21 April 2009

Game 4 Pens Win

Crosby, Kennedy, and Talbot had the Pens goals. The final score was 3-1. Fleury played a great game and deserved the win. The whole team had it together tonight.

Was it just me or did the Flyers play less of a nasty game?

It was nervous type of game until that first goal. The longer it took, the more important it became, as to who got the first goal. I am glad it was us. It could have been a very different night otherwise.

Mad Max was definetly in fine form tonight.

Kennedy had a good game too, as did Orpik.

A lot of key role players really stepped it up and those types of contributions really make all the differnce in the playoffs.

Crosby was a driving force tonight, as we have come to expect of him.

Let's Go Pens!
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