12 May 2008

Conference Finals Game Two: Pens 4 Flyers 2

Well, this game was more physical than the last, but the Pens still came out with the win. Crosby, Hossa, Talbot and Staal had the Pens' goals. The disallowed goal looked to be over the line after I saw the replay, when I got home, but the word from Toronto was that it was unclear if the entire puck crossed the line. You canot tell for sure, but it had to have been. It turns out that the goal was not needed to beat the Flyers. Tyler Kennedy suprised everyone in Mellon Arena by dropping the gloves and going a few rounds with Upshall. The next game will be a tough one. It will be hard to cocme out with a win in Philly. We saw what the crowd does for us in this rivalry and not it is the Flyers turn...

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