01 November 2007

Penguins to Induct Cofey and Locker Room Assistant Sciulli into Team's Hall of Fame

Hey pens fans,
The Pensuins have announced that they will induct Paul Coffey into their Hall of Fame, as well as, locker room assistant Frank Sciulli. Coffey spent 5 years with the Pens during the cup era. He was a key part to the teams success. Sciulli was a locker room assistant from 1967 until he passed away this past summer. Coffey will be inducted as a player and Sciulli will be inducted as a builder.

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Anonymous said...

Frank Sciulli had a remarkable and lasting effect on the team and many players. If you were to mention his name around anyone who was on or affiliated with the team before he passed away you would realize his impact.

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