31 October 2005

Erik Christensen

Hey pens fans,
The pens have also recalled Erik Christensen.

Ryan Whitney

Hey pens fans,
The pens have called up Ryan Whitney from WBS. They begin their 5 game road trip tomorrow in New Jersey.

29 October 2005

Pens Lost

Hey pens fans,
The pens lost to the hurricanes 5-3 tonight at the igloo. Carolina scored first then the pens tied it at one all on a goal by Leclair from Koltsov and Jackman. the the pens scored in the second period on the power play. It was Gonchar from Recchi and Lemieux. the pens third goal was from Ziggy Palffy Unassisted. The canes scored late in the third to make it 4-3 and then scored the empty net goal. Final score Canes 5 Pens 3.


Hey pens fans,
Dick Tarnstrom suffered a torn MCL in Thursday's win over Atlanta. This puts him out for quite a while. This is a horrible blow to the pens defense, who has been struggleing all year.

27 October 2005

Pens Win!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey pens fans,
The pens finally won a game! That's right we finally won. The final score was 7-5 against the Tharashers tonight. Mario netted the first goal for the pens from Jackman and Crosby. Mario also got the second goal from Recchi and Jackman. The third goal was Gonchar from Recchi and Mario. The fourth goal was scored by Gonchar from Crosby and Mario. the fifth goal was Leclair from Malone and Palffy. The sixth goal was Jackman from Palffy anf Malone. the seventh goal was Leclair from Gonchar and Mario. That's a lot of points all around. Mario had 5 pts tonight. Hopefully this trend continues when he pens take on the Hurricanes saturday at the igloo.

25 October 2005


Hey pens fans,
We are the 17th team in league history to go winless in the first nine games.


Hey pens fans,
We lost agaiin tonight in overtime. Yep, we still haven't won a game. We have got be close to some record for this. Final score was 4-3 ot. I am too frustrated to say much more. Lemieux was livid after the penelty late in the third that carried over into overtime and which the goal was scored during. Mario was ticked, trust I read his lips on the tv it was not pretty, but I will not print that kind of language. He was mad.

23 October 2005

disappearing rumor

Hey pens fans,
Well, I have heard absolutly nothing more abou the coaching rumors I heard. A few of my sources have removed that info or say not that they are unsure. I am not sure hwat is really happening. The team needs to do something. Many people feel that a coaching change would be a bad idea. I am not sure if it would be. The team needs to do something. I will try to find out more about this disappearing rumor...

22 October 2005

Pens still winless

Hey pens fans,
Well, we lost again. The pens fell by a score of 6-3 tonight in Boston against the Bruins. It wasn't pretty at all. The pens took some bad penelties, including a bench penely for too many men on the ice. It was horrible. Gonchar, Orpik, and Malone each netted goals for the pens tonight, but that was not enough. I think Edzo's job is definetly in danger and action may be taken soon. I keep hearing rumors about the pens shopping for a coach all over the place. It also makes perfect sense with the season we have had thus far. I no specifics as too who they have been talking to, but know that they are looking, according to a few reliable sources. More as I hear it...


Hey pens fans,
Well, I wasn't sure if i should believe this one or not so, I waited until I heard it from a few places, which I find credible. The clock is ticking on Edzo's time behind the bench. I am hearing that if things don't pick up and fast he is gone. With the roster we have, there has to be something wrong. We should be winning and fairly often. I don't think it is our chemistry, everything seems to flow well. Well, for now its just a rumor. I will let you know if I hear more. Tonight pens @ Bruins 7:00 faceoff.

20 October 2005

Still Winless

Hey pens fans,
Sorry to be the bearer of bad news once again, but the pens lost to the Devils 6-3 tonight. The pens are still winless this season. Thibault returned tonight, but was pulled in the third period. So much for that hope. The pens go to Boston on Saturday still in search of their first win. Keep a close look on the pens in the coming weeks. Edzo is sure to mix up the lines quite a bit and don't be surprised if craig patrick makes summoves to try to better this team. I have nothing specific right now, but the word is he is looking and looking hard.

17 October 2005

Fleury sent down

Hey pens fans,
Mark-Andre Fleury has been sent back down to the Wilkes-Barre/Scranton Peguins of the AHL. Thibault is said to be good to go for the next game.

16 October 2005

pens fall to lightning/my soap box

Hey pens fans,
The pens lost to the defending stanley cup champion lightning 3-1 tonight. The pens only goal was Palffy assited by crosby. Fleury was in goal for the pens. One great thing he did tonight was when the pens were pulling him the lightning got the ouck and shot for the goal, but fleury dove across the ice and grabbed it like a short stop. That was definetly hightlight reel material. The pens defense continued to struggle tonight. We were horrible in our own zone and couldn't seem to keep anything in at the point when on the attack. Now forgive me, but i am going on my soap box now. Well, the new rule changes could be great. I know tht this may sound biased, because I am a pens fan, but this was some of the worst officiating I have ever witnessed. The calls were completely one-sided and in the 3rd period they put the whistle way all together. One o the only penelties that was actually called on the lightning was bench penelty for too many men on the ice. I still cannot believe they gave crosby that unsportsman-like conduct ater his hooking call. I think something needs to be done about devorski (i think i spelled that right). He called a horrible game tonight. That's ll the ranting I have for now. Till next time...

