13 May 2009

Game 6

Sorry for the delay in finishing my posts for Game 6. I think I have the Flu.

Thank you to Johnny for your comments posted to my first period update. Shooting is something that a been an issue for the team. Though, as for the number of shots, we did improve. The team missed key opportunites by pass, wheb they had an open net and ended up with an easily stopped shot instead. They need to work on their timing. On the powerplay, I have noticed a drastic difference with the loss of Gonchar. The shots from the point and the rebounds from them made up a large portipon of our powerplay scoring and we need to get some part of that going again.

This was not Gill's strongest game, but I don't think he played as poorly as many are making it out to be. He played a safe game and did not go for the big play or anything too fancy. That is Gill's game. It would be nice to see him go for those bug plays though.

As for Orpik, he looked like a man possesed. He did not give tons of thundering hits, like he does, at times. He needed to be more of a thorn in the sides of the Caps. We know that he is capable of it, he just needs to take it there. The rest of his play was pretty good. He defended our end well and seemed to make fairly smart choices with the puck.

Fleury needs consistancy. He let in some really questionable goals and then made some highlight real saves. He seemed to stop the most threatening shots and let in the weaker ones. It was just odd.

I wish Gonchar was able to play, but was I ever impressed with Goligoski. He is making the most of his time up here. He was flying and made some really good plays. If he keeps performing like that, I think he will be up her next season.

That is about it. Game 7 tonight. I will have more after the game.

Win it for Gonchar!
Let's Go Pens!
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