23 April 2009

Game 5

Well, I guess we are heading back to Philly.

This is a game that we should have won. Finishing off the Flyers at home should have been it.

We played a sloppy game. We gave up after the first goal. We went back to dumping the puck in, but most of the time we forgot the all important chase part of dump and chase.

Biron played a great game for his team and was really standing on his head.

Sid was frustrated by the end of the game. Those two penelties were not like him, at all.

I do think that Boucher deserved his spot in the lineup tonight. He did play a fairly solid game, but was by no means a star either. If I were Bylsma, I would not regret that decision.

I would regret dressing Satan. Why would we think that he would suddenly contribute now? He hasn't done anything useful for the majority of the season and he certainly didn't accomplish anything tonight.

I do hope that Letang is back in the lineup for for game six.

That's it for now.
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