01 June 2008

Stanley Cup Finals Game 4: Wings 2 Pens 1

Well, this was a hard night for the Penguins. This was the first home loss since February 24th. This game was frustrating to watch, as a Pens' Fan, though I am sure the Wing's Fans loved at least the final two periods. The Penguins were deflated at the end of this game, as a group. One positive was in the post game press conferences, hope could still be heard in Sidney Crosby's voice. He seemed to get mad, when one of the questions hinted that it was all over. One thing that the Pens need to do more of is shoot the puck. Bob Grove and Phil Bourque pointed this out on the radio after the game. I know that it was likely apparent to all, who saw it, but that was all that I saw that we could change. We plaayed hard. We got beat. With the exception of our lackluster 5 on 3, we played a fairly solid game. The Red Wings just were better. This game coculd have gone either way and, iff we shot the puck more and did not miss so many opportunites, the game likely would have been ours. Malkin has rececntly hit a dry spell of fepic proportions. The crowd was behind him tonight and "Geno" chants were fairly common. You could see the utter frustration on his face. Monday is going to be one tough game going back to Detroit down 3-1. If any team can come back and hold off the Wings, it is the Penguins. As Crosby said after the game, the team cannot look at it as having to commeback and win three games in a row. They have to look at it as winning on Monday and after Monday focus on the next goal. It is a tough road ahead and it is not over, by a long shot. I know it is hard to find optimism,, right now. I am having that problem and I am the perpetual Penguin cheerleader to a nauseating extent, as many of you know. Don't stop believing. Don't let this get you down Pens Fans. This team is not a one time thing. We are trying to build a winning team that is lasting and this glimmer of greatness is the first product of that. We have the makings of a dynasty in Pittsburgh and our time will come...

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