29 June 2009

Pens Sign Adams and Guerin

Guerin was signed to a one year deal.

Adams was signed to a two year deal.

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15 June 2009

Live from the parade

Been here for 2 hours in front row e blocks back from stage will get picks up later tonight.

Come join if you are here just comment on this post
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14 June 2009


I think that is the only thing I have been able to think since the game. What a game. It is was great to watch. The celebrations that ensued were nuts. Now, I think that I can talk about the game with a slightly more level-headed apporach.

It was a tough fought game on both sides. Fleury made some key saves. Talbot had both goals and really seemed to take it upon himself to do it. The whole team really stepped it up. Gill, Fedotenko, Orpik, Staal, and others really took it to the next level. Malkin played a solid game, as did Crosby. Sid's injjury seemed like a dark omen to me. I could see it all slipping away. The team rallied and took it to the finish.

This has been an amazing season and the Pens have earned all the credit in the world fr how they came back to make it here.

Bylsma had solidified himself as an NHL coach.

That is it for now. See everyone tomorrow at the parade.

Congratulations to the 2009 Stanley Cup Champion Pittsburgh Penguins!!!!!!!!!

I will never get sick of saying that.

13 June 2009

Pens Win Cup!

Stanley is coming home!!!!!

More later....
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09 June 2009

Pens Win! Force game 7!

Okay, now that I can breathe again. What a game! I am shaking still. I just can't believe it. It is surreal. This was an amazinng game. Sykora played like a man possessed. And Mad Max was truly mad. Fleury played a solid game and a little luck helped to. Lol. Staal played a good game, as did Kennedy. I really have no complaints right now. I think that I am too high on the win to analyze anything in an analytical or pragmatic way.
Let's Go Pens!
Stanley Come Home!
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07 June 2009

Games 4 and 5

Game 5 was amazing but I never managed to get my post up. Game 5 was horrible and still no time. Hopefully I can get it up soon.
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02 June 2009

Pens Win!

Tonight's win was huge. Max Talbot was insane and it was great to watch. The second period was a bit dicy, but the game turned back in our favor.

It was a great game.

I have no voice left and am dead tired, but it was great.

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Live from Game 3

Well, I have been at the igloo for about 45 minutes or so. The place is starting to get a crowd in it. The Players should be coming out for the pregame skate before I finish writing this.

The first 2 gameas did not go in our favor, but there were some definite bright spots. We had a lot of good scoring chances and rang at least 4 off the post in game 2. Fleury needs to be more consistant for us. We are definetly in a better place being down 2-0 in the series than we were last year. We can do this.

As predicted, the players just hit the ice. More later. Let's Go Pens!
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