31 December 2005

Pens beat Rangers in OT

Hey pens fans,
The pens won this afternooon at the mellon arena. They beat the Rangers 4-3 in OT. Ouelett had a goal, Surovy had 2 and Crosby had the game winner. it was a great game and the pens clearly outplayed the Rangers.

29 December 2005

Pens Win!!!

Hey pens fans,
The pens won 6-2 against the devils tonight at the mellon arena. The goals were scored by Jackman, Recchi, Surovy (2), Crosby (2). It was a great game. I am not sure what has changed, but I like it. Hopefully this keeps up. The pens next game is new year's eve in the afternooon at 1.

27 December 2005

Pens Fall to Leafs in OT

Hey pens fans,
The pens played hard, but lost to Toronto in OT 3-2. Recchi and Ouellet scored the pns goals. Ouellet's goal was o a great effort by Crosby to get the puck to the net. Fleury was in goal and played a solid game and made many huge saves. It was a good effort by the pens, but they came up short. Therrien has yet to win as the pens coach and is 0-4 with one point.

23 December 2005

Pens Fall to Flyers

Hey pens fans,
The pens lost 5-4 to the flyers tonight at the mellon arena. Sidney Crosby had 2 goals and Surovy and Christensen also scored for the pens. The pens struggled quite a bit in the early going, being down by three. They came back to tie and lead and then lost. The second and thrid periods showed a good effort by the pens. We had to kill 11 penelties and that hurt us alot. It took a lot out of the pens. The league is off for Christmas now, and the pens play again on Tuesday the 27th. The league is also in a trade frees, for those who didn't know. So in all likelyhood this is my last post until after Christmas. Merry Christmas and remember to tell Santa what we really want... a new arena for out pens.

22 December 2005


Hey pens fans,
Sidney Crosby will not play for the Canadian Olympic team. They cut him. I think this is a bit of a mistake, but he is young and will have the opporunity to play again.

21 December 2005

Arena News

Hey pens fans,
First we heard about a new arena based on getting a slots license
then after the press conference we heard who would help do it.
and yet another story on it

The new arena complex is said to be 18,000 seats and some shopping and other items as well. The one thing is that its funding is basd on winning the slots license. If they do not I have no idea what they will do.

17 December 2005


Hey pens fans,
Mario Lemieux did not play because he had an irregular heartbeat again. No word on how he is more if I hear it...

Down and Out in Buffalo

Hey pens fans,
Well, the pens lost again to the sabres for the second time in as many days. The score was 4-3 and Ouellet, Surovy, and Crosby, scored for the pens. Thibault was in goal and Lemieux sat out the game. Recchi did not come back for the third period and may be hurt. Unfortunetly I did not get to see all of the game due to a power outage, but the pens made a good efort in the third period. Yesterday's game in pittsburgh was a great efort by the pens. Soryy, Indidn't elaborate earlier but as I said in my last quick post I didn't get home until this morning. We stayed with the Sabresa all game and put forth a great effort, but in the ot we took a bad penelty that lost us the game. How many times has that happened this year? It was a hard loss to swallow, but there was a real lifee to the team that I haven't seen this season and some of those lines where definetly something we haven't seen before. Hopefully it gets better and fast. Until next post...

OT Loss

Hey pens fans,
The pens played a wondeful effort in the game Friday night against the Sabres. Though they were brhind or tied the whole game they hung in until the very end. The final scord was 4-3 sabres in ot. I would write more about the new lines and such with the new coach, but it is 7:25 am saturday and i just got home from the game. this was a long night. We play later today in buffalo with the faceoff at 5 pm.

15 December 2005

Penguins Fire Coaching Staff

Hey pens fans,
Well, we all knew Edzo's days as the pens coack were numbered, but who expected them to go and fire the whole staff. That's right the pens fired Eddie Olcyzk, Joe Mullen, Randy Hillier, John Welday and Shane Clifford. the staff will be replaced by the coach of the WBS pens Michel Therrien, who has led the baby pens to a season with only one loss. He also took them to the Calder Cup finals in 03-04. He brings with him assistant coach Mike Yeo, strength ad conditioning coach Stephane Dube, and goaltending consultant Gilles Lefebvre, who were his staff in WBS. Therrien had also worked in the Montreal Canadiens organization for 6 seasons and for 3 of those he was head coach. Hopefully this change will make a difference. Best of Luck to the new coaching staff.

Edzo's Days are Numbered

Hey pens fans,
I have heard from multiple sources that Edzo's days as the pens coach are numbered. That only makes sense with the season we have had. Something needs to be done. Some of these rumors have the end of his tenure as coach being as soon as today. I think we should look for it in the next few days. Also, the most believable rumor as to who will replace Edzo is the coach of the WBS Penguins of the AHL, Mike Therrien.