14 October 2005

pens fall to philly

Hey pens fans,
Well, the pens lost in overtime to the flyers by a score of 6-5. Edzo did not seem in a good mood. Well, i wouldn't be either, but there seemed to be no positive in his voice. Hopefully we will do better against tampa tomorrow....

10 October 2005

pens fall to sabres

Hey pens fans,
The pens lost 3-2 in OT in Buffalo tonight. Sorry for such a quick update, but i got to go. I may post some more game details later.


Hey pens fans,
Goaltender Marc-Andre Fleury has been called up from the Wilkes-Barre/Scranton Pemguins. I expect him to start in goal for the the pens tonight in Buffalo.

08 October 2005

Pens Lose

Hey pens fans,
the pens fell to the Bruins in a 7-6 ot lose at the Mellon Arena tonight. Congrats to the kid, Sidney Crosby scored his first NHL goal. Lemieux had 2 goals in the game as well. Sebastien Caron was in goal, because Thibault took a shot on the inside of his knee in practice. It is unsure how long he will be out. Defensively, I think that the pens played poorly tonight. Orpick was solid as a d-man and recored a goal as well. The game was back and forth the enitre night. I cannot believe the pens lost this one. We need to get it together. We had problems getting into the zone, so we resorted to dumping it and we never got to it. Hopefully things will be better for the game on monday.

Rumor: Fleury may be called up to start in goal next week.

Also, Gary Bettman has said that the pens need a new arena.

Lord Stanley's Cup came back to the burgh tonight. It was on display in the main concourse. I was one of the fans who managed to get a picture of the herself and the cup on my camera phone.

07 October 2005

Pens fall to Canes in Shootout

Hey pens fans,
The pens were down 2-0 early on and came back to tie it 2-2. They still fell to the Hurricanes in a Shootout. The pens played tremendously well in both the 3rd period and the ot. Tomorrow is the home opener againtst Boston.

05 October 2005

Devils 5 Pens 1

Hey pens fans,
Well, the pens fell to the Devils in the season opener. The pens only goal was scored by Recchi assisted by Crosby and LeClair. The pens had plenty oof power play opportunities, but failed to capitalize on them. Thibault stuggled in goal and his performance needs to improve or this could be a long season for the pens.


Hey pens fans,
Hockey is back in t minus 10.... yes, the new season is about to launch. How long have we waited for this moment. Too long my frineds too long. Yes our sport is back. Tonight we will be sitting in front of our tvs watching the teams we love play the game we love. Tonight the fans truely return to their sport. The teams become real once again. It is the dawn of a new era. The new NHL is here. What does that mean? At this point one can only guess, but it the hope of a league with great hockey and less cheap shots and hopefuly the end to the trap. The trap is a rutheless evil strategy, that while it worked for some teams, it ruined the idea of what hockey was. Tonight the game returns. Tonight is the regular season debut of Sidney Crosby. Yes, ladies and gentlemen the moment we have all waited for is close upon us. Not to disappoint, but it is his first regular season game and the whole world is watching. So, let's give the kid a shot and not fault him if he doesn't score on the first shot like Mario did. So be ready for a night of great hockey adn Let's Go Pens. Here's to the night...

03 October 2005

and down they go

Hey pens fans,
The pens have assigned the following players to Wilkes-Barre/Scranton of the AHL.
FORWARDS – Colby Armstrong, Erik Christensen, Matt Hussey, Michel Ouellet, Tomas Surovy DEFENSEMEN – Daniel Fernholm, Ryan Lannon, Andy Schneider, Noah Welch, Ryan Whitney

02 October 2005

Pens Smash Caps

Hey pens fans,
This was an exciting preseason game. The pens beat the caps 7-1. The goals for the Pens were, Fata from Koltsov and Murley, Recchi from Crosby and Gonchar, Scuderi from Murley and Pirjeta, Jackman on the Power play from Gonchar and Lemieux, Palffy on the power play from Malone and Lemieux, Lemieux from Palffy, and lastly Palffy from Lemieux on the Power play. This game was total domination by the pens. After the game they held a demo shootout to show how it works. The pens only goal inthat was Lemieux on a licky bounce. Thibault let everything in during the shootout. This worries me, but he was solid during the game. I think the new rules are working fairly well. I am still wondering about the effectiveness of the refs calling the penelties and some of the stuf called and missed tonight, but we will see. Let's Go Pens!


Hey pens fans,
Marc-Andre Fleury has been sent down to Wilkes-Barre/Scranton.


Hey pens fans,
I am going to the pens preseason game on sunday. Hopefully, this will give me some more insite into how we will do this year. I am also looking forward to seeinig how the rule changes work. I will let you how it goes.
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