20 June 2008

Quick Rumors

Well, the off season always leads to rumors in a plentiful number, particularly with the draft this weekend. There has been a large amount of buzz about the Penguins. Many teams have interest in many of our previvously underrated players, such as Ryan Malone, Brooks Orpik, Pascal Dupuis, and others. There are so many rumors about them that it is nearly impossible to seperate legitimate possibilities from pure fiction. As for the Malkin rumors, many are shocked that the Penguins would consider trading him. I am not shocked. He is the type of player that is very oveable and will likely play for many teams before his NHL career ends. I am not saying that he will be definetly moved this off season, but it has good possibility. I have heard that both the Kings and the Panthers have interest. I also heard the Capitals do, but I doubt the Penguins would want to give Ovechkin Malkin, as a teammate. We do not want to create a tandom like that, unless it is on our team. If Malkin is to be moved, I think that the draft is the most likely time and place. I will have complete coverage of the draft and the deals after it ends. I will be away this weekend, but will be on top of the draft and all the trades and upon my return, I will give a full post on all the goings-on.

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