14 December 2005

Slots for Mario

Hey pens fans,
Okay, it is time to step up and do something. I signed the petition months ago to help the pens stay in the burgh. The petitiion is for a slots funding to finance the new arena. Please go to http://www.slotsformario.com/sign.asp and sign the petition. We need to do all we can to help save our team and keep th game we love in the city we love. Help keep the penguins in Pittsburgh. Mario has saved the team and the fans time and again. It's time to help him save the team and to save him from having to see his team sold and leaving the city, in which he has played for so long. So, help save the pens. If anyone knows of any other sites trying to save the pens please let me know and i will post them as well.

13 December 2005

St. Louis gives the pens the blues

Hey pens fans,
Pardon, the pitiful pun in the title, I couldn't resist. The pens lost 3-0. It was not a good game for us all around. I don't have any details right now. Sorry. I am totally dead and have work tomorrow and am beat, but trust me it wasn't pretty and we lost yet again. I know this is cynnical, but what else is there to say? It is always the same. We lost. We need to do something, but what?

12 December 2005

Pens lost/Vegas

Hey pens fans,
Well the pens lost 3-1 tonight in hockeytown, usa or Detroit. Recchi had our only goal and we only mustered 17 shots the entire game. ALso according to eklund on his site, there is a group who may be interested in moving the pens to LAs Veas in the coming years. Penguin Fans, we need to do something to show this cuty how much our team means and why they need to help keep it in the burgh. Please do all you can and if your have any ideas on how I could use my blog to help please leave them in my comments and I will check it out. We need to save our Penguins and the eleventh hour is approacjing faster than we thought.


Hey pens fans,
The Penguins recalled Surovy from Wilkes-Barre/Scranton. They play toniight in Detroit.

11 December 2005

Pens beat Avalanche/Trade

Hey pens fans,
To start off the pens traded Steve Poapst to th Blues for Eric Boguniecki, who p layed in tonights game. Marc-Andre Fleury played a solid game in goal tonight for the pens as they beat colorado 4-3 at the igloo. Mark Recchi played a good game for the pens tonight scoring a goal and assistinig on another. A bit of a suprise to some, not me, was the great play of Maxime Talbot, who has been working hard in the background all season. Tonight his determination really came to the front ofit all and he had a goal to boot. The newest penguin Eric Boguniecki played a good game tonight. He was hopping all over the ice and had a few good shots on net, but his real shining moments were of a defensive nature. This is one guy to watch. Also note that the pens were without, Lemieux, Palffy, and LeClair tonight, three of our best scorers. This was a huge win for he pens considering the great season colorado has been having and that the Avs' roster reads a bit like a future hall of fame roster. That's it for now. Hopefully they can ride this win into the nest game.

08 December 2005

We lost again

Hey pens fans,
The pens got massacred tonight by the Wild. It was really bad.


Hey pens fans,
Mario Lemieux is out of the hospital and will be okay. The pens are saying he will be playing sometime in the near future.

Nothing New on Lemieux

Hey pens fans,
I have not heard anything else about Lemieux. Pens play toight at the Mellon Arena against the Minnesota Wild. Mario will not play tonight.

07 December 2005

Lemieux Hospitalized

Hey pens fans,
Mario Lemieux had been hospitalizd with an irregular heaertbeat. More info as I hear it...

US Hockey Hall of Fame

Hey pens fans,
It was brought to my attention that I did not specifically mntion that Herb Brooks is being inducted into the US Hockey Hall of Fame not the Hockey Hall of Fame. Though, I knew this the words were missd when I typed it. It does say this in the article I have a link for. Sorry for any confusion.

Herb Brooks

Hey pens fans,
Former penguins coach and scout, Herb Brooks, who coached the 1980 Miracle on ice Olympic team will e inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame. Her died tragically a few years ago in a car crash. I think this induction was a long titme in coming. For more infor check out http://pittsburghpenguins.com/team/features/arts/1509.0.php Herb Brooks was a great man of hockey and has been missed by many. This is a great honor and only fitting for all his accomplishments.

03 December 2005

Pens go down in flames

Hey pens fans,
Th pens lost tot the flames tonight 3-2. Crosby broke his scoreless streak witht a goal. The last 4.2 seconds were a real heart breaker. Thepens had a shot go off the pipe inthe final seconds. Then came within ans inch of tieing that game. This one hurts. Next game Thursaday against Minnesota.

01 December 2005

Pens Fall to Rangers

Hey pens fans,
The pens lost to the Rangers tonight 2-1. Whitney scored the lone pens goal and Fleury made 30 saves in the game.
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