25 March 2007

Pens Shutout Bruins

Hey pens fans,
This afternoon, the Pens Shutout the Bruins 5-0. Fleury was in goal for the shutout.
Here are the goals:
Malkin (PP) from Gonchar and Roberts
Crosby (PP) from Gonchar and Roberts
Roberts (PP) from Crosby and Whitney
Malone(SH) from Staal and Eaton
Crosby from Armstrong and Christensen

To start off the game the Pens had to kill off 6 minutes of penelties, which they did. It was a good game and no one did poorly. If the Pens keep this up, these last few games will be good. I was at the game this afternoon and then had some moving to do, so I apologize for the post being so late. I have to run now to pick up a friend at the airport, so let me know what you thought of today's game in comments.

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