17 April 2009

Game 2 Pens Win in OT

Billy Guerin opened the Pens scoring tonight. Malkin had the second and Guerin came bak with the game winner near the end of the OT.

It was a vicious game. The Flyers were out for blood. It turned nasty faced.

I don't like to bash the refs, because I know that can't call everything, but WTF? I don't think we were watching the same game. The hit on the back of the neck/head of Staal in the OT was ridiculous. The rest of it would have just frustrated me, but that pushed me and about 17000 others in the building lost it, at that point.

Fleury played a solid game tonight. Biron played a good game for Philly tonight, as well.

On to Philly...

Let's Go Pens!
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