29 May 2008

Stanley Cup Finals Game 3

Well, mae three was the turning point the Pens needed. Yesterday's win brought the Pens back into the series. For us to have a chance in Detroit is to win the game on Saturday. The Pens really came out with a fire light under them and really played their game. The Red Wings played a tough game, but they seemed to lose a little steam later in the game. Brooks Orpik played a good game and those few moments where he went crazy and made around 6 hits in under a minute was amazing. Crosby played a fantastic game. I was skeptical of the return of Sydor, but he played a good game and I think he and Whitney played better as a Defensive pair than Whitney and Letang made. I do think Letang is a good defenseman, who was struggling a abit recently. Well, on to game four...

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