24 June 2008

An Update on All Things Peguins

The Penguins have made qualifying offers to the followin RFAs: Mark Ardelan, Paul Bissonnette, Tim Brent, Patrick Ehelechner, Daniel Fernholm, Jonathan Filewich, and Ryan Stone.

In addition to the Pens, Ottawa and Toronto have interest in Gary Roberts.

Brian Campbell is said to be narrowing his list of possible teams and the Peguins are still very much in this.

Marian Hossa will likely sign with a team north of the border, but he has not completely declined returning to the Pens.

Ryan Malone has half of the NHL interested in him from what I am hearing. I cannot even begin to seperate the real contenders from the pure fiction. There are too many, but I have a feeling that Pittsburgh' s own might be moving on.

Marcus Naslund - Now, there is a name from the Pens past. Many of you may not remember his time with the Penguins in the latter part of the mid 90s. I do and I have the autograph to prove it. He has really come into his own as a player since he left here many years ago. The Pens are said to be one of his top teams and he is said to be on our shopping list, as well.

Brooks Orpik is not entirely against returning to the Pens and management is not against it either, but what is known is that there is some sorrt of a rift and I do not think his return is a first choice for either side.

Ruutu is talking with a few other teams, most notably Edmonton. It is hard to tell how this will play out, but the Penguins have not been ruled out.

I think that is about it for now...

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