04 March 2007

Pens Sweep Philly for the Season with a Shootout Victory!

Hey pens fans,
This afternoon the Pens took on the Flyers for the final time this season. The final score after the shootout was Pens ovevr Flyers 4-2. The Pens were down 2-0 going into the second period. In the second they made it 2-1, when Roberts scored from Gonchar and Whitney. They made it 2-2 to ffinish the second on a powerplay goal from Erik Christensen, assisted by Roberts and Gonchar. In the third, Philly came back to make it 3-2. Christensen lit the lamp again with his goal from Ouellet and Roberts to tie the game. In the shootout, Christensen got the first goal and Crosby scored as well to win the game. Finals score was 4-3.
The Crosby goal that was disallowed was crap and the refs made a bad call ir at least that is the way i interpret the rules. He batted the puck down and then shot it. the rule is you cannot bat it into the net and it was not above the shoulder to allow for the puck controling bat. Yet, the refs waited until after the goal was scored to blow the whistle. My second gripe is the delay of game they called on Fleury. I know that they are trying to crack down on goalies, who freeze the puck unnessisarily, but he had no choice if he gavev up the puck it would have surely ended in a Flyers goal. I think that was a horrible call.

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