30 December 2006

Pens beat Leafs in front of a sold out crowd at the mellon arena

Hey pens fans,
Tonight, the Pens defeated the Leafs 4-1. It was a sell o ut crowd at Mellon Arena tonight and many Leafs fans made the trek to the game. Christensen opened up the scoring with a powerplay goal from Crosby and Ouellet. Thenin the second Toronto came back as MAts Sundin tied it up at one a piece. Then in the third Gonchar scored on the Power play from Crosby and Malkin. Then Malkin scored on the power play assisted by rosby and Malkin. To round out the Pens' scoring Jordan Staal scored unassisted. Fleury was in oal stopping 30 of 31 shots tonight. nils Ekman took a nasty fall in the corner and went directly into the Penguins locker room. Another player jumped onto the ice the ice, becasue play had not stopped and the Pens were assessed a penelty for too many men on the ice. It is believed that Ekman injured his elbow and will be re-evaluated. It looked like it could be bad folks.

26 December 2006

Pens Fall to Devils

Hey pens fans,
Tonight, the PEns took on the New Jersey Devils in Jersey. They lost the game with a final score of 3-0. Marc-Andre Fleury was in goal stopping 26 of 29 shots. The Pens had 26 shots and took 8 penelties, but killed all of them. they had five power play chances and didn't score on any or at all in the game for that matter.

23 December 2006

More Pens News/ KC Preds?

Hey pens fans,
Well one rumor I have seen bouncin around online is that there is considerable interest in moving the Predators from Nashville to Kansas City. Perhaps, the Pens can stay in Pittsburgh then. Also, it is rumored that MArk Cuban has or is in the process of putting together an ownership group to buy the Pens. Basillie has now said he is again interested in buyin the team. Some politicians are saying that a deal for a new arena could be done in 2 months or less. That's it for now. Merry Christmas! I will post over the holiday if something breaks...

21 December 2006

Pens Fall to Thrashers in Shootout on the Road

Hey pens fans,
Tonnight, the Pens took on the Atlanta Thrashers on the road. The fnal score, after the shootout, was 4-3. Jordan Staal scored short-handed in the second period. Thenin the third Malone scored assisted by Orpik and Crosby. Then Sidnet Crosby scored assisted by Christensen and Recchi with just seconds remaining in the game. The game went into a shootout where the Thrashers scored twice. thibault was in goal stopping 29 of 32 shots during the game.

Lemieux statement

Hey pens fans,
This is Lemieux's Statement

"Recent developments, including Wednesday’s decision by the PGCB, and the recent termination of the purchase agreement by Jim Balsillie have convinced us that it is time to take control of our own destiny. Accordingly, starting Thursday, the team is off the market, and we will begin to explore relocation options in cities outside Pennsylvania. After seven years of trying to work out a new arena deal exclusively in Pittsburgh, we need to take into consideration the long-term viability of the team and begin discussions with other cities that may be interested in NHL teams.
As soon as we are no longer restricted by our agreement with Isle of Capri from negotiating an arena deal here, in the next few weeks, we will also begin discussions with local leaders about a viable Pittsburgh arena plan.
We will have no further comment at this time."

This is truly a dark hour for the Penguins. If anyone has ideas on how to help save our Pens please email me at pensfan17148@msn.com Now, it is time for action, even more than before.

20 December 2006

IOC does not get slots license / Pens Future Uncertain

Hey pens fans,
This is the Statment released by Ken Sawyer on behalf of the Penguins today after Isle of Capri did not get the slots license.

"We congratulate Don Barden and PITG Gaming on their successful bid. Obviously, we are very disappointed that the Isle of Capri was not awarded the slots license. We want to thank them for their effort over the past year, including an unprecedented offer to fully fund construction of a new arena had they received the license.
We also want to thank the dozens of local leaders and thousands of fans and concerned citizens who voiced their support for what they believed was the best plan for our region. Had Isle of Capri been selected, it would have ensured the long-term future of the Penguins in Pittsburgh and would have delivered a $1 billion development opportunity to the Lower Hill and Uptown.
At this point, our franchise enters a period of uncertainty, with our lease at Mellon Arena set to expire this summer. We will re-evaluate all of our options before deciding on a course of action and making further comment."

