09 May 2009

Game 4

The Pens played a good solid game to earn the win. Gonchar, Guerin, Fedotenko, Crosby, and Talbot all scored and that is the type of variety we like to see on the score sheet.

Mad Max Talbot was definetly in playoff form. He was all over the ice.

Orpik look like a man on a mission to takeout someone. He was purely possessed and that brought a huge fire to his play.

Crosby played a great game. I recall one shit where the team faltered he got his own pass, shotn got the rebound back on the cage from in close, and then managed to keep it in at the blue line a few seconds later. He was everywhere.

Ovechkin's hit on Gonchar was something that needs to be reveiewed by the league. I feel it showed an intent to injur, but and fine and or suspension was at the discretion of the league. We must remember one thing. Retribution needs to be earned on the ice. The best thing the team could do right now is shut down Ovechkin. Keep him off the score sheet. Rattle his cage a bit and do everything that we can to him without committing penelties. Perhaps, that will cause him to blatantly do something stupid and take a critical penelty. Also, we just need to win. That would surely piss him off.

Gonchar is listed with a lower body injury, likely his knee, from what I have heard. He will definetly miss today's game and likely the rest if this series. Goligoski has been recalled to fill the void. Though, no one can really take Gonchar's place. Our powerplay. After his injury, proved that. We had no idea how tpo get the puck in zone. It was almost comical, at first.

Game 5 tonight

Let's Go Pens!
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