07 May 2009

Game 3

What a game.

Sorry for the delay in my post.

Game three held all the hope for the series. It looked like the Pens had a very good chance and then the Caps scored with Fleury scambling back into position and without his stick. It truly thought that would be the beginning of the end, but thankfully I was wrong.

The Pens battles hard throughout the game. Fedatenko's goal really seemed to put the wind back in their sails.

Malkins goal was much needed for the lead. It was also good to see him put the puck in the net, after a little draught.

The Caps goal to force the OT should had made me feel the major anticipation that comes with sudden death, but it didn't. The Pens were strong in the OT and Letang's goal gave us the win.

It was a hard fought game. Fleury was not having his best performance, but the team, as a whole, held it together.

On to game 4...

Gearing up for the whiteout!!!!
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