30 April 2008

Talbot Hurt

Talbot broke his foot.

NYR's Avery to Miss Remainder of Playoffs

Avery lacerated his spleen and will miss the remainder of the playoffs.

29 April 2008

Game 3: Pens Down Rangers

The final score was 5-3, but that in no way tells the whole story of this game. Early on, the Pens were out for the win and were playing like no other. Marion Hossa got the Pens on the board early with a goal from Dupuis and Crosby. The Rangers came back to tie it with Straka's goal . Then to close out the period, the Pens netted two more to make it 3-1 with goals by Laraque (Maklin, Sykora) and Malkin (Gonchar, Hossa). In the second the Rangers scored twice to tie the game at 3-3 on Jagr's goal. The Pens then came back to make it 4-3 with Malkin's goal from Crosby and Gonchar. In the third period, Ryan Malon added the Pens' fifth goal from Letang and Sykora. Fleury played a good game in net stopping 23 off 26 shots. The Pens only had 11 shots on goal on the night. Game four is Thursday...

Bad Baby Pens

Click on this link for details... http://msn.foxsports.com/nhl/story/8086612?MSNHPHMA

28 April 2008

Pens Win Game 2 Against Rangers

Hey Pens Fans,
The Pens seemed to have a bit of a rough start in the game, but so did the Rangers. This game quickly became a battle of the goalies and Marc Andre Fleury won. MAF played a great game. He was more than solid. He was magnificant. It was a great game, a bit of a nail-biter, but a great game. Hal Gill really gave it to Jagr on that one hit. That was a great moment and number 68 was a bit less cocky after that. Jordan Staal played a great game. As for his brother Marc, he played the type of game you would expect from a Ranger in his position. I thought he played a bit dirty, to be perfectly honest. He actually made me more frustrated than Avery did and that is saying something. Sid and Geno also had strong games. Ruutu was flying. Ryan Whitney was solid on D. Gonchar played a pretty good game. He just has to work at keeping Shanahan out of Fleury's way. Shanny is a big man to move, but it needs to happen. On to MSG for game 3...

25 April 2008

Pens comeback to win game one against Rangers

The final score was 5-4. The Pens were down 3-0 early on and came back
for the win. The fans did an awesome job with the "whiteout" and the
crowd definetly filled the role of the seventh man. Fleury played a
solid game. Crosby was the undisputed star tonight and played a
magnificent game. Jagr was held to no shots tonight. Game 2 on Sunday
is going to get very interesting. Let's Go Pens!
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17 April 2008

Pens Sweep Sens

Well, last night's gamae brought an end to the series. This Penguins sweep is the first since the Pens won the cup in '92. The Pens played a solid game and the Senators shot themselves in the foot with penelties. Malkin and Ruutu each had goals and Crosby added the empty-netter. Hossa played a great game. He was a cannon of shots. Fleury was solid in the net. It was a great game. The Pens need to take this opportunity to get a rest, heal their wounds, and keep their game together. These few extra days before the next series can be a blessing or a curse. I just hope it is not the latter.

14 April 2008

Pens Defeat Senators; Lead Series 3-0

Well, after going down 1-0, the Pens came back with 4 unanswered goals to grab the win. It was a great game. The Sens hurt themselves with all the penelties they took. They played sloppily and let emotion et the best of them. The Pens played a strong game. Fleury was stellar in net. Game 4 is Wednesday. The question is: can we sweep?

12 April 2008

Pens win game two

Last night the Pens defeated the Sens in game two of the series. The
final score was 5-2. The series continues Monday in Ottawa.
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10 April 2008

Game 1: Pens Win 4-0

Well, it is a first round rematch from last year. The Pens came out victorious 4-0. Scary Gary was backk and netted 2 goals and added to the Physical presence. Sykora and Malkin had the other two goals. Fleury earned the shut out by playing and amazing game. Ryan Whitney dropped the gloves with Redden and took that next step in physicality that we all knew he could. Crosby had a strong game. He rung one off the post and played a scrappy physical game. Game 2 is friday

07 April 2008

Pens Lose Regular Season Finale to Flyers; Will Face Ottawa in 1st Round

Well, the regular season came to an anti-climatic end. Yesterday afternoon, the Pens fell to the Flyers 2-0. Sidney Crosby did not play. It was also the much anticipated return of Gary Roberts. Roberts seemed to play fairly well. It took a little to get him going, but, for missing as muchc time as he did, he played well. Gary will be a major asset in the playoffs. Malkin entered the game 6 points behind Ovechkin for the scoring title and the Pens never scored. The Pens played it safe. They did not want the heated rivalry to cost them. No injuries means a better shot in the playoffs. I will say that Fleury played a solid game. It is time for playoff hockey...

03 April 2008

Pens Down Flyers; Clinch Division

Last night, the Pens downed the Flyers 4-2 in their final home game of the season. Gonchar and Malkin each had goals and Crosby had 2. Fleury was in net and played a stellar game. The game was very physical from the start. George Laraque going heavy weight on knocking a helmet 75 feet down the ice was a highlight in my mind. The crowd was electric. Philly was out for blood and they went for it. It was a nasty game and I can only imagine what it will escalate to in Philly on Sunday. I typically don't call out the refs, but Kerry Fraser makes me want to hit something. I have absolutley no problem wit refs being lax or overly precise, but pick one and stick with it for the whole game and act the same way towards both teams. He called questionable penelties on both sides and then let obvious ones go. There was no consistancy in the officiating.

01 April 2008

Pens fall to Rangers

Well, last night was a bit disappointing. The 2-1 OT loss is not what we were counting on. Fleury played a solid game. Talbot had the Pens' goal. The Pens seemed to struggle, at points, but it was no worse the the Rangers. Both teams seemed to be having a bit of an off night. Sergei Gonchar's blatant hold early the in the OT was what sealed te Pens' fate. Playing 4-3 on the penelty kill in OT is no teams's strength. I understand that Gonchar felt the need to stop him, but personally next time Sergei needs to let them take a chance at Fleury. The result could be no worse.
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