11 May 2009

Fw: End of 1st.

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End of 1st.

Pens up 1-0. Shots 18 to 5 in favor of Pens. Pens truly dominating the play. Ovechkin has been limited by Scuderi and Gill. More Later...
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Johnny said...

Truly disappointing for the Pens to completely dominate at times but come up empty,especially with 2min left in game with a power play. My suggestion is that these guys in the off-season learn how to shoot the puck. To me they just shoot blindly and hope for the best.

Guerin how so many opps, same with Letang & what the hell is wrong with Gill & Orpick. Mental breakdowns.

I don't want to see that cheapshot artist AKA Ovi advance. Pens need some discipline as well.

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