07 June 2008

Quick Rumors

Ok, so now that the sting of the loss is beginning to lessen a bit, it is time for off-season rumors.

Ryan Malone - I love him and hope he is a Penguin next season. He is currently a very sought after player. There are few teams that would not want him. I think is has been underestimated in Pittsburgh until recently. I hope a deal cana be made to keep him here, but Columbus is very interested in him and I have also heard that a south east team is also interested, as well.

Pascal Dupuis - The best bonus the Pens have gotten on a trade. As a part of the Hossa deal, his arrival was overshadowed. I think that he will likely be a Penguin next season.

thinkuvasn4me sent me an im asking about the Malkin rumors. I do not think that there is any truth to them on the Penguins end. We are by no means hsoppinig him, but I would think that Shero would entertain serious offers. I do not think that Malkin will be leaving Pittsburgh in the near future. The number 2 regular season scorer is not easily traded.

That is it for now. I am heading to Maui for some relaxation. If anything major breaks, I will do my best to post it. If any one hears anything, please feel free to post it as a comment to this blog, in my absence, to keep each other informed.

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lcyeiser said...

Who says the sting has worn off? Check it out: http://sneakpeeks.typepad.com/blog/2008/06/detroit-beat-th.html

Don't ask me to explain. I'm still grieving.


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