28 April 2008

Pens Win Game 2 Against Rangers

Hey Pens Fans,
The Pens seemed to have a bit of a rough start in the game, but so did the Rangers. This game quickly became a battle of the goalies and Marc Andre Fleury won. MAF played a great game. He was more than solid. He was magnificant. It was a great game, a bit of a nail-biter, but a great game. Hal Gill really gave it to Jagr on that one hit. That was a great moment and number 68 was a bit less cocky after that. Jordan Staal played a great game. As for his brother Marc, he played the type of game you would expect from a Ranger in his position. I thought he played a bit dirty, to be perfectly honest. He actually made me more frustrated than Avery did and that is saying something. Sid and Geno also had strong games. Ruutu was flying. Ryan Whitney was solid on D. Gonchar played a pretty good game. He just has to work at keeping Shanahan out of Fleury's way. Shanny is a big man to move, but it needs to happen. On to MSG for game 3...

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