30 September 2005

pens fall

Hey pens fans,
The pens fell to the caps 4-3 tonight.

27 September 2005


Hey pens fans,
Pens win 7-2 over columbus. Lemieux was the 1st star. Crosby had an assist. At then end of the game there was a shootout to deomonstrate what one was and Lemieux scored there as well, but those were not added to the score. Crosby did not score in his shootout attempt.

26 September 2005

2 more losses

Hey pens fans,
Sorry, for being so late with this post I have been having some internet problems. The pens lost their preseason game on Saturday. They also lost to the caps sunday. On saturday Crosby scored a goal.

24 September 2005


Hey pens fans,
So, how about those pens? Well, it is early in the preseason and there is nothing much to talk about. As far as anyone knows, they are not looking to deal anyone specific. Personally, I think the team will be strong. I guess I am more of a "color" writer and with nothing going on, for the most part. I have very little to say. Well, hopefully I will be more colorful later.

22 September 2005

Pre-season Loss #2

Hey pens fans,
Well, pens fans in Sidney Crosby's debut for the pens he recored an assit on a Recchi goal. The pens lost to the Bruins 5-4 in ot. That's about it for now.

19 September 2005

Pre-season Loss

Hey pens fans,
Pens lost to the BlueJackets 3-2 in overtime tonight. More on the preseason later...

14 September 2005


Hey pens fans,
Former Penguin Ron Francis has retired.

13 September 2005


Hey pens fans,
The pens finally resigned Brooks Orpik and today was the first day of training camp.


Hey pens fans,
"Following a conference call with members of the Executive Board on Monday evening, Ted Saskin made the following statement: “After good dialogue with members of the Executive Board, I decided that it was in the best interests of the membership to conduct a secret ballot vote amongst our Player Representatives and Executive Officers so that there are absolutely no questions regarding my election as Executive Director and General Counsel.” The NHLPA will make no further comment on this matter until the voting process has been completed."
Basically Saskin stepped down due to controversy over him taking Goodenow's place and now the PA is going to vote on who they want and he could very likely be voted back into the job.

12 September 2005


Hey pens fans,
Well, i forgot to post this earlier, but the pens resigned Lemieux. It's not like we didn't know that would happen he only owns the team. So, I am stating the obvious.

09 September 2005

Crosby, Beech, Roster

Hey pens fans,
Well, the Penguins have announced that they officially signed Crosby, but we already knew about that. Also, Kris Beech has been traded to Nashville for a conditional draft pick in 2006. The pens have announced their offical training camp roster, which can be seen at the following link.


Hey pens fans,
The pens are holding a press conference today to oficially announce the signing of Sidney Crosby. I have heard that his contract is based on the 850,000 and that there are many incentives built in, i.e. games played, goals scored etc.

08 September 2005

Training Camp

Hey pens fans,
The pens will open training camp on Septmeber 13. Many of the practices will be open to the public at the Mellon Arena. Follow this link for more info on going to the practices. http://pittsburghpenguins.com/team/press/arts/1316.0.php

06 September 2005


Hey pens fans,
Well, not that this directly relates to the pens, but this does effect hockey as a whole. Scott Stevens has retired. That's righ the longtime Devil has called it quits.

05 September 2005


Hey pens fans,
As the beginning of the NHL season draws near, a feeling of fall is in the air. This makes me think of nothing, but hockey. Perhaps, the missed season is to blame for this, but there is definetly excitment. With every player being analyzed in every way possible because we can finally talk hockey, I thought perhaps we should look at hockey in Pittsburgh. I think it is time to remember fond memories. Looking back over the years, not much has changed. Yes, attendance is better some years than others and yes players come and go, but the fans stay through and through. I don't mean the people who pay attention to hockey when we win or get a great player. I am talking about the fans who were there for the cups, who were there when we lost the confernce finals in 1996 to Florida, who were there when mario retired, who were there for the bad times, who were there for the comback, for the fans who were there through the lockout and remain here for a promising season and a for Crosby. Yes the die hard fans have stuck it out. Whether the game is sold out or only 5,000 people come we can definetly make enough noise to rock the roof. I cannot wait until i am sitting in the igloo surrounded by the other fans and all that can be heard is a defeaning Let's Go Pens!!! I can still smell the scent of nachos and beer that linger in the air and on your clothes for hours. This is a hockey town no matter what others may say.

02 September 2005

Lyle Odelien

Hey pens fans,
Well, the latest is that the pens are said to have signed Lyle Odelien. He is a defenseman who spent the last season with Florida.


Hey pens fans,
Well, apparently Ted Saskin is going to be taking the vacancy left by Goodenow's leaving. I have been hearing that this was done in a highly unusual way, that went against the procedures that should be followed by PA. I am not sure exactly wht happened or what was done incorrectly, if anything. I will try to find more. All I can say for sure is Saskin is now the man in charge.

01 September 2005


Hey pens fans,
Pens sign Ryan Malone.


Hey pens fans,
Well, I am pensb2b9192 the new writer. Well, at least I hope so. The pens have been pretty active this off season and have made some good acquisitions. Adding Gonchar, Leclair, Thibault, and everyone else has deinetly been a huge plus. The question still remains, do they have what it takes as a team? All the hype about Crosby makes me think. Guys, yes he is suposed to be the next Lemiuex, but remember he is still a kid. I think we need to give him some time before we rest the fate of the franchise on his shoulders. Lemieux is still Mario and will always be the best, but we have to remember he is a bit older now and, though still magnificant, al little slower than he once was. I think having him there is the best thing in the world for Crosby. I guess we will see once the season starts. I think the pens are going to be much stronger than they were in the last season. We have really added some depth and experience to our ranks. This shold pay off this season. I am going to take a leap of faith and say that it would not surpirse me if the pens made it back into the playoffs this year. Only time will tell...

New Writer

Hey pens fans,
Well, nothing much ging on now that involves our pens. I do have abit of news to share with you though. I have added another member to the penshockey team on a trial basis. pensb2b9192 will also be posting on the site to try to give more hockey info to the loyal readers. As pensb2b9192 has been toldthis is on a trial basis. I do not want to jeapordize my credibility or lose my readers, so if you do not like pensb2b9192 please tell me. Also, tell me if you really like what my new writer says. Email and thoughts, opinions or concerns @ pensfan17148@msn.com or leave it as a comment here on the blog. Pensb2b9192 also wants to know what you think and they can be contacted by he same name on AIM.
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