27 February 2012

Quiet Day

Well, our Pens made no moves. So, nothing much to discuss. The league was very quiet, as a whole. I guess I will have more for you about the pens as we head into the final push to the playoffs.

26 February 2012

Pens Rumors

Hey Pens' Fans,
Time for my first quit hit of rumors.

To start off, I know that everyone has heard or talked of shopping Brent Johnson. I don't think it is entirely likely. I know that he has been inconsistent and that he will be an unrestricted free agent, but it not as bad, as it seems. I am not saying he is spectacular and we should never let h go. I am saying that the Pens fair far better than most of the league in the goalie department. I am not sure that others that are available would be worth the cap hit. I would not be surprised, if we traded him and got a pick or something. It just does not seem to be a top priority for the Pens nor should it be.

Rumors are swirling that that the Lightning are interested in dealing former Pen and Pittsburgh native Ryan Malone. Malone has a not trade clause and it is said he will waive it to return to Pittsburgh. I have heard that he Pens have some interest, but honestly it would have to be the right deal for it to work with the hit to the cap and all. I would like to see Malone back and think he would fit into our current roster. What I trying to figure out is what deal would be beneficial for boh teams that could make that happen.

I know I have been out of blogging for a bit, but I get tons of emails from friends and acquaintances about rumors this time of year. Many of you keep asking about Jagr coming back for God knows what reason. It is NOT happening and why would we want him back. So, for he record I have heard no rumors about any interest in bringing him back and I doubt that I will.

More as I hear it...

Back to where it all began...

Hey. Pens' Fans,

It was 2 years ago at the trade dealine, when I last posted and updated.  It has been far too long.  My love of hockey has never waivered.  Work and life got in the way, but now I am back to what really matters.  I am restarting my old tradition on 24 hour trade watch leading into the dealine.  So, with a hot mug of coffee and armed with every internet capable device I could find, I stage a return.

My love of hockey and the the interrworksings of deals, trades and drafts, have always been my passion.  So I thought what better time than the eve of the dealine to go back to what I love.

I hope to keep up with all the rumors and transactions for everyone.

It's great to be back and there is not a more exciting time to jump back in.
Thank you for visiting Penshockey, please stop back.