03 May 2008

Game 4

Sorry for such a delay on the post. Game 4 was just an odd night. Crosby was not himself. The whole team was out of it. Sid tried to carry the team, but he can't do it alone and he wasn't even playing like himself. Malkin was disasterous throughout the game. this was most obvious with that bad penelty shot attempt. I mean what was he thinking? Hossa still can't get the puck in the net. Eventually, it will bounce his way, but it was easy to tell that it is getting to him. The whole team was out of sorts. It was bad. I don't know what happened to the Pens, but if this is what would happen, we needed to get the loss over with. We were out played. It is as simple at that. Hopefully, the Pens will get back to their winning ways on sunday and end this series. Let's Go Pens!

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