This statement was unsettling, but realistic. Here is Gary Bettman's statement.

“The decision by the Gaming Commission was terrible news for the Penguins, their fans and the NHL. The future of this franchise in Pittsburgh is uncertain and the Penguins now will have to explore all other options, including possible relocation. The NHL will support the Penguins in their endeavors.”

Lemieux previously stated that himself and the ownership group would re-evaluate after today. It seems very uncertain, what will happen.

I have one wish for Chrsitmas and I think all Penguin fanns are thinking the same thing. All I want is for the Pens to stay in Pittsburgh. I guess now all we an do is wait and hope...

19 December 2006

Pens Fall to Blues

Hey pens fans,
Well, it is the Pens who are blue now. (sorry i couldn't resist) They lost tonight 4-1 at the Mellon Arena to St. Louis. Evgeni Malkin had thhe Pens' lone goal assisted by Sidney Crosby and Nils Ekman. Fleury started in oal and was replaced after a period. He let in 3 goals on 12 shots only stopping 9. Thibault finished out the game stopping 13 of 14. This was a bad game. Hopefully, we can erase it from our memories and move on. I hope this does not haunt us.

Lemieux Press Conference

Hey pens fans,
Sorry. this took so long to post, but it has been one of those weeks and its only Tuesday. Lemieux basically said that the deal is off and himself and the Lemieux Group LP are not looking at other offers until after the slots license is awarded tomorrow. At that time, they will reevaluate their positon and proceed from there. As we know, if Isle of Capri gets the license the Pns get and arena and a new owner would have to keep them here. More as it unfolds...

18 December 2006

details on Balsillie's cancelled deal

Hey pens fans,
Apparently the NHL gave him extra terms to the deal, these included a clause that would make him keep the Pens in Pittsburgh, no matter what happened. Therewas a part of the deal that would give the NHL control of the team if things did not work out well also. that's all i have been able to find

17 December 2006

Pens Lose in Montreal

Hey pens fans,
The Pens lost by a score of 6-3 against the Canadiens. Malkin scored the Pens' first goal from Christensen and Orpik. The Pens' second goal was scored by Nasreddine from Crosby and Recchi. thier tird and final goal was by Christensen from Talbot. Fleury was in goal stopping 27 of 32 shots.

16 December 2006

Pens win and Bassili with draws bid to buy team

Hey pens fans,
The Pens took on the Islanders at the Mellon arena. The final score was 7-4. Ryan Malone had a hat trick and Recchi got his 800th assist.
The goals were Malone from Crosby and Recchi; Crosby from Recchi and Whitney; Recchi from Ekman and Malkin; Staal from Moore; Talbot from Melichar and Armstrong; Malone from Crosby and Recchi; and Malone from Crosby and Scuderi
Thibault was in net stopping 28 of 32 shots.

Also, Bassili has withdrwn his offer to buy the Pens. something broke dow in his negotiations with the league. No one seems to know what or why. this omes just days beofre the slots license is anounced. More if I can find it...

14 December 2006

Pens Relaese LeClair

Hey pens fans,
The Pens have released John LeClair. This means that he is now an Unrestricted Free Agent. I would look for a team in need of a veteren on a budget to pic him up for around half a million. As a UFA, he could draw some interest, since it is likely he can be had at a cheaper rate.

13 December 2006

Pens Win! 8-4

Hey pens fans,

Tonight, Pens took on the Flyers at the Mellon Arena. The Pens won by a score of 8-4. Yes, that is a lot of goals. So, here is the Pens' scoring run-down...

1st Period

4:06 Goal by Thornburn assisted by Ruutu
5:06 Goal by Crosby assisted by Malone and Scuderi
12:50 Goal by Gonchar assisted by Recchi and Crosby (PP)

2nd Period

5:56 Goal by Malone assisted by Crosby and Gonchar (PP)
7:17 Goal by Gonchar assisted by Crosby and Malone
9:29 Goal by Recchi assisted by Gonchar and Crosby

3rd Period

3:10 Goal by Ouellet assisted by Malone and Crosby (PP)

19:53Goal by Staal assisted by Gonchar (SH)

Crosby had 1 goal and 5 assists for 6 points. He is now in first place in the scorin race and in all-star voting.

