05 May 2008

Bring on the Flyers

This is going to be one interesting series. The Flyers are a pretty hot team, right now. Then, you factor in the rivalry between the Pens and Flyers, which will likely elevate both teams, and it is going to get interesting. Biron has been solid in goal and he is not at revered as Lundqvist, but he is someone to pay attention to. Biron has a lot to prove and Fleury has been constantly been proving himself. This is going to be a tough series. Max Talbot is expected to be able to play in the series, though it is uncertain when. My guess would be game one, but that is only a guess on a hunch. Having home ice is going to be a key factor in this series. The Pens need to have the four at home. I hope it doesn't go that long, but this is one series where being at home is key. Let's Go Pens!!!!!

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