bylsma, I would not regret that decision.

I would regret dressing Satan. Why would we think that he would suddenly contribute now? He hasn't done anything useful for the majority of the season and he certainly didn't accomplish anything tonight.

I do hope that Letang is back in the lineup for for game six.

That's it for now.
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As everyone probably heard, it is a whiteout tonight at the game. We can show Philly and that weak attempt at "oranging" us out how it is really done.

The Pens need to finish this series tonight. We are up 3 games to 1. I want this over before someone gets unneccessarily hurt. These two teams always get heated, ecspecially in the playoffs. We need everyone to be healthy, if we are going to make it through the rounds.

See everyone at the game tonight.
Let's go Pens!
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22 April 2009


I'm now on twitter
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21 April 2009

Game 4 Pens Win

Crosby, Kennedy, and Talbot had the Pens goals. The final score was 3-1. Fleury played a great game and deserved the win. The whole team had it together tonight.

Was it just me or did the Flyers play less of a nasty game?

It was nervous type of game until that first goal. The longer it took, the more important it became, as to who got the first goal. I am glad it was us. It could have been a very different night otherwise.

Mad Max was definetly in fine form tonight.

Kennedy had a good game too, as did Orpik.

A lot of key role players really stepped it up and those types of contributions really make all the differnce in the playoffs.

Crosby was a driving force tonight, as we have come to expect of him.

Let's Go Pens!
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17 April 2009

Game 2 Pens Win in OT

Billy Guerin opened the Pens scoring tonight. Malkin had the second and Guerin came bak with the game winner near the end of the OT.

It was a vicious game. The Flyers were out for blood. It turned nasty faced.

I don't like to bash the refs, because I know that can't call everything, but WTF? I don't think we were watching the same game. The hit on the back of the neck/head of Staal in the OT was ridiculous. The rest of it would have just frustrated me, but that pushed me and about 17000 others in the building lost it, at that point.

Fleury played a solid game tonight. Biron played a good game for Philly tonight, as well.

On to Philly...

Let's Go Pens!
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16 April 2009

Game 1: pens defeat flyers

What a game! I love playoff hockey. The atmosphere just instantly ramps up.

Final score was 4-1 Pens.
Crosby, Kennedy, Malkin, and Eaton had the Pens' goals.

Fleury played a great game

The Flyers were out shot, out skated, and just out played.

It was beautiful.

It did get nasty fast, as one would expect with these two teams. The series is just underway. It could get ugly before the end of it.

Let's Go Pens!
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12 April 2009

Home ice

That says it all
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Happy Playoffs

Last night's win over Montreal was the perfect end to a great regular season. Malkin officially clinched the Art Ross. It was a good game. The two points earned in the win, tie us with Philly and, if they lose today, we should get home ice for having more wins. If they win, we'll be in 5th snd they will have home ice.
Happy easter !
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01 April 2009

What a night

That was some game. The epns proved yet again that they have a special talent at being the "Brodeur killers." 6-1 was the final score. Fleury played a pretty solid game. The jersey goal was a bit of a weak point, but the rest of his play more than made up for it. There were many player in on the Pens goals tonight. They are: Cooke, Guerin, Malkin, Crosby, Staal, and Kunitz. It was the type of game we needed to start a streak into the playoffs. If my math is correct, I think we clinched a spot in the playoffs tonight.

Let's Go Pens!!!!
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