Marc-Andre Fleury was in oal for most of the game stopping 18 or 22 shots.

Thibault was in net while Fleury was dealing with an eqipment problem and stopped 1 of 1 shots.

A decision on LeClair should be made within a few days.

The slots license will be awarded soon, as well.

11 December 2006

Pens defeat Capitals in a Shoot-out

Hey pens fans,
Tonight, the took on the Washington Capitals. The final score was 5-4. The Pens goals were as follows...
Talbot assisted by Ruutu and Thorburn
Christensen assisted by Ouellet and Moore
Crosby assisted by Malkin
Malkin assisted by Malone and Crosby

Shoot-out Goals by Christensen and Malkin. Pens win the shootout 2-1.

Final Game score was 5-4 Pens. (4 goals + 1 for the shoot-out victory)

09 December 2006

Pens Thrash the Thrashers

Hey pens fans,
Tonight, in Atlanta the Pens defeated the Thrashers 4-3.
The goals were...
Sidney Crosby assisted by Gonchar and Dupont
Evgeni Malkin assisted by Crosby and Gonchar
Ryan Whitney assisted by Malkin and Christensen
Colby Armstrong assisted by Malkin

Fleury was in goal stopping 20 of 23 shots.

The Pens put up 43 shots on net tonight.

07 December 2006

Rangers defeat Pens in Shootout/ LeClair

Hey pens fans,
The final score was 3-2 Rangers. Nils Ekman scored the Pens first goal on a penelty shot. Sidney Crosby scored the Pens other goal assisted by Recchi and Fleury. Fleury was in goal stopping 20 of 22 shots on net.
As for LeClair he has NOT cleared re-entry waivers and is still assigned to Wilkes-Barre/Scranton. No word on if he will have to report there or not.

05 December 2006

Pens Fall to Panthers

Hey pens fans,
Tonight, the Pens lost to the Florida Panthers 3-2. Erik Christensen opened up the Pens' scoring on a goal from Armstrong and Crosby. In the third, Sidney Crosby scored to tie it at 2, assisted by Gonchar. Jocelyn Thibault was in goal tonight stopping 27 of 30 shots. Ryan Malone re-joined the Pens' lineup after being out with a broken forearm. From here the Pens go on a road trip, which opens up Thursday night against the Rangers.

04 December 2006

John Leclair has cleared re-entry waivers

Hey pens fans,

Well, John Leclair has cleared re-entry waivers. I have no idea what move will be made from here. I would guess that a trade would be a logical step. To what team or for what players, however, I cannot yet surmise a guess. I would think that perhaps the Flyers or even the Rangers cold use a guy like him, but that is ust me speculating and as ar as I know no offers have been tendered.

Pens moves some players up and down

Hey pens fans,
The Pens recalled defensemen Miki Dupont and Alain Nasreddine from Wilkes-Barre/Scranton and assigned defenseman Noah Welch to Wilkes- Barre/Scranton.
FYI - Nothing new with LeClair, as of yet.

02 December 2006

Pens Fall to Islanders

Hey pens fans,
Tonight, the Pens lost to the Islanders 5-3 tonight. Armstrong scored the first goal assited by Malkin and Crosby. Christensen scored next assisted by Whitney and Fleury. The Pens inal goal was scored by Recchi assisted by Whitney and Crosby. Fleury was in goal stopping 30 of 35 shots on goal.

On another note, Andre Roy was pice up by the Lightning on re-entry waivers, which means the Pens are responsible for half of his salary.


Hey pens fans,
The Penguins have assigned John LeClair to Wilkes-Barre/Scranton of the AHL.

01 December 2006

Malkin Named Rookie of the Month for November

Hey pens fans,
That's right, Evgeni Malkin has been named rookie of the month for the second straight month.

Pens fall to devils and LeClair cleared waivers

Hey pens fans,
Tonight, the Pens lost to the Devils in New Jersey 5-2. Christensen scored assisted by Malkin and Gonchar. Then Malkin scored assisted by Gonchar and Melichar. Fleury started in goal and was pulled after letting in goals on 8 shots. Thibault finished the night stopping 18 of 19.

John LeClair cleared waivers today. Trust me guys he will not be in Pittsburgh long